Chapter 327 Are You Really My Master?

“Oh, the president of the alchemist society came personally?” Wang Teng secretly heaved a sigh of relief when he heard this.

The president of the alchemist society was a master alchemist.
With him around, it should be fine.

“Gorlin kept the poisonous snake, so Master Ogu used its gallbladder to make the antidote.
Gorlin will probably wake up soon,” Lord Yang said.

“Let me visit him.” Wang Teng was still worried.

“Let’s go together,” Dan Taixuan said.

Lord Yang and Principal Yang nodded.
They all went to the alchemist society.

Gorlin was inside, and there were many alchemists taking care of him.
An ordinary person wouldn’t receive such treatment.
“Oh right, is my friend here too?” Wang Teng asked.

He suffered greatly, but fortunately, he’s still alive.
He will recover completely after some treatment.” Lord Yang nodded.
He knew that Wang Teng was referring to Yao Hongshou’s hostage, Lin Zhan.

“Thank you!” Wang Teng sighed in relief again.
He couldn’t take care of Lin Zhan because of the dark apparitions’ invasion.
He was anxious for him.
Luckily, he was fine.
If not, Wang Teng would feel guilty for life.

He wondered what happened to the other members of the Tiger Warrior Team.

Although he felt uneasy, he still followed everyone into Gorlin’s room.

They lightened their footsteps as they walked into the room.
But Gorlin was already awake.
He was drinking water with Su Lingxuan’s help.

He seemed to be in a stable condition.

When he saw them coming in, he pushed himself up and asked, “Why are you here? How’s the situation outside?”

“Master, careful.” Su Lingxuan hurriedly held him up.

“Don’t worry.
The reinforcements have arrived.
Besides the Eight Arms Devil General who escaped, the other dark apparitions have all been killed.
However, we suffered a huge loss.” Lord Yang introduced Dan Taixuan and Xiao Nanfeng.
He especially pointed out that Dan Taixuan was Wang Teng’s martial arts master.

“Pardon me for not being able to get up.” Gorlin nodded to show his regards.
Then, he looked at Dan Taixuan and said, “I’ve long heard of you.
Wang Teng also mentioned you before.
You’re as charming and beautiful as he said.”

“Really? This brat said good things about me behind my back? This is embarrassing.
Calling me charming and beautiful is too much.” Dan

Taixuan laughed heartily when she heard Gorlin’s compliments.

Gorlin: …

Wang Teng: …

Su Lingxuan: …

Xiao Nanfeng: …

Lord Yang: …

This was the first time Su Lingxuan had seen Dan Taixuan.
She was stunned by her beauty, but when she heard Dan Taixuan’s reply and her ear-shattering laugh, the expression on her face froze.
She finally knew where Wang Teng learned his indecency from.

Hmph, like master, like disciple.

The edge of Gorlin’s lips twitched.
He smiled awkwardly and changed the topic.
Pointing at Su Lingxuan, he introduced her, “This is my other disciple, Su Lingxuan.”

“What a beautiful young lady!” Dan Taixuan’s eyes lit up.
She came closer and pinched Su Lingxuan’s face, feeling a little depressed after her exclamation.
“Your skin is so smooth.
It’s good to be young, unlike me.”

Su Lingxuan was overwhelmed when her face got pinched.
She took some time to regain her composure.
She laughed awkwardly and said, “Sister Dan, you don’t look old at all.
You’re so young.”

Wang Teng felt his lips trembling.

Sister Dan?

His junior sister pulled down his status by a generation!

What plans does this little girl have up her sleeve?

“Haha, Little Lingxuan’s mouth is really sweet.” Dan Taixuan was elated.

Wang Teng went speechless.

No matter how powerful a lady was, she was still a lady.
A lady would always believe these words.

Just like how they believed their stomach would get smaller when they rubbed it and their chest would get larger… This was the mind God gave them.
Are you amazed? “Come, you’re Wang Teng’s junior sister, right? This is the first time we’re meeting.
I didn’t bring gifts with me, but this is something I received recently.
Let me give it to you as my welcome present.” A necklace appeared in Dan Taixuan’s hand.
She stuffed it in Su Lingxuan’s palm immediately.

“This is…”

Su Lingxuan looked at the gift.
This wasn’t an ordinary necklace; it was elegant and extravagant.
There were runes carved on it too.
This was a rare defense item.
Even though her family was wealthy and she was a runemaster herself, she hadn’t seen such a beautiful item before.

Wang Teng’s master was too generous.
She would accept it if it was an ordinary gift, but this…

“I can’t accept this.
It’s too valuable.” Su Lingxuan declined hurriedly.

“Take it.
It’s useless to me.
It will only collect dust in my place.
Take it, take it,” Dan Taixuan smiled and said.

“Since Miss Dan is giving it to you, you can accept it,” Gorlin said.

“Erm… okay.
Thank you, Sister Dan.” Su Lingxuan finally took the gift.
Her eyes were twinkling with happiness.

“I planned to leave this necklace for my disciple’s wife in the future.
However, looking at him, I think he will remain single for life.
Hence, I decided to give it to you,” Dan Taixuan lamented.

Wang Teng: …

Single for life?

What kind of cruel curse is this!

Are you really my master? You must be a fake.

Su Lingxuan: … She felt that she was tricked by the other party.
Was it too late to return the gift? Su Lingxuan was already on the brink of tears.
Dan Taixuan was treating her like Wang Teng’s spare tire!

Who wants to be his wife?!

Although this fellow was strong and handsome, he was always indecent and bullied her.
How could someone like him be her future husband? Su Lingxuan imagined what would happen if she got married to Wang Teng.
She would get bullied by him every day! She shivered in fear and looked at Gorlin pitifully.

Master, save me…

Gorlin: …

Gorlin wanted to shout at Dan Taixuan.
You bastard, how dare you lay your hands on my disciple! But, thinking about it, Wang Teng was his disciple too.

If he scolded his disciple for the sake of another disciple, would it even be considered helping them?

He felt so frustrated that he wanted to vomit blood.
This was a trap, a clever, intricate trap.
This lady was hard to deal with!

In the end, he coughed awkwardly and said, “Let the younger generations decide their futures themselves.
We shouldn’t interfere.
In this era, even our Xingwu Continent doesn’t have arranged marriages anymore.
Is your world still the same?”

“Hahaha, I’m just joking.
I’m too lazy to care about the youngsters’ lives.” Dan Taixuan patted Su Lingxuan’s shoulder and said, “Don’t worry.
If you’re unwilling, no one can force you.” Su Lingxuan heaved a sigh of relief immediately.
Oh my god, what a rude shock!

“Master, we’ll be leaving.
Master Gorlin just recovered and needs to rest,” Wang Teng said in a helpless tone.
“You’re right.
Master Gorlin has to get some rest.
We will have more chances to interact in the future.” Dan Taixuan gave Wang Teng a disappointed glare before smiling at Gorlin.

Wang Teng: …

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