Chapter 316: I’ll Take It From Here!

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Gorlin was wholly focused on completing the array.

A huge array was already taking form with him in the center.
Numerous runes shimmered brightly, presenting a glamorous view.

A vague sense of danger seeped out from the array.

Even the Eight Arms Devil General felt uneasy…

However, an evil smile had appeared at the edge of its lips.

Suddenly, a black light flew towards Gorlin from the side.
It was extremely fast, like a bolt of black lightning.

Although Gorlin’s attention was entirely on the array, his spiritual power had enveloped the array, so he noticed the black light the moment it entered his territory.
However, it came at the speed of lightning and reached him in an instant..

Gorlin’s expression changed.
He let loose a wisp of spiritual power to attack the black light.

The black light stopped for a second before penetrating the wall formed by the spiritual power.
It furiously slammed into Gorlin’s arm.

The black light finally revealed its true form.
It was a glistening black snake!

Once Gorlin got bitten on his arm, his face turned black, and his spiritual power suffered a backlash.
He vomited a mouthful of blood.


Principal Yang and Lord Yang noticed the situation at once.
Their expressions changed.

“Hahaha!” The Eight Arms Devil General laughed loudly.
It was beyond elated for succeeding in its sneak attack.

“President Gorlin!”

“Master Gorlin!”

Many people below noticed this sudden change too.
They were enraged.
The Eight Arms Devil General was despicable! How could it use such a shameless method?

Everyone started feeling uneasy when Gorlin was poisoned.
This meant that the array wasn’t going to get completed.
The human race immediately fell into an unfavorable situation.

“Master!” Wang Teng also felt infuriated when he saw what happened.
His eyes almost popped out in anger.

He remembered how Gorlin had treated him during this period.

He didn’t mind his background and taught him everything he knew without reservation.
He even spoke up and protected him when he was in trouble.
It was a lie to say that Wang Teng wasn’t grateful in his heart.

Now that he was poisoned and injured, Wang Teng shot up without any hesitation.

Gorlin was in the most dangerous state now.

If someone attacked him suddenly, he wouldn’t have the ability to resist.

At this moment, two figures suddenly appeared and blocked Wang Teng.
Their 5-star soldier-level dark Forces were surging, and they had black wings on their backs.
They were clearly powerful.

“Move!” Killing intent shot out of Wang Teng’s eyes.
He threw the dark apparitions back with a single punch.

He didn’t hold back at all.
He wanted to kill the dark apparitions quickly so that he could reinforce Gorlin.

A look of contempt appeared on the dark apparitions’ faces.
They were high-level dark apparitions, talented and smart.
Their bodies were impenetrable too.
This young man’s sword skill was formidable, no doubt, but his sword was already broken.
He couldn’t execute his sword skills anymore, yet he wanted to fight with them in close combat.
He must be dreaming.

But, the next second, their expressions changed slightly.


A strong force smashed into their bodies.
They were caught off guard.

Wang Teng had received a physical skill scripture from Senior Cheng Wu when he was in the military academy.
It was called the Raging Bull Skill.
He had already reached the perfected stage after practicing it daily.
Hence, his body was strong, and his strength was extraordinary.
After combining strength with Force, the air around him started exploding.

This was a display of its power!

Once the dark apparitions were thrown back, blood spurted out of their mouths.
They were flabbergasted.

On the other side, Lord Yang and Principal Yang held back the Eight Arms Devil General with all their might so that it didn’t have the energy to attack Gorlin.

The Eight Arms Devil General’s gaze turned cold.
It ordered, “Kill him!”

A figure flew over from afar and prepared to attack Gorlin.

After Gorlin got poisoned, he hurriedly ate a spiritual dan to maintain his consciousness.
However, the spiritual dan couldn’t cure the poison completely.
It could only slow down its invasion.

He forcefully maintained the array while grabbing the poisonous snake with one hand.
He noticed that it was dead.

He wanted to throw it away, but upon thinking of something, he kept it in his space ring.


He also noticed a dark apparition charging towards him, so he could only divert some spiritual power and used his fire Force to attack his opponent with the arts of a divine spirit master.

As for the array, he could barely maintain it at its current state.
He didn’t have the energy to complete it.

Fireballs shot towards the attacker.
The other party evaded in mid-air and kept getting closer to Gorlin.

“Master!” Su Lingxuan looked up at the sky anxiously, feeling frantic in her heart.
She had followed Gorlin for the longest time, so they were like grandfather and granddaughter.
Their relationship was closer than Wang Teng’s.

She turned around and looked at Wang Teng.
“Senior Brother, hurry!”

Her heart had already jumped to her throat.

Wang Teng dashed towards Gorlin once again.
However, the two dark apparitions were like plasters sticking to him.
They knew that they couldn’t beat Wang Teng, so they didn’t confront him head-on.
Instead, they kept pestering and blocking his path.

Wang Teng’s expression turned cold.
A battle blade appeared in his hand, and he slashed at them.

Blade presence bore down on the dark apparitions.

The two dark apparitions dodged quickly when they saw Wang Teng’s blade.
They flew far away.

However, at this moment, the space in front of them started distorting.
A ray of glaring light appeared out of nowhere.
It split into two sharp rays and pierced through the hearts of these two dark apparitions.

The dark apparitions widened their eyes in shock.
They lost their lives even before they understood what happened.

Wang Teng didn’t even bother picking up the attribute bubbles.
He darted through them and charged straight forward.


Gorlin was in critical condition.
He was seriously injured and couldn’t resist his opponent’s attack.
He was struggling on the precipice of death.

The dark apparition had a long spear in its hand, and its tip was shimmering with a poisonous glint.
He assaulted Gorlin like a tempestuous storm.

A flaming shield congregated in front of Gorlin.


Under the enemy’s attack, the flaming shield disintegrated instantly.
It cracked little by little.

“Old man, die!” The dark apparition finally arrived in front of Gorlin.
It gave a hideous smile as it stabbed his long spear out.

Lord Yang and Principal Yang were worried, but they couldn’t break free.

“You can’t save him.” The Eight Arms Devil General gave a delighted smile.

The moment he finished speaking, an angry shout echoed in the air.
It caused his expression to freeze instantly.

“You’re looking for death!”

A glaring blade glow chopped the sky into two.
Pale white blade aura lit up half the night sky.
The dark apparition’s expression changed, and it flew back at high speed.

Unfortunately, it was too late.

The powerful blade presence was locked on it.
It followed it closely, unwilling to let go, and struck him from above.


The blade aura filled up the entire sky.
The blade glow cut the dark apparition from the head all the way to its toe.
It was split into two.


A cry of agony stopped abruptly.
The two halves of the dark apparition fell to the ground along with a puddle of blood.

“It’s him! It’s him again!” The smile on the Eight Arms Devil General’s face was stuck there.
Then, it disappeared, and his expression turned eerie.
He was exasperated.
Clenching his weapons tightly, veins popped out of his forehead and arms.

How infuriating!

Gorlin smiled when he saw the person who came.
He couldn’t maintain his posture anymore and fell to the ground.
The uncompleted array was at the brink of breaking down.

“Master!” Wang Teng held him up worriedly.

“Quick, the array is going to crumble!” A tinge of hope appeared in Gorlin’s eyes as he spoke weakly.

“Don’t worry.
Master, I’ll take it from here!” Wang Teng nodded seriously

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