Chapter 331 Return And The Year-End Exam


Wang Teng walked out of the dimensional rift and stood on the street outside.
The crowds of people and their chatter sounded in his ears.
He sensed the aura of a modern city surging towards him, feeling as if a generation had passed.

“Phew~ I’m back!” Wang Teng sighed.
He felt relaxed for some reason.

Since it was night, he directly headed to school.
He walked into the dormitory and washed up.
Then, he laid on his bed and fell asleep immediately.

The next morning, he went to the cafeteria to have breakfast.

Earth’s breakfast felt nostalgic after being away for so long.
He almost cried when he ate the most normal steamed bun, fried dough fritter, and soy milk.
This was so delicious!

Although the food in Xingwu Continent was also tasty, he still felt the most comfortable eating something he was used to.
Why didn’t he notice that it was so delicious in the past?

Wang Teng highly suspected that the cafeteria’s chef had changed.

“Brother Teng?” A voice sounded behind his back.

“Hou Pingliang.” Wang Teng turned around and saw Hou Pingliang, Song Shuhang, and the others behind him.
They were looking at him with uncertainty.
He immediately smiled and said, “Everyone, long time no see.” “F**k!” Hou Pingliang screamed when he realized that it was indeed him.
He ran over and said, “It’s really you.
I thought that I saw wrong.
Where have you been recently?”.

“I went on a trip to the Xingwu Continent,” Wang Teng said casually.

Song Shuhang, Lu Shu, and Baili Qingfeng walked over.
They were shocked when they heard him.
“You really went to the Xingwu Continent?”

“How have you been?” Wang Teng smiled and asked.

“The same.
We attend lessons and cultivate every day.
However, we did do a few missions,” Hou Pingliang replied.

“Not bad.
Have you advanced to the 2-star soldier level?” Wang Teng asked.

“How can it be so simple?” Hou Pingliang and his friends laughed bitterly.
Why did it sound so simple when Wang Teng asked them if they had risen from 1-star to 2-star soldier level?

“No one from our batch has advanced to the 2-star soldier level yet,” Hou Pingliang added.

“Really?” Wang Teng nodded.
He didn’t probe further.

They chatted about the recent happenings in school.
There weren’t any huge affairs.
They were all minor matters, such as students fighting over jealousy or a senior challenging someone in the top 100…

Wang Teng listened to them, but he didn’t pay much attention to it.
Once someone’s ability reached a certain level, their perspective of the world would also follow suit.

Hou Pingliang and his friends asked about the Xingwu Continent too.
Wang Teng chose what he could tell them.
Upon hearing his tales, they were left flabbergasted.
They had never been to the Xingwu Continent before, but once they did, they would realize that that was it.

“I’ve finished eating.
I need to go to the principal’s office to do some handovers.
Let’s chat when we have time,” Wang Teng got up and said to them.

Hou Pingliang watched his back as he left, feeling emotional in his heart.

“Why do I feel that Brother Teng has gotten stronger?” Song Shuhang touched his chin and said.

“I have this feeling too,” Lu Shu said.

“Same.” Baili Qingfeng nodded.

“That means he has really gotten stronger.” Hou Pingliang reached his conclusion and nodded.
He was amazed.

The four of them glanced at each other uncontrollably.
They couldn’t help but spurt out a word, “Pervert!”

Wang Teng went to President Peng Yuanshan’s office and knocked on the door.

“Come in.” President Peng’s stern voice came from inside.

Wang Teng pushed the door slightly and popped his head in.
He smiled at Peng Yuanshan, who was behind the office table, and said, “President, I came to report to you.” “I know that it’s you.
Come in quickly,” President Peng replied calmly without raising his head.

Wang Teng didn’t feel surprised.
When he walked into the office, Peng Yuanshan said, “Tell me what you’ve experienced.”

“That is a long story…” Wang Teng recounted his journey this time.
Of course, he omitted some details.

Peng Yuanshan finally raised his head when he heard about the invasion of the dark apparitions.
His expression turned stern.
He only opened his mouth when Wang Teng finished speaking.
“Even the principal and the chief commander of the Crimson Tiger Troop were alerted? That sounds serious.” “That’s right.
Many people died,” Wang Teng said.

“I understand.
It looks like you have grown stronger.” Peng Yuanshan looked at Wang Teng, wanting to see through him.
However, it was useless.

“There are some improvements.” Wang Teng chuckled.

“You’re still hiding it from me.” Peng Yuanshan shook his head.
He continued, “I won’t ask you too much.
I’ll wait for your year-end exam.” “No problem,” Wang Teng replied confidently.

After walking out of Peng Yuanshan’s office, Wang Teng went to Head Tong Hu’s office to report.

For the next few days, he attended lessons normally and started his daily ritual of picking up attributes from the various institutes.
Soon, to their amazement, all the students and instructors noticed that Wang Teng, who was nowhere to be seen, had come back.

After a moment of astonishment, they felt that there was nothing to be surprised about.
Everyone continued with their lessons.

Only the students with whom he was familiar came to chat with him.

The school had entered the revision period.
Everyone was busy.
Some seniors who went out for missions had also returned.
Hence, the school atmosphere started to get livelier.

After a few days, the year-end exam started, and the entire school entered examination mode.

The exam lasted for two days.
As Wang Teng was a little special, Peng Yuanshan arranged a private room for him.

Wang Teng looked at the room that was specially prepared for him.
He felt speechless.
“Is there a need to do this?”

“Yes.” President Peng nodded.
He continued, “I’ll give you one day to finish all the subjects.
Is that enough?” “You think too highly of me.
I can… manage with some effort,” Wang Teng replied.

“Take the exam then.
If you hit my requirements, you can play freely next semester.” Peng Yuanshan turned around and left after he finished speaking.

“Play freely?” Wang Teng felt his lips twitching.
Did President Peng just say that?

He didn’t expect President Peng to be this kind of person.

Wang Teng sat down helplessly.
After scanning the exam papers prepared for him on the table, he started writing with passion.

One day?

He would finish it in half a day.

When Wang Teng walked out of the room, the invigilators glanced at each other.

“That’s fast.”

“Did he manage to look through all the questions?”

“Did he just randomly answer the questions because he doesn’t know the answer?”

All kinds of speculations flew through their minds.
They didn’t find it convincing.

“I don’t care.
Collect the papers and give them to the various instructors to mark.” The invigilators collected the pile of papers on the table and ran to find the president.

The instructors quickly finished marking Wang Teng’s answers.
They passed them to Peng Yuanshan.

Peng Yuanshan raised his eyebrows as he looked at the papers in his hand.
He shook his hand and looked at them carefully for a long time.
Then, he sighed.
“This brat is indeed a monster!”

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