Chapter 321 Se-ductive!

As dawn arrived, the three reinforcements from the human race also reached the city.

The Crimson Tiger Troop and the Black Sparrow Troop from Earth, as well as the troops of the empire all, rushed over as soon as possible.

The commander of the dark apparitions, the Eight Arms Devil General, was completely outgunned by the formation controlled by Wang Teng.
He was submerged in flames, and no one knew if he was dead or alive.

The scale of the battle was tilting towards the human race.

The morale of the human martial warriors was greatly boosted.
They started cheering loudly.


“Kill all the dark apparitions and take revenge for our dead friends!”

“We mustn’t let them leave.
Those that invaded our country must be annihilated!”

A surge of energy from who knew where burst out from the exhausted bodies of these martial warriors.
They raised their weapons high and smashed them at the dark apparition nearest to them.

“They are finally here!” Lord Yang and Principal Yang glanced at each other.
They felt relieved.
Then, they turned their gazes back at the roaring flames that lit up half the sky.

Was the Eight Arms Devil General dead?

Wang Teng looked at the thick smoke coming from three different directions.
He felt more at ease.
Since the reinforcements were here, the danger was almost gone.

He retracted his gaze and looked at the burning fire.
He frowned uncontrollably.

He used his Spiritual Sight and noticed that the dark Force in the flames still existed, even though it was gradually getting fainter.

The Eight Arms Devil General was still alive!

His vitality was terrific!

Wang Teng couldn’t help but exclaim in his heart.
He felt helpless, though.
Were dark apparitions really so hard to kill?

One general-stage dark apparition was on par with three general-stage human martial warriors.
This was already startling enough.
Yet, it was still alive after rounds of formidable attacks.
Wang Teng couldn’t help but feel powerless.


Suddenly, a sigh startled everyone.

“Who is it?” Lord Yang and Principal Yang’s expressions changed abruptly.
Wang Teng’s heart also jumped to his throat.
He looked towards the source of the sound, and his pupils narrowed.

The space beside the flames had started distorting.
Then, a graceful figure appeared gradually.
It was shimmering in black light and stood beside the flames calmly without any reaction.

This was a… female dark apparition!

And she was gorgeous!

Her figure was amazing, sexy, and charming.
She had pointed ears and a long tail swaying behind her back.
She gave off a seductive aura.

Many male martial warriors started salivating involuntarily when they saw the female dark apparition.

Even Lord Yang and Principal Yang were no exception.

However, they quickly regained their senses.
The next second, they turned grave and put up their guards.

This dark apparition was able to enchant general-stage martial warriors like them.
It wasn’t a simple figure.

Wan Feiyu, Liu Xinghui, Yi Kaicheng, and the other young men below started blushing when they saw this female dark apparition.
They seemed bewitched.


Li Rongxue, Su Lingxuan, and the other ladies at the side snorted softly.

They had to admit that this dark apparition was mesmerizing, but she was a dark apparition!

The human race was unable to coexist with the dark apparitions.
This was a blood feud.
It was humiliating to be captivated by her!

“Do you like her so much?” Wan Feifeng twisted Wan Feiyu’s ear and barked.

“Pain! Pain! Pain! Sister, let me go.
I didn’t look at her on purpose.
There’s something amiss with the dark apparition.
I can’t control myself,” Wan Feiyu shouted.
“Hmph, men.” Wan Feifeng sneered.

The icy aura released by the other ladies caused Liu Xinghui and Yi Kaicheng to tremble.
They collected themselves and said with a changed expression, “That dark apparition can bewitch others!”

“Don’t find an excuse for your weak mentality.
You are the only ones getting enchanted by that bitch.
Look at Wang Teng.
Look at how calm he is.
He isn’t affected at all.
This is how a man should be.” The three ladies were bound by a common hatred.

Wan Feiyu and the other men raised their heads to look at Wang Teng.
Indeed, he remained indifferent and didn’t seem affected by the beautiful dark apparition at all.
His willpower was astonishing.

Is he the reincarnation of Liuxia Hui? The three of them thought evilly.
Liuxia Hui is an ancient Chinese character who remained undisturbed even with a woman in his lap.
Hence, he is the epitome of a gentleman.)


The beautiful dark apparition in the sky laughed seductively when it noticed the people below getting enchanted by her.

Then she immediately noticed that Wang Teng didn’t seem affected by her.
She asked in surprise, “Young man, am I not pretty?”

“Not bad indeed.
I can’t say that you’re not pretty,” Wang Teng replied honestly.
“Why aren’t you looking at me more then?” The beautiful dark apparition looked as though she was about to tear up.
She gave Wang Teng a pitiful look.

“Wang Teng, don’t get bewitched by her appearance!” Lord Yang and Principal Yang reminded him anxiously.

They were almost tricked by this beautiful dark apparition, so they still had some lingering fears.
In their eyes, if they were unable to withstand the temptation, a young and hot-blooded young man like him wouldn’t be able to either.

However, Wang Teng wasn’t tempted.
He said calmly, “Erm, I’m sorry.
I’m not interested in a female dark apparition.”

“Female dark apparition!” The beautiful dark apparition stared at Wang Teng in a daze as if she had heard something unbelievable.
She was stunned.

Lord Yang and Principal Yang widened their eyes in shock.
They couldn’t help but respect Wang Teng.
This young man was daring! “Young man, you’re indeed cheeky.
Aren’t you afraid that I’ll kill you?” The beautiful dark apparition’s expression darkened.
She glared at Wang Teng indignantly.
“You can’t touch me,” Wang Teng replied confidently.

“Because of that formation?” The beautiful dark apparition gave a look of contempt.
“You must have consumed most of your energy during the fight just now.
How much longer can you continue?”

“Our reinforcements will arrive soon.
I bet that you will regret it later if you don’t leave now,” Wang Teng replied.
Just as Wang Teng finished speaking, a few powerful auras shot towards them from afar.
They would arrive in Yang City soon.

These auras belonged to general-stage martial warriors!

The beautiful dark apparition looked in the distance and turned serious.
She said, “You’re lucky.”

A long whip suddenly appeared in her hand.
She swept it towards the flames and dragged out the body of the Eight Arms Devil General.

“Pant…” The Eight Arms Devil General was in a miserable state.
He was burnt, and fresh blood covered his entire body.
Three out of his eight arms were gone.
No one knew where they went.

“Mitis!” He glared bitterly at Wang Teng before saying to the beautiful dark apparition beside him, “Why are you here?”

“My dear idiot Zurz, you would have been killed if I didn’t come.” The beautiful dark apparition smiled gently.
“Don’t you find it humiliating to get beaten up so badly by this young human?”

“Shut up!” Zurz turned furious from embarrassment.
He was so angry that he vomited blood.

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