Chapter 319 The Eight Universe Ablaze Dragon Array

A strong sense of danger spread out from the formation above them.

The array was finally completed!


Lord Yang and Principal Yang were elated.

The humans below also let out relieved smiles.
They started cheering.

“Senior Brother succeeded!” Su Lingxuan was taking care of Gorlin.
She shouted in happiness when she saw this scene.
Unfortunately, Gorlin was unconscious, so he couldn’t see this.

“He really succeeded!’ Li Rongxue muttered to herself.

Wan Feifeng, Dongfang Yu, and the other martial warriors looked up.
They seemed to see a glimmer of hope.

Even people who had grudges against Wang Teng, like Wan Feiyu and Liu Xinghui, sincerely hoped that Wang Teng would succeed.
Once their wish came true, their hearts were filled with gratitude.

The shield formed by the earth Force dispersed gradually in front of Wang Teng.

Wang Teng sat cross-legged in the middle of the array, and there were beads of perspirations on his forehead.
His face was slightly pale, but all of this was unable to hide the brightness in his eyes.

He looked up and stared at the Eight Arms Devil General.

Their gazes collided in mid-air.
Even though he was a general-stage presence, Wang Teng was never afraid of him.

At this moment, a few dark apparitions who came to kill Wang Teng for ten thousand devil crystals charged towards him while the human martial warriors were in a daze.
They wanted to make use of this last chance to kill Wang Teng.

Wang Teng had just finished laying a colossal formation.
He must be at his weakest now.

What were they waiting for!

The Eight Arms Devil General’s threat hung over them like the sword of Damocles.
Based on his personality, he always meant what he said.
If they didn’t kill Wang Teng, they would really be turned into candles and lit up every day.

Killing Wang Teng was their only path of

In a blink of an eye, three dark apparitions rushed into the array.

“Be careful!” Lord Yang and the others shouted.
They were furious, silently scolding the martial warriors in charge of stopping the dark apparitions for being too careless.
How could they let the dark apparitions close in on Wang Teng after he succeeded?

“Damn it!” The human martial warriors were also stunned.
They turned and chased after the dark apparitions.

However, Wang Teng smiled.
With a single thought, the formation started spinning, and flames burst out in the array.
The three dark apparitions only had time to scream in agony before they got burned into ashes.

Lord Yang and the others heaved sighs of relief.

The human martial warriors were shocked and hurriedly stopped outside the array.

Although they were 6-star soldier-level martial warriors, they didn’t dare to touch the array after seeing the dark apparitions dying with no chance of resisting.

“Please retreat further away,” Wang Teng said calmly.
The human martial warriors smiled awkwardly.
They cupped their fists at Wang Teng to apologize for their carelessness.
Then, they retreated far away.

The Eight Arms Devil General felt his eyelids jumping when he saw the dark apparitions burning to cinders.
He could feel that the array was life-threatening.
He started withdrawing at once.

“You gave me a spear and asked your men to kill me multiple times.
Now, I’ll return the favor,” Wang Teng glanced at him and spoke indifferently.
A smile appeared on his face.

“You don’t have the ability to kill me!” The Eight Arms Devil General smiled hideously.
His gaze was full of contempt, but in the depth of his eyes, there was a hint of seriousness.

Wang Teng didn’t want to reply.
He raised his hand and pointed straight at him.
The array started spinning violently, gathering the fire Force at an astonishing speed.
In the end, a fiery red whirlpool formed above Wang Teng’s head.
The bottom of the vortex was connected to the core of the array.
Fire Force kept pouring into the array without stopping.

Raging flames rose from the middle of the array.
They surged to the sky and transformed into a large fire dragon.
The dragon raised its head and let out a heaven-shaking roar.


Scorching heat spread through the air, and heatwaves blanketed the entire city.

This array was known as the Eight Dragons Ablaze Dragon Array.

The Eight Arms Devil General felt the corners of his lips twitching and sped up his retreat.

He couldn’t handle the array!

The Eight Arms Devil General felt that he was acting like a coward.
Still, he tried to convince himself that it was just a strategic retreat.
After this round of attack, he would definitely let the brat understand what despair felt like.

“What a powerful aura!” Lord Yang and Principal Yang glanced at each other and quickly flew back.
If they were implicated, they might burn their skins.


Wang Teng mouthed the word softly.
The blazing giant dragon roared to the sky before charging towards the Eight Arms Devil General.

The Eight Arms Devil General felt a scorching heat closing in on him from behind.
He turned to take a look, and his heart jumped in fright.

Once his life was on the line, his expression turned grim.
A black glow lit up around his body.
He clenched the weapon that looked like a blade and a sword and slashed an enormous black crescent in the air.
He threw the attack at the giant flaming dragon.


The huge black blade glow slammed furiously into the ablaze dragon, looking as though it was going to chop the dragon in half.
A loud explosion shattered the windows below.

The giant flaming dragon was cut into two.

The Eight Arms Devil General was elated.
However, the next moment, his pupils constricted in shock.

The two split flaming bodies merged and charged towards him instantly.
In the blink of an eye, he was swallowed whole.
The fiery storm devoured the Eight Arms Devil General, terrifying flames filling up half the sky.
Lord Yang and Principal Yang staggered.
They had to retreat again.
This was the difference between a master-stage runemaster and an advanced-stage runemaster.

Give a master-stage runemaster enough time, and he would be able to form an indomitable array.
Even general-stage warriors wouldn’t dare to face its power.

“The Eight Arms Devil General… is dead?” The people below questioned in disbelief.

Even Lord Yang and Principal Yang weren’t able to kill the Eight Arms Devil General together, but Wang Teng was able to force him into a corner with the array.

If the Eight Arms Devil General was dead, this crisis would have ended, right?

Unfortunately, at this moment, an angry roar resounded from within the flames, dashing their hopes.
A hole was blasted in the sky of fire.

A figure glowing with black light darted out.

It was the Eight Arms Devil General!

The black glow around him had dimmed a little.
There were many burnt marks on his body, and he seemed a little bedraggled.

Lord Yang and the others were appalled.
This astonishing attack still couldn’t kill the Eight Arms Devil General.
He was indeed intimidating

“Hahaha, little human, you can’t do anything to me!” The Eight Arms Devil General guffawed.
Killing intent appeared in his eyes.
Wang Teng had put him in such a precarious position.
It was time to retaliate.

“Really?” Wang Teng remained composed.
He tilted his head and looked at him.

The Eight Arms Devil General’s heart almost leaped out of his chest when he saw Wang Teng’s gaze.
A bad premonition rose up in his heart.

“If one blazing dragon isn’t enough, what about three?” Wang Teng smiled.
He hooked his fingers, and the flames erupted again.
Three fiery dragons congregated in the sky.
They weren’t any smaller than the gigantic flaming dragon at the start.




Flames burned the air as the dragons roared loudly.
The three huge dragons spiraled above Wang Teng like the stars twinkling around the bright moon.
He looked like the son of fire.

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