Chapter 329 Divine Weapon Mo Que

The lightning Force was exceptionally powerful.
In the same stage, the attacks of a lightning element martial warrior were stronger than a fire element martial warrior.

Wang Teng quickly suppressed this dangerous thought.
Knocking a general-stage martial warrior in the head? And a lightning element martial warrior?! He was looking for death!

He continued looking at the attributes panel.
Besides a massive rise in his Force attributes, he had also picked up many skill scriptures and battle techniques.

Wang Teng had all the scriptures for his five elements.
Now, he had scriptures for the ice element, the wind element, and the rarer poison and dark elements too.
Besides the lightning element he just received, he could use all his other elements.

If he executed all his nine elements one day, that scene… was unimaginable.

He should continue keeping a low profile…

These scriptures and battle techniques were all dark level and below.
It wasn’t of much help to Wang Teng, so he didn’t plan to spend too much time, energy, and additional attributes on them.

However, even if they were just yellow-rank scriptures and battle techniques, they were worth some money.
There was no harm in storing these battle techniques in his mind.
As the saying went, comprehend by analogy.
The advice of others could serve to correct his faults.

But there were still two or three high-quality scriptures and battle techniques.
Besides the Eight Level Devil Scripture, Shadow Assassin Sword Skill, and Ape King Fist, he also received the Scorching Sky Finger, Overflowing Rain Blade, and Scattered Stars Spear.

The Scorching Sky Finger, as its name suggested, was a fire element battle technique.
This was Wang Teng’s first time seeing a finger technique, so he found it interesting.
Wang Teng lifted his finger and allowed his Force to flow according to the route stated on the battle technique.
The fire Force congregated on his right forefinger.

He pushed his finger out.

A thick crimson light penetrated from his finger and landed on the wall.


Immediately, a hole was formed in the sturdy wall as though it was made of tofu.
Its edges were burnt.
One could tell how powerful the attack was.

“As expected of an advanced-stage dark-level battle technique.
If I reach the perfected stage, it will definitely be many times more powerful!” A glint flashed past his eyes as he muttered to himself.

The Overflowing Rain Blade was a water element blade skill.
It was also an advanced stage dark-level technique.
Water element attacks might not be very strong, but a water element blade technique shouldn’t be underestimated.

This blade technique derived its name from the phrase ‘churning clouds and overflowing rain '[1].
It could give off a tremendous blade aura like the raging storm.

Wang Teng placed high importance on this Overflowing Rain Blade because he had also received the Overflowing Rain Blade conscious attribute.

Overflowing Rain Blade conscious!

This was the second time he had received a technique’s conscious after the Ape King Fist.

The Scattered Stars Spear was an advanced-stage dark-level metal element battle technique.
Metal element had the greatest destructive power, but this was a spear technique.

Wang Teng had never used a spear or similar weapons before.
However, since he had this battle technique now, he could find some space for a spear in his interspatial ring when he was free.

He didn’t mind having more trump cards!

If he didn’t have enough trump cards during the recent battle with the dark apparitions, the ending would have been unpredictable.

Normal martial warriors were worried that they couldn’t handle having too many skills, but Wang Teng didn’t have such concerns.
As long as he had enough attributes, he could learn everything.
This battle gave him a good harvest.
His ability rose exponentially, and he also gained many powerful scriptures and battle techniques.
They were at least worth ten billion and above.

The next day, Lord Yang sent someone to call Wang Teng

“Did he say what it is for?” Wang Teng asked the butler of the Lord Yang Residence along the way.

“I… I’m not sure.
However, it won’t be something bad,” the butler smiled and replied.

They soon arrived at the Lord Yang Residence.
Wang Teng noticed that besides Lord Yang, Dan Taixuan and Xiao Nanfeng were present too.

“You’re here!” Dan Taixuan nodded at him.

“Why did you call me here?” Wang Teng asked.

Lord Yang went straight to the point.
He waved his hand, and an item landed on the ground.
He said instantly, “This is an item dropped by the Eight Arms Devil General.
It’s your war trophy.”

Wang Teng’s gaze landed on the ground.
A thick broken arm was holding a weapon that looked like a blade and a sword.
It laid horizontally on the floor.
“This… this is the Eight Arms Devil General’s arm!” He exclaimed in surprise.
He remembered that the Eight Arms Devil General had lost a few arms from the explosion of the flames.
Wang Teng thought that with the power of the flames, his arms would be shattered into pieces, but it was still intact.
Even more, it was holding a weapon.

“That’s right.
This is the Eight Arms Devil General’s arm.
The weapon it’s holding isn’t ordinary.
It’s a divine weapon made from devil pattern black gold,” Lord Yang said.

“Devil pattern black gold!”

Dan Taixuan and Xiao Nanfeng looked at the strange weapon on the ground in surprise.

Dan Taixuan grabbed the weapon in her hand and shook it slightly.
The Eight Arms Devil General’s arm lost its grip and dropped to the ground.
She carefully examined the weapon and nodded.
“As expected of the devil pattern black gold.”

She turned and looked at Wang Teng.
“You’re so lucky!”

“Devil pattern black gold!” Wang Teng was an advanced-stage blacksmith, so he was familiar with all types of rare materials.

The devil pattern black gold was a special metal born in the land of wondrous cold.
It was extremely tough and possessed icy traits.
It was named after the black patterns on its surface.
It was an excellent material for forging divine weapons.

Devil pattern black gold was similar to the dark ice stone Wang Teng got in the past.
They both possessed icy cold traits, but the devil pattern black gold was a bit inferior.

Even so, the devil pattern black gold was an extremely rare forging material.
All the weapons made of it would be hard and sharp.

Also, they were larger than dark ice stones.
They could forge huge weapons of different shapes.
This was rarely seen.

Wang Teng took the strange-shaped weapon from Dan Taixuan’s hand.
His palm sank at once.

“So heavy!”

A hint of surprise shimmered in his eyes.

“Of course.
The devil pattern black gold isn’t light.
Besides, this is a gigantic weapon.
It’s at least 1500kg or above,” Dan Taixuan said.

Wang Teng nodded.
He took some time to get used to the weight.
He found it quite convenient to hold.
He scanned the surface of the weapon and suddenly paused.
There were two words he couldn’t recognize written on the surface.

“This is a common language for the dark apparitions,” Dan Taixuan said.

“What does it say?” Wang Teng asked.

“Mo Que! I think that’s the name of the weapon,” Dan Taixuan scanned the words and said.

“Mo Que!” Wang Teng’s eyes lit up.
He smiled at Lord Yang and said, “You’re really generous.
It’ll be disrespectful of me to decline this offer.”

“It’s yours,” Lord Yang smiled and said.

Even though he was jealous of Wang Teng for getting this weapon, he was a general-stage martial warrior and a member of the royalty of the empire.
He wouldn’t snatch other people’s possessions.

Also, he had high hopes for Wang Teng.
He didn’t mind passing him this war trophy in exchange for a good relationship.

[1] As changeable as clouds and rain

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