Chapter 322 Titan Arm

The beautiful dark apparition disregarded the anger of the Eight Arms Devil General and continued reprimanding it, “Zurz, you failed your mission.
The master will be furious.”

The Eight Arms Devil General’s expression changed.
However, he forcefully calmed down and scoffed.
“That’s none of your business.
I’ll receive my punishment voluntarily.” “Not bad, you’re smart.
I hope that you won’t cry and look for your mummy.” Mitis covered her mouth and chuckled.

The veins on Zurz’s forehead started bulging.
He was bursting with anger, but he had to bear with it because he couldn’t beat Mitis.
He stopped talking to her altogether.

Mitis pouted her lips.
She placed her hand in front of her eyes and looked afar.
“Sigh, they are coming.”

A few general-stage auras were closing in at high speed.
The frightening auras swept towards them like an enormous wave.

Zurz finally noticed them, and his expression underwent a huge change.
“Why didn’t you tell me earlier?”

“Oh, I forgot.” Mitis smiled beautifully.

“You…” Zurz felt helpless.

Mitis laughed happily when she saw Zurz’s expression.
But, the next instant, she was unable to smile because of a voice she heard.

“Mitis, long time no see!”

Mitis’s smile froze immediately, and a vicious look appeared in her eyes.
She looked in the direction where the voice came from.
She gritted her teeth as she squeezed out two words.

“It’s you!”

A few general-stage forces of presence appeared above Yang City.

Every single presence was extremely powerful.
They were all general-stage martial warriors, the top-tier of the general-stage martial warriors.

One of the martial warriors spoke to Mitis calmly, “You were lucky and managed to escape in the past.
How dare you visit the human race again?”

“Dan Taixuan, do you think that I’m afraid of you?” Mitis looked at the lady who was of equal beauty to her as she said in a cold voice.

“You will stay here today,” Dan Taixuan said indifferently.

She seemed to be stating a common fact rather than killing a powerful general-stage dark apparition.

Mitis got stimulated by her tone and trembled in anger.
“Master!” Wang Teng called out at this moment.

Without a doubt, this was his master, Dan Taixuan.

After all, there was only one Dan Taixuan in the world.

Dan Taixuan turned and glanced at the formation below Wang Teng.
She smiled.

She had obviously noticed that this array was a threat to general-stage warriors.
Although she was confused and puzzled about how Wang Teng managed to form this array, she still felt proud of him.

As his master, she was naturally happy when her disciple was outstanding.

But the other general-stage martial warrior didn’t seem to be in a good mood.
His face even seemed a little black.

This was the chief commander of the Crimson Tiger Troop, Xiao Nanfeng!

Wang Teng had some grudges with the Crimson Tiger Troop in the past.
Dan Taixuan had disregarded his position as the chief commander and beat him up to take revenge for Wang Teng.

Xiao Nanfeng was full of resentment when he thought of this.
He couldn’t find a way to vent his frustration.

“Why are you everywhere?” Xiao Nanfeng said with disdain.
He didn’t bother treating Wang Teng politely.

“Xiao Nanfeng, are you asking for a beating?” Dan Taixuan glanced at him and said coldly.

Xiao Nanfeng felt his lips twitching.
Despite keeping quiet, he had already cursed Dan Taixuan multiple times in his heart…

This crazy bitch!

“Thank you for coming to help, but this isn’t the time for a conversation.
Should we kill the dark apparitions first?” Another general-stage martial warrior felt a little speechless.

“General Shen.” Lord Yang and Principal Yang came over.

“Lord Yang.” Shen Tuxiong cupped his fists at Lord Yang.
Then, he nodded at Principal Yang and continued, “I’m sorry that we came late.
Are you alright?”

“We are fine.
Thanks to this young man, we almost killed that Eight Arms Devil General.
Unfortunately, he was still saved,” Lord Yang and Principal Yang replied.

Shen Tuxiong had already noticed the impressive array below Wang Teng.
When he heard Lord Yang and Principal Yang admitting it, a tinge of surprise flashed past his eyes.
He nodded.
“Let’s save the courtesies for later.
The most important thing now is to kill these two dark apparitions.”

“Hahaha!” Mitis suddenly laughed out loud.
“You want to kill us? In your dreams!”

“How will we know if we don’t try?” Dan Taixuan scoffed.
She rushed towards Mitis and Zurz.

Xiao Nanfeng and the others started moving too.
They surrounded Mitis and Zurz and prepared to slaughter them in this land.

Mitis remained calm, though.
She raised her head to look at the pitch-black dimensional rift above it.


A loud explosion occurred suddenly.
An enormous arm forcefully squeezed out from the dimensional rift and grabbed at Dan Taixuan and the other martial warriors.

The arm was like a celestial pillar.
It peeked out of one end of the dimensional rift and filled up the entire sky.
When its skin rubbed against the edge of the dimensional rift, the sound of glass breaking could be heard.

Space fragments dropped from the sky.

“Damn it!” Xiao Nanfeng and Shen Tuxiong’s expressions changed.
Their hearts palpitated frantically.
They could sense a massive threat from this arm.

“Combine forces!” Dan Taixuan’s gaze flickered as she shouted in a low voice.


The general-stage martial warriors acted at the same time.

Dan Taixuan used her sword to create a magnificent sword glow.
Her sword aura slashed through the air, turning into a tornado as it swept across the sky.
Xiao Nanfeng’s weapon was a battle blade.
Blade glow surged out, wanted to chop everything in its path.
The aura was scorching.

Shen Tuxiong held his battle maces and started slamming them continuously.
Lightning flickered, and thunder roared.
Boom! Thick bolts of lightning shot out from the battle maces and flew towards the titan’s arm.

The other general-stage martial warriors also executed their most powerful attacks and aimed them at the titan’s arm.


The powerful attacks landed on the titan’s arm one after another.

Wang Teng activated the formation to its maximum potential.
He used his last ounce of strength to call out eight flaming dragons and hurled them towards the giant arm.

Fire engulfed the arm, and it was set ablaze.

The titan’s arm finally paused for a second after it suffered so many attacks.
Cuts started appearing on it.
But soon, it moved forward again.
It opened its gigantic palm, wanting to grab the people below.

“Retreat!” Xiao Nanfeng and the others squinted and scattered immediately.

The titan’s arm was too powerful.
They were unable to stop it even when they combined forces.

However, it was stuck in the dimensional rift, so its movement was limited.
It wasn’t able to capture the human martial warriors who ran away.
It grabbed Zurz and Mitis instead and went back to the other world on the other end of the dimensional rift.

“Young human brat, I’ll remember you.
Your death will come the next time we meet.” Zurz’s voice came from the dimensional rift.

Then, the dimensional rift started shrinking as though it lost its support.
It gradually disappeared.

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