“Stop the car!”

Lin Chuhan suddenly shouted after the car drove out of the street.

Wang Teng didn’t comply, though.
He turned and asked, “Where do you live?”

“I want to get out of the car.
I don’t need you to send me back.
I can go home myself,” replied Lin Chuhan.

“That isn’t good.
You’re kicking me to the curb after I’ve outlived my usefulness!” Wang Teng smiled.

“What do you mean by kicking you to the curb after you’ve outlived your usefulness?” Lin Chuhan felt a little guilty.

“I helped you get rid of those two troublesome fellows once and for all.
Yet, you are kicking me away now.
Isn’t that kicking me to the curb after I’ve outlived my usefulness?” Wang Teng asked her back.

“I want to get off the car,” Lin Chuhan couldn’t beat Wang Teng in speaking, so she unbuckled her seatbelt and said firmly.

“If you don’t tell me where you live, I’ll drive to my home.” Wang Teng smiled calmly.


Lin Chuhan: …

In the end, she lost.

She lost to Wang Teng’s shamelessness.

Wang Teng sent her home.

Lin Chuhan lived in a low block area.
It was hard to imagine that such a place existed in Donghai City.

In front of them was a black alley.
When they reached here, Lin Chuhan refused to let Wang Teng send her any further.

Also, the car couldn’t drive in, so Wang Teng had to give up.

He picked up Lin Chuhan’s scooter and then hung the milk tea on the handle.

“Alright, you can go back yourself,” said Wang Teng.

“Your milk tea.” Lin Chuhan frowned.

“I won’t be able to sleep if I drink milk tea at night,” Wang Teng replied.

“So you want me to have trouble sleeping instead.” Lin Chuhan was speechless.

“Hahaha, you can only think of me if you have trouble sleeping.” Wang Teng laughed.


“Get off~”

Lin Chuhan ran off in a flurry as she rode her little scooter into the dark alley.

This alley was long and dark.
Even though her scooter’s light was on, she could only see a small distance in front of her.

Lin Chuhan rode carefully.
Suddenly, a white light lit up behind her.

She turned and noticed that Wang Teng had turned his car around.
He had turned on his car’s headlights and lit up the entire alley for her.

“This fellow!”

Lin Chuhan was touched.
But, she hurriedly shook her head to get rid of the feeling and rode her little scooter forward.

Wang Teng only left when he couldn’t see Lin Chuhan’s figure anymore.

When he reached home, it was already 11 pm.

Wang Teng couldn’t help but smile bitterly.
He wanted to rush home earlier, but he was still delayed until now.


They were troublesome!


The house was silent.
Wang Teng closed the door and climbed up the stairs.

It looked like Li Xiumei had gone to bed.

Wang Teng didn’t make any sound.
He brought his spoils back to his room and took some clothes to the bathroom.

After bathing, he dried his hair.

Then, he locked the door and rubbed his hands in anticipation.
He sat cross-legged on the ground and took out everything to sort them.

One steel bar, one Zippo lighter, half a pack of cigarettes, and two cell phones.
These were all ordinary items.


If there was a chance, he wished that he would be able to decode the passwords of the two cell phones.

There must be some information he needed in the two cell phones, including the identities of the two dead martial warriors.

There was also a pair of boxing gloves and a battle sword.

These were all rune weapons!

The runes carved on the boxing gloves and the battle sword appeared mysterious and extraordinary.

Wang Teng searched online based on their appearance.

The purple-black boxing gloves were a one-star high-class ice element weapon from the ‘dark shadow’ series.
The pair’s retail price was around two million.

As for the battle sword with fiery red runes, it was a one-star elite-class weapon from the ‘fiery flame’ series.
Its market price was 3.5 million.

This price!

Wang Teng could only sigh and exclaim that martial warriors were all wealthy people!

Fortunately, he was a rich second generation, so he had seen this kind of price before.
He wouldn’t kick up a fuss over a few million.

However, this saved him the trouble of buying and selling weapons.
These two weapons were enough for him to use.

Finally, the egg!

Wang Teng took the egg out of the bag and observed it carefully under the light.
From its surface, he really couldn’t tell which animal’s egg this was.

“This egg should be the reason why those two martial warriors were fighting so brutally.

