Chapter 333 Attention Of All Parties

Wang Teng had to spend much effort before Hou Pingliang and his friends finally accepted the truth.

They were anxious because they cared about him.
As Wang Teng’s closest schoolmates, they hoped that he wouldn’t join the martial arts competition to get tortured.
He might get some haunting memories that would be harmful for his future cultivation.

Wang Teng was touched.
Although his psychological age was older than most of them, he had slowly gotten used to his current status and lifestyle.
He had a great time interacting with them.

These might be friends worth making.

One didn’t need to wait until a crucial moment to show that a friend in need was a friend indeed.
Some things could be seen in daily lives.

After the participants of the Huanghai Military Academy were announced, Wang Teng’s name became famous.

The students in the school were dumbfounded and puzzled.
They knew who Wang Teng was.
Even if they didn’t, they would know after asking around.

The number one freshman!

Wang Teng was quite famous in Huanghai now.

They were startled and confused precisely because they knew who he was.
The number one freshman was still a freshman.
When was a freshman able to participate in the National Number One Martial Arts Competition?

It was atrocious!

The outsiders were also perplexed by the Huanghai Military Academy’s decision.

Hou Pingliang and his friends paid close attention to the Capital Military Academy, Jinlin University, and other famous universities.
Similarly, the other schools followed the Huanghai Military Academy with interest.

The instant Huanghai’s name list was released, they knew about it.

They weren’t surprised by the other names, but Wang Teng….
Who was he?

Everyone was in a daze.
They then looked at his description….
A freshman! Huanghai was sending a freshman to participate in the National Number One Martial Arts Competition?

Did they think that it was child’s play?

Even though they complained and felt puzzled, they still obediently looked up Wang Teng’s information.

He was the top scholar of Donghai and had received special admission invitations from the various top universities because he was at the 1-star soldier level.
In the end, he chose Huanghai…

Wang Teng’s information laid in front of all the different factions.
It wasn’t detailed, but that was all they could find.

“He’s interesting, but this isn’t enough.” Some people exclaimed.
They felt that although Wang Teng had great potential, he didn’t have the right to enter the National Number One Martial Arts Competition currently.

Wang Teng had entered university as a 1-star soldier-level martial warrior.
Only one semester had passed.
How much could he advance?

2-star soldier level? 3-star soldier level?

The 3-star soldier level was the maximum.
And it was already extremely difficult.
However, he would be at rock bottom if he participated in the competition at this level.
What was the Huanghai Military Academy thinking?

Many people were still baffled.
They sent people to investigate Wang Teng but to no avail.

At this moment, Wang Teng felt a little helpless.
People were staring at him no matter where he went.
They seemed as if they wanted to penetrate him with their gazes.

He went all the way to the actual combat training building and went up to the fourth floor.
He entered a spacious training room.

There were already some people standing in the room.
Peng Yuanshan and the five faculty heads were all present, along with ten unfamiliar seniors.

The moment Wang Teng walked in, all their gazes turned to him.

“I’ll get embarrassed if you look at me like this,” Wang Teng scratched his head and said shyly.

Han Zhu: …

Du Yu: …

Ling Zhiming: …

Wan Baiqiu: …

The five faculty heads: …

Peng Yuanshan raised his eyebrows secretly.
He said without any expression, “Get over here quickly.”

“Coming!” Wang Teng ran over obediently.
He stood in front of President Peng and asked, “President, what orders do you have for me?”

Peng Yuanshan ignored him.
He glanced around and said, “Since everyone is here, I’ll say a few words.
The National Number One Martial Arts Competition isn’t a small matter.
It will affect the school’s prestige and reputation.
At the same time, this is a massive stage for universities to show their talents to the world.
The higher authorities are all watching over the competition.
They will grade a schools’ potential based on the students’ performances during the competition and use it to allocate next year’s resources.

“Hence, you must do your best.
This is not just for you; it’s for the school too.”

“Do you understand?” he shouted in a low voice.

“Yes!” Han Zhu and the others sat properly with their backs straight as they replied loudly in unison.

As for Wang Teng, he stood there lazily and replied in a normal voice, “Yes!” The difference was obvious when he opened his mouth.

The seniors frowned slightly as they looked at Wang Teng

After giving him a glare, Peng Yuanshan said to the others, “I know that you don’t understand and might even suspect why we put Wang Teng on the list.
I won’t explain anything, but I’ll give you the chance to prove that he has no right to take part in the competition.”

F**k! Wang Teng widened his eyes in surprise.
President Peng, you’re creating trouble.

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh!

In an instant, ten gazes got fixed on Wang Teng, their intentions unknown.

There was intense hatred in one particular pair of eyes.
This was a young man carrying a long sword behind his back.
He had short-layered hair, and he was very handsome.
He walked out and said directly, “I’m Zhang Fengyu, no.
5 of the top 100.
The school is going to send ten people to participate in the martial arts competition.
The top five will be the first-tier team, while the last five will be the second-tier team.
Because of your appearance, I was squeezed out of the first-tier.
I won’t be convinced until I have a duel with you.”

“Really? Why don’t I give it to you? I’m just going there for the experience.
The second-tier team is good enough,” Wang Teng replied.

The moment he said this, the expressions of the other students changed.

“You… you are looking down on me.” Zhang Fengyu squinted.
“Stop fooling around.
Let’s start,” Peng Yuanshan said helplessly.
Zhang Fengyu nodded.
He took out the battle sword behind his back.

“Hey, don’t be agitated.
I meant what I said,” Wang Teng shouted.

Zhang Fengyu: …

Zhang Fengyu took a step forward without saying anything.
He slashed his sword.
A dense sword aura engulfed Wang Teng in an instant.

“Hey, why are you so serious!” Wang Teng moved his body slightly and managed to evade all of Zhang Fengyu’s attacks easily.

“Zhang Fengyu’s sword skill has become stronger.”

The other students commented quietly.
When they looked at Wang Teng, they frowned.
“This fellow isn’t simple either.”

Wang Teng easily evaded all the attacks.
He tapped his foot on the ground and floated backward gently, widening the distance between them.

“Senior, if you really want to compete, I’ll make my move.” Wang Teng looked at the other party with a serious expression.

Zhang Fengyu didn’t reply to him.
His actions were the answer.
A powerful aura erupted from his body, and a sharp sword presence spread out instantly.

“Fifth-level sword presence!”

“Zhang Fengyu has enlightened his fifth-level sword presence!”

The muscles on the other students’ faces moved slightly as they stared at the scene.

Would Wang Teng be able to handle Zhang Fengyu’s powerful attack? “You still have time to admit defeat,” Zhang Fengyu said calmly.
“Bring it on,” Wang Teng smiled and replied.
Zhang Fengyu fixed his gaze on Wang Teng.
He slashed his sword, and the sword glow cut through the air, aimed right at Wang Teng.


Wang Teng released a punch in the face of this powerful sword glow.
It was just a single punch, yet the sword presence disintegrated, and the sword glow shattered… Everything disappeared without a trace.

Everyone was shocked!

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