Chapter 324 A Full Harvest But It Hadn’t Ended…

Although this Eight Level Devil Scripture is the devil race’s scripture, it’s still alright.
Wang Teng’s eyes glittered.
He quickly accepted the background of this scripture.

He was different from others!

Other people didn’t have dark talent, so they weren’t able to practice the Eight Level Devil Scripture.

If they wanted to possess the dark talent, they needed to convert using special methods.
Yao Hongshou was an example.
That guy had almost turned into a devil.

However, even then, there was a huge price to pay, and it wasn’t perfect.
A half-human half-apparition state was the furthest one could go.
Most of these converters would lose their conscience and turn into slaves of the dark.
They would become low-level dark apparitions, killing tools for other devils.

As for Wang Teng, he had used the system to gain his dark talent, so it became his innate ability.
There were no adverse effects at all.
Those semi-finished products couldn’t be spoken in the same breath as him.

Furthermore, he had also gained the Eight Arms Devil General’s advanced-stage dark talent.
He was more powerful than many other high-level dark apparitions.

Even among the dark apparitions, he was an outstanding talent.

Thus, he could practice this Eight Level Devil Scripture without worrying about the repercussions.

This was the extraordinary life of a bug!

Wang Teng’s pupils moved and scanned the entire place.
There were many attribute bubbles, big and small, floating around Yang City.
It was a grand, unforgettable sight.

Unfortunately, he was the only one who could see this scene.

It was time to showcase his collecting ability! He released his spiritual power and swept the entire city.
The attribute bubbles floated towards him like beauties rushing into his arms…

It felt refreshing!

Fire Force*12

Earth Force*20

Dark Force*6



Advanced-stage Fire Talent*21

Advanced-stage fire talent!

One particular attribute bubble caught Wang Teng’s attention.

His fire talent became the second talent to rise to the advanced stage, following closely behind his dark talent.

He instantly felt the dark Force swimming towards him like little tadpoles looking for their mother.
Oh wait, he meant swimming towards their father.

Ordinary people wouldn’t be able to experience this!

Most of the other attributes he collected were the standard five element attributes, enlightenment, and spirit.
Of course, dark Force took up the main bulk of his collection.

The invasion of dark apparitions meant that many dark apparitions were killed by the human martial warriors.
Thus, a large number of dark Force attributes were left behind.

Wang Teng collected the fruits of everyone’s labor with glee.

He had broken through the 5-star soldier level recently, but now, his dark Force rose and reached 6-star soldier level.

Dark Force: 30/4000 (6-star) His five elements increased tremendously too.
He had already collected many attributes before this.
Including the massive gains in this round, all his five elements entered the 6-star soldier level.

Metal Force: 28/4000 (6-star)

Wood Force: 31/4000 (6-star)

Water Force: 63/4000 (6-star)

Fire Force: 60/4000 (6-star)

Earth Force: 35/4000 (6-star)

They had all risen to the 6-star soldier level, but there were still many bubbles uncollected.
It would grow even higher later.

Even so, Wang Teng wasn’t that happy.

This was the first time he had witnessed the battle between the human race and the dark apparitions.

Death was always present in a war.

It was true that many dark apparitions had died, but a similar, or maybe even more, number of human martial warriors were sacrificed too.
If the reinforcements hadn’t arrived in time, the martial warriors of Yang City would have all perished.

This price was a little too much.
It weighed down his heart.

He sighed and didn’t want to think about it anymore.

The only way to ensure that this tragedy wouldn’t happen again was to improve his skills so that he could be more useful in future battles.

He continued picking up the bubbles.
Dark Force*32

Shadow Assassin Sword Skill*1

Wang Teng’s eyes lit up when he saw a battle technique bubble.

Shadow Assassin Sword Skill!

As the bubble merged into his body, a shadow appeared in his mind and started showcasing the sword skill.
This was a sword skill with fierce killing intent.
Once employed, only lingering shadows would be visible to the onlookers.
The movements were unpredictable, making it hard for the opponent to gauge which was authentic and which wasn’t.

The Shadow Assassin Sword Skill was an earth-rank intermediate-stage battle technique.

Normal martial warriors couldn’t afford to buy an earth-rank intermediate-stage battle technique even if they sold their kidneys.

Wang Teng sighed.
A man could not get rich without a windfall.
He had received the Eight Level Devil Scripture just a moment ago.
This Shadow Assassin Sword Skill might only be an earth-rank, but he was already satisfied.

A poor person would still pick up a hundred-dollar note even if he had found a ten-thousand note a while ago.

We couldn’t be a wastrel!

However, why is this another dark apparition battle technique?

All it lacked was a note at the end of this battle technique-more powerful when you use it with dark Force.

Am I going to sink into the darkness from now on?

“You’re making life difficult for me!” Wang Teng complained helplessly.
Even so, he didn’t slow down his speed of picking up the attributes.

After all, there were so many bubbles on the battlefield.
If he was careless, they might disappear.
Wasting one second meant losing a few billion.
Who could afford to do that?

Emperor Realm Enlightenment*12

Ape King Fist*1

Ape King Fist Conscious*20

Emperor realm enlightenment, Ape King Fist… and Ape King Fist conscious! Wang Teng was stunned for a moment before he felt elated.

Emperor realm enlightenment was a rare attribute.
The person who dropped it must be a top-class genius.
On top of that, 12 points of emperor realm enlightenment were a lot! Then, there was the Ape King Fist.

An earth-rank advanced-stage battle technique!

Another earth-rank battle technique!

Besides this, there was another rarer attribute.

Fist conscious!

It was conscious, not presence!

The force was even more terrifying after the jump in level.

A martial warrior who had enlightened his presence was able to defeat a martial warrior at the same stage easily.
However, a martial warrior who had comprehended his conscious was able to crush a similar realm martial warrior who had enlightened his presence.

As the Ape King Fist conscious entered his body, Wang Teng was in a daze for a second.
Then, he immediately understood everything related to the skill.

A frightening ape king appeared in his mind.
It was enormous, and it seemed to be holding the sky as it walked in the forest.
Suddenly, a tall mountain blocked its path.

The giant ape didn’t go round the mountain.
Instead, it lowered its gaze slightly and threw out a punch.


The towering mountain exploded into rocks.

The giant ape stepped over the mountain without turning its head.
It walked ahead and disappeared among the mountains.

This was the Ape King Fist conscious!

Wang Teng was thunderstruck.
How appalling was this power? He couldn’t imagine it at all.
If someone had to receive this punch, he might turn into a pile of minced meat.
At least from what Wang Teng understood, if he executed this skill with his current ability, a normal 7-star soldier-level martial warrior might not be able to withstand it.

F**king impressive!

These were the only two words that could describe it!

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