“If that’s the case, this egg must be special.”

He looked at different kinds of eggs online and compared them with the one in his hand.
He spent another half an hour analyzing.

In the end, he came to an astonishing conclusion.

“This is the egg of a bird!


“That’s right, it must be.”

Wang Teng nodded to himself and stuffed the egg back into the bag.
He covered it with hay and zipped the bag.
Then, he hid it in a corner under his bed.

“No matter what it is, let’s keep it first.

“I will think of a way to hatch it after I confirm its identity.”

Wang Teng then shifted his gaze to his attributes panel.

Enlightenment: 83


Talent: Beginner stage fire talent (10/300), Beginner stage ice talent (12/300)

Force: 6/100 Fire (one-star soldier level martial warrior)

4/100 Ice (one-star soldier level martial warrior)

Scripture: Red flame scripture (foundation 1/100), Deep Ice Scripture (foundation 1/100)

Battle Techniques: Basic battle techniques (mastery for fist, sword, blade, footwork), gun skill (small achievement), fire kirin sword skill (foundation 10/100), phantom ice fist (foundation 8/100)

Knowledge: Basic Subjects (full marks)

Overall Battle Power: 135


Looking at the rows and rows of attributes on his board, Wang Teng suddenly felt a sense of satisfaction.

Martial warrior!

He finally became a martial warrior!

As compared to other people, the time he took from practicing martial arts to the moment he became a martial warrior was very short.
But, the experiences he went through weren’t lacking at all.

He even went through a life-or-death situation recently!


Seeking fortune in danger!

It was worth it!

Then, Wang Teng compared the before and after differences of his attributes panel.

When he was at Mount Bao’an, he didn’t have the time to ponder over this.
Now, after observing his attributes panel, he realized that the differences were huge.

Firstly, Spirit was a new row.

It wasn’t hard to understand what it was based on the word itself.

Spirit represented a person’s consciousness.
It was a profound way of saying it.

He might have gotten the spirit attribute from the dead fire element martial warrior, so this attribute got activated.

He continued looking down.
The physique attribute was gone, replaced by Talent.

Wang Teng knew what talent was.
After the physique of a martial warrior reached a certain standard, they would undergo a test using a special device to ascertain their talent direction.
This would allow them to choose the Force skill scriptures and the battle techniques they could cultivate.

This was the largest difference between martial disciples and martial warriors.

Wang Teng thought about it carefully and was flabbergasted.

“Speaking about this, I got the fire and ice element talent because I picked up the attribute bubbles.
Does that mean that I don’t have any talent personally?”

He searched the internet before and knew that most people had talents.
Once their physique reached a certain level, they would be able to practice Force skill scriptures.

But, there was a tiny percentage of people who didn’t have any talent.

To be very talented and having no talent were two extremes.

Both were rare.

He didn’t expect himself to be one of them!

“I’m lucky to have my system!”

Wang Teng felt fortunate.
He wasn’t afraid of having an inferior talent, but rather, he was scared of having no talent at all.
It would cut off all possibilities in his life.

Imagine this.
You practiced hard for so many years and were just a step away from reaching your goal.
Suddenly, you were told that you had no talent.
How frightening would this stimulation be?


People with a poor mentality might collapse after the setback!

Wang Teng shook his head.

Next was the Force attribute.
That represented the martial warrior’s level.

Wang Teng was a one-star soldier-level martial warrior now.
However, he had two Force elements in his body.
Based on numbers alone, he was more powerful than martial warriors with only one Force element.

He searched the internet and learned that single element martial warriors were the most common.
Multiple Force element martial warriors were extremely rare.

You could occasionally see a few double Force element martial warriors, but triple Force element martial warriors were rarely seen.
As for four Force elements, five Force elements, and even six Force elements martial warriors, they had not appeared yet.


Skill Scripture and Battle Techniques didn’t change much.
Only two Force skill scriptures and Force battle techniques were added.

Finally, there was the Battle Power.

Battle Power was probably the overall calculation of all the attributes, including physique, strength, speed, Force, battle techniques, and the rest.

This was a good attribute.
It displayed his overall ability in one figure.

After looking through everything, Wang Teng yawned.
Exhaustion crept up his body, and he closed his eyes.
Slowly, he slipped into dreamland…

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