Lin Chuhan was drained after working hard the entire day.
There were signs of exhaustion on her exquisite face.

Her forehead was covered with sweat, and her hair was slightly messy because of this.

But, this couldn’t hide her beauty.

Lin Chuhan worked part-time at a bubble tea shop.
Indeed, it was the milk tea shop called Er Dian Dian!


Undoubtedly, her presence added a touch of color to the shop.

The boss of the bubble tea shop felt that his decision in the past was brilliant.
Whenever Lin Chuhan was present, the business at his shop would be better than usual.

Unfortunately, Lin Chuhan could only work during the weekends.

What a pity!

The boss was married and had a fierce wife at home, so he didn’t have any other thoughts towards Lin Chuhan.

However, the two male workers in his shop were drooling over the pretty girl.
They would either send her breakfast in the morning or treat her for lunch.
They were extremely attentive to her.

The boss saw everything and wanted to say a thing or two.
However, it wasn’t appropriate for him to interfere with his workers’ private life.
He could only set a rule to prevent them from dating during working hours.

The rule had its effect.

But once work ended, the boss couldn’t control them anymore.

Currently, the workers were all packing up and preparing to get off work.
At that moment, a tall, big, and modest-looking young man walked over and smiled at Lin Chuhan.

“Chuhan, it’s already very late.
Let me send you back later.”

The other young man was fresh and clean-looking with a tin foil perm.
When he noticed that he was a step slower, he got anxious and said, “Chuhan, your house is on the way to mine.
Why don’t I send you home?”

A young lady teased him from the side.
“Seriously? Your ‘on the way’ is approximately ten kilometers away from Chuhan’s house.”

“At least my house is closer to hers than Qian Weibo’s.
One of them lives in the west and one in the east.
They are at least 20 km apart,” the man with tin foil perm replied.

The lofty man, Qian Weibo, frowned.
Then, he smiled and said, “Normally, I exercise at night.
If I send Chuhan home and then go back later, the amount of exercise is just perfect for the day.”

“Hmph, your excuse is really high-sounding.” The other young man scoffed.

“Alright, stop fighting.
I don’t need you guys to send me back.
I can go home myself,” Lin Chuhan said coldly.
As always, she rejected them outright.

The two young men felt helpless.
They got rejected all the time.
Actually, they didn’t even know where Lin Chuhan lived.

Lin Chuhan had only told them the general district…

After all, a young lady needed to protect herself outside.
She must not tell other men her address casually.

The two young men still wanted to try their luck, but a voice was heard at this moment.

“Pretty lady, can I have a cup of bubble tea!”

Lin Chuhan found the frivolous and haughty tone very familiar.

“I’m sorry.
We’re closed.”

The moment Qian Weibo finished speaking, Lin Chuhan turned around and saw the person who had walked in.
She was surprised as she asked, “Why are you here?”

“Look at what you are saying? Why can’t I be here?” Wang Teng smiled and replied.

Qian Weibo and the young man with tin foil perm felt a strong sense of danger when they listened to these two people’s familiar interaction.

Also, this man was a little handsome!

Hmmm… Just a little!

Qian Weibo asked, “Chuhan, who is this?”


“Hmph.” Wang Teng squinted and gave him a meaningful gaze.

“He’s my table buddy,” Lin Chuhan replied.

“Table buddy!”

The gazes of Qian Weibo and the young man with tin foil perm froze.
Then, they looked at each other.

They could tell from each other’s gaze that this was a strong opponent who required them to join hands.

“Since he’s Little Lin’s table buddy, let’s make him one last cup of bubble tea,” the boss nodded at Wang Teng and said.

Qian Weibo asked, “So, classmate, what do you want to drink?”

“Do you have Xiang Piao Piao?” Wang Teng asked.

Qian Weibo: …

What do you mean by Xiang Piao Piao!

This is a bubble tea shop, not the supermarket!

If you want to drink Xiang Piao Piao, go to the supermarket to buy a cup and brew it yourself at home!

Qian Weibo screamed in his heart.

The boss of the bubble tea shop and the other workers were also left speechless.
They didn’t know what to say.

On the other hand, Lin Chuhan had already started moving.
She made the easiest recipe, milk tea with black pearls.
She prepared the biggest cup for Wang Teng and finished it quickly.
Then, she placed it in front of him.

“12 RMB!”


“So expensive!” Wang Teng didn’t care what kind of bubble tea it was.
He complained for a moment and took out his phone to pay for his drink.

Lin Chuhan ignored Wang Teng.
After packing up, she bid farewell to the boss and walked out of the bubble tea stall.

She pushed a pink scooter out of the parking lot at the side.

Then, she put on a round Hello Kitty helmet and was just about to mount her scooter.

“Chuhan, wait for me.”

Qian Weibo and the man with tin foil perm hurriedly packed up their stuff and chased after her.
Each of them was pushing one scooter.

Wang Teng’s appearance had given them a sense of urgency.
Tonight, whether Lin Chuhan rejected them or not, they planned to shamelessly send her home either way.

Lin Chuhan frowned unhappily when she saw the two of them pestering her like Chinese medicine plaster.


“Miss class monitor, let me send you home.” Wang Teng walked over while carrying his milk tea.

“No need!” Lin Chuhan said coldly.

“We are classmates.
You don’t have to be polite with me.”

Wang Teng snatched Lin Chuhan’s little scooter and carried it up with one hand.

“Oh my god, his strength!”

The two young men’s expressions changed for the worse.
When Wang Teng walked to the sports car parked beside the road, their eyes widened even more.


The boot of the car opened, and Wang Teng stuffed the scooter into the car.
However, the lid couldn’t close properly.

The pink scooter was half-exposed in the air.
It was glaring to the eye.



” This is really amazing!”

“Stuffing a scooter in a sports car.
I have never seen anything like this!”

This series of actions stunned the boss of the bubble tea shop and the other workers.

“Is this the distance between us?”

Qian Weibo and the other young man started questioning their lives.

Wang Teng opened the car door and urged Lin Chuhan, who was rooted on the spot.

“Let’s go.
What are you waiting for?”

Lin Chuhan hit her lips and stomped her foot.
In the end, she still sat in the car.



You could almost hear the sound of glass shattering.

Their hearts hurt!

The two young men clutched their chests.

Wang Teng helped close the car door.
Just as he was about to get in the car, he remembered something and walked towards Qian Weibo and the other young man.

“Misters, are you very close to my class monitor?” he smiled and asked.

The two of them wanted to nod.
Wang Teng placed his hands on their shoulder and exerted some force…

The next moment, excruciating pain was felt!

“Since you’re not familiar with her, remember to call her by her full name the next time.”

I, Wang Teng!

Am really narrow-minded!


Wang Teng snorted and released his hand.
Qian Weibo and the other young man’s faces were red from holding their breath.


They felt as if their bones were crushing.

This guy’s strength was astonishing.
Could he be practicing martial arts?

Also, he was driving a sports car.
That meant that he was wealthy!

They couldn’t afford to provoke him! They couldn’t!



The two of them hurriedly nodded.
Lin Chuhan? Who was she? Was she very pretty? What did it have to do with them?

Nothing was important anymore.

Rather, the most important thing now was to send this devil away.

Wang Teng drove his car and charged into the night with his loud engine.
Qian Weibo and the young man with tin foil perm stared at the sports car’s rear lights in a daze.

As well as the little scooter exposed outside…

They felt an unprecedented sense of humiliation!

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