Chapter 330 Honorary Baron

It was his spoil of war, but if Lord Yang didn’t pass it to Wang Teng, Wang Teng wouldn’t even know of this.
It was all up to the other party’s character.

Lord Yang was a righteous person.
He could tell this much from his performance during the banquet.
However, this was still an act of kindness on his part.
Wang Teng wouldn’t be stupid and reject him.

“Oh right, there’s another matter,” Lord Yang opened his mouth and said again.

Wang Teng kept Mo Que and looked at the other party in confusion.

“You’ve helped Yang City greatly this time.
After our discussion, we’ve decided to bestow you with the title of an Honorary Baton.” Lord Yang’s words were shocking.

Dan Taixuan and Xiao Nanfeng were astounded.

Honorary Baron! The decision of the Xingwu Continent meant that they had recognized Wang Teng’s identity.

Mind you, ever since the dimensional rifts appeared, no one on Earth had received a baron’s position in the Xingwu Continent.
This was a special honor.
It possessed immense significance to Earth.

They couldn’t help but look at each other.
They saw many emotions in each other’s eyes.

Was this a signal by the Xingwu Continent?

Many thoughts went through their minds in an instant.
However, they didn’t arrive at any conclusion.
They needed to report this to their superiors first.
Let the people in charge of interworld relationships worry about this.

“Honorary Baron.” Wang Teng didn’t think too much.
Every man should confine himself to his own duties.
Although he was a student with a military rank, it was useless.
It just sounded good to the ears.
The meaning behind the position wasn’t something he should consider.
Instead, he was more interested in what benefits this title had for him.
Currently, all he felt was amazement.

After all, he knew that barons weren’t assigned to people randomly for no reason.
He felt that he didn’t do anything, so why did the Xingwu Continent give him this title?

“Honorary Baron is just a title with no lands or official positions,” Lord Yang smiled and explained.

“Just a title? Then… what’s its use?” Wang Teng asked curiously.
He was a little disappointed, to be honest.
He thought that the Xingwu Continent would give him a small piece of land.
It felt good to live his life as a wealthy villager.
“It has many uses.
For instance, with this title, no locals will treat you as an outsider, whichever city you go to.
They will even treat you like a VIP.
Also, many people from Earth come to our world to do business.
If you are thinking about doing business, you will enjoy many special treatments….” Lord Yang explained patiently.

That doesn’t sound bad.
Wang Teng thought to himself.
He smiled and said, “Thank you.”

“Hahaha, you little brat.” Lord Yang laughed.
He took out an item and passed it to Wang Teng.
“This is the token for an Honorary Baron.
We made this in a rush, so we didn’t carve the elaborated runes.
Take this, and you will be an Honorary Baron of the empire.” “I can be an Honorary Baron with this badge?” Wang Teng sized up the badge.
It was gold in color with a picture of a bird on it.
That must be the representation of the baron’s position.
He was curious.
“If someone snatched it, he would be able to fake his identity, right?” “Let’s see who dares to do it.
They must be seeking death.
There’s a special method to distinguish the badges.
You just need to drop your blood on it, and it will bind to you.
No one can impersonate you,” Lord Yang said.
“That’s convenient.” Wang Teng followed his instructions and dropped his blood on the badge.

In an instant, a golden ray shone on the badge before it returned to its original state.
The blood traces also disappeared.

This world needs our blood all the time.
It wastes a lot of blood.
Wang Teng muttered in his heart.
However, he smiled as he kept the badge in his space ring.

Xiao Nanfeng was a little jealous.
First, Wang Teng received a divine weapon Mo Que, and now, he was given the title of an Honorary Baron.
These were things he couldn’t achieve, even with his position.

What did Wang Teng do to gain such recognition from the Xingwu Continent and be bestowed with such gifts?

On the other hand, Dan Taixuan was extremely happy.
She felt proud since it was her disciple who was so outstanding.

Wang Teng, Dan Taixuan, and Xiao Nanfeng left the Lord Yang Residence.

Lord Yang and Shen Tuxiong sent them to the door.

Shen Tuxiong asked, “Why did the higher-ups give a baron title to someone from Earth? What’s more, this is a young man without any status.”

“You’re wrong.
He does have a background.” Lord Yang gave a meaningful smile.
“Oh? I’ll love to hear more,” Shen Tuxiong said.

“First, he’s the disciple of the chief commander of the Black Sparrow Troop.
Then, he’s also Gorlin’s disciple.
This is unprecedented.
He also helped Yang City to overcome this crisis, and his other identities aren’t sensitive.
These three points are all important,” Lord Yang said.

Shen Tuxiong’s gaze flickered.
He remained silent for some time before he said, “The empire wants to use this opportunity to get closer to Earth.”

“That’s right.
Things have already reached this state.
A merger will benefit both parties.
There’s no retreat anymore,” Lord Yang said with a deep gaze.

Wang Teng didn’t know about their conversation.
Besides, it wasn’t his turn to care about the direction of the world.

“The year-end exam is coming soon.
You should prepare for it properly.” Dan Taixuan said, “The National Number One Martial Arts Competition will be held after the year-end exam.
I’ll also be there.”

“Okay.” Wang Teng nodded.

The year-end exam was half a month earlier than his past life.
There was ample time to prepare for the martial arts competition.

Dan Taixuan and Xiao Nanfeng would remain in Yang City for a few days while Wang Teng prepared to go back to Earth.

“Master, I’ll be going back first.”

Gorlin had already returned to his house in the rune society.
Wang Teng called Su Lingxuan and accompanied them for the last meal before he left.

Gorlin looked up when he heard Wang Teng’s words.
He smiled and said, “Go ahead.
I know that you’re preparing to leave.
Come back and visit this old man when you are free.”

“Okay.” Wang Teng nodded.

Su Lingxuan always complained about Wang Teng for bullying her, but when faced with separation, she felt a little sad

After the meal, Wang Teng bade farewell to Gorlin.
Su Lingxuan accompanied him to the entrance.

“You don’t have to come with me.
Take good care of Master,” Wang Teng turned around and said.

“I know, I know.
Go ahead.” Su Lingxuan waved her hands impatiently.

“You little girl!” Wang Teng shook his head and turned around to leave.

Su Lingxuan looked at his back, and the impatience on her face subsided gradually.
Senior brother, stay safe!

Wang Teng came to the Force floating airship docking bay.
He saw someone unexpected.

“Why are you here?” He asked in surprise as he looked at Li Rongxue’s beautiful face.

“I came to send you off as a friend,” Li Rongxue smiled and replied.

“Thank you,” Wang Teng said.

“You’re treating me like an outsider.
Here, I’ve bought your ticket.” Li Rongxue passed a Force floating airship ticket to Wang Teng.

“I won’t be polite then.” Wang Teng smiled as he accepted it.
He waved his hand and said, “I’ll go first.
We’ll meet again if fate allows us.”

Li Rongxue felt emotional as she looked at the Force floating airship.
Standing by the side, her maid asked her, “Princess, why didn’t you stop him?”

“What right do I have to stop him? He doesn’t belong to this city,” Li Rongxue smiled and replied.

Wang Teng sat at the edge of the platform on the Force floating airship, gazing at the galaxies in the universe.
The Spirit Flame Ghost Crow floated down slowly.
Ever since he came to the Xingwu Continent, Wang Teng had let it loose.
It had already grown to about one meter long and reached 2-star level.
It looked more and more like a wild beast.
It was starting to take after their parents’ magnificence.

“We’re going home!” Wang Teng stroked its hard feathers and said.

They came together and left together…

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