Chapter 326 Xiao Nanfeng Picked Up A Huge Rock…

Wang Teng learned many secrets of the two worlds from Dan Taixuan.
These pieces of news were unavailable to ordinary people and warriors.

It wasn’t because they wanted to hide the truth.
If the news was made public, imagine the chaos that would ensue.

All the nations used a milder method to let their people accept the arrival of the martial arts era.
At the same time, they gradually let them understand the underlying dangers.

These thoughts spun in Wang Teng’s mind.
He asked again, “Will Earth and Xingwu Continent merge in two to three years?”

The merger of two worlds would be a fascinating sight.

“Of course not.
The merger of the worlds isn’t so simple.
However, in two to three years, Earth’s will won’t be able to hold Xingwu Continent at bay.
It would also mark the dawn of the dark apparitions.
At that time, chaos will erupt,” Dan Taixuan replied.
Wang Teng nodded to show that he understood.
Then, he slapped his forehead.
He felt that it was better not to know these secrets.
Once he learned them, he got a headache.

“You don’t have to think too much.
If the sky falls, the giants will hold it up.
If the giants can’t do it, there’s no use worrying,” Dan Taixuan said.
She seemed to have seen through his thoughts.

“You’re right.” Wang Teng froze for a moment before regaining his composure.
He laughed out loud.

This was the truth.
How could he save the world alone?

At this moment, Lord Yang, Shen Tuxiong, and the others walked over.

Shen Tuxiong smiled and introduced, “These two are the chief commanders of the troops stationed in Xingwu Continent.
This is Commander Xiao Nanfeng from the Crimson Tiger Troop Troop and Commander Dan Taixuan from the Black Sparrow Troop.”

Then, he introduced Lord Yang and Principal Yang to Dan Taixuan and Xiao Nanfeng.

“I’ve long heard of you.
Thank you for traveling the distance to reinforce Yang City,” Lord Yang thanked them sincerely.

“You’re too polite.
This is what we should do,” Dan Taixuan said.
“Earth and Xingwu Continent offer mutual help and protection.
Please don’t regard us as outsiders,” Xiao Nanfeng replied.
“Yes, you’re right.
It’s my mistake.” Lord Yang smiled bitterly and shook his head.

“Yang City must have suffered huge losses from this invasion.” Dan Taixuan looked at the scene below the walls and sighed.

“Yes.” Lord Yang, Principal Yang, and Shen Tuxiong’s expressions also turned sorrowful.

“Speaking about it, we have to thank Wang Teng for standing up before you came.
If not, Yang City would have been in a worse state,” Principal Yang suddenly said.
Wang Teng was listening quietly at the side when he suddenly got mentioned.
He was in a daze.

“Wang Teng can be considered a peerless genius.
I’m afraid that in our Xingwu Continent, there might only be two or three youths who can rival him,” Lord Yang commented.

“I’ve never seen such a genius in my many years in the education industry,” Principal Yang said.

Dan Taixuan was startled.
She didn’t expect these two figures to have such high praises for Wang Teng.
She smiled proudly and replied, “Haha, my disciple might be a good-for-nothing most of the time, but he’s still reliable during crucial moments.”

Wang Teng rolled his eyes.
You can just praise me without mocking me.
What do you mean by good-for-nothing? Am I that kind of person? What a joke!

Ordinary people might misunderstand me, but you? How can you do that? This is extremely disappointing

Xiao Nanfeng glanced at Wang Teng involuntarily.
He felt that this young man did have some capabilities.
No wonder Dan Taixuan, who never had a disciple for so many years, took him in.

However, he couldn’t help but rebuke when he heard Dan Taixuan’s proud tone.
“There are many outstanding talents in the younger generation and many more who haven’t matured yet.
It’s too early to say this.”

Dan Taixuan glanced at him.
“Xiao Nanfeng, I remember your disciple is going to participate in the National Number One Martial Arts Competition this year, right? Why don’t my good-for-nothing disciple compete with your disciple?”

“Since you want to compete, let’s have them compete.” A glint appeared in Xiao Nanfeng’s eyes.
He rolled with the flow and agreed to Dan Taixuan.

He hadn’t vented his anger from the torment Dan Taixuan gave him in the past.
However, he couldn’t lay his hands on Wang Teng as he was one of the younger generation.
It was a good idea to release his frustration by letting his disciple beat Wang Teng up during the competition.

It was reasonable and logical.
No fault could be found.

I must remind that young fellow when I go back.
I’ll tell him to give it his all and let Wang Teng have a taste of despair.
Xiao Nanfeng thought to himself secretly.

He admitted that he couldn’t beat Dan Taixuan, but he was confident if they were to compare their disciples.

Wang Teng had reached the 5-star soldier level and had some accomplishments in rune studies.
However, he felt that his disciple was stronger than Wang Teng.

After all, his disciple had slaughtered his way through the battlefield for many years.
He was different from normal martial warriors.
He had even reached… hahaha!

Xiao Nanfeng thought of something happy and smiled uncontrollably.

Dan Taixuan snorted.
She remained indifferent and asked Wang Teng in a meaningful tone, “Are you confident?” “Master, you want me to take part in the National Number One Martial Arts Competition?” Wang Teng asked in surprise.

He had heard of this competition when he was in school.
It was open to all young martial warriors thirty years and below.
Typically, only the fourth-year students would participate in the competition.
The others didn’t have the capability, so participating would be an embarrassment.

But it wasn’t strange that his master had asked him to attend it.
He was strong enough.

“Why? You don’t want to go?” Dan Taixuan asked.

“That’s not it.
I thought that you would wait until I’m in the fourth year before you released me to amaze the world by taking the first place in one go.” Wang Teng sniggered.

“There are no surprises if you take that path.
Time is precious for a genius.
You have already moved far ahead of everyone.
What you need to do is to maintain this distance and widen it continuously.
That is the only way you can ensure you keep getting stronger,” Dan Taixuan said.
“As for the first place, since you’re competing, you should have the mentality of fighting for number one.
Have you forgotten what I’ve told you before?”

Wang Teng was stunned.
He instantly remembered the words Dan Taixuan had said to him.

The formidable path!

This wasn’t an easy path!

But he wasn’t afraid.

“You’re my master.
Your words are my command.” Wang Teng remained indifferent.
He had the confidence that he would lead the crowd.
In fact, this was what he planned to do even without Dan Taixuan’s reminder.

“I’m sorry to disturb you.
I was a little curious just now.
Is Wang Teng your disciple?” Lord Yang asked in astonishment.
“Is there a problem?” Dan Taixuan asked.

“Wang Teng just acknowledged the president of our rune society, President Gorlin, as his master.
I didn’t know that he’s your disciple, too, so I’m a little surprised,” Lord Yang said emotionally.
Wang Teng was an amazing child.
Both his masters were well-known characters.

“It’s alright.
I only teach him martial arts.
He can acknowledge any masters in other fields.
However, I need to see this Master Gorlin.
I have to thank him for taking care of my disciple,” Dan Taixuan said.
“How is Master?” Wang Teng asked hurriedly.
“The president of the alchemist society went to help him.
There shouldn’t be any problem,” Lord Yang replied.

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