Chapter 315: Yao Hongshou Must Die! Invincible Sword Presence!

Wang Teng was worried about the battle between the three martial warriors and the Eight Arms Devil General.

The situation wasn’t optimistic!

He retracted his gaze and looked at Yao Hongshou, who was fighting with the 6-star soldier-level martial warriors.
His eyes became sharp and cold.

“I must deal with him quickly.”

Wang Teng held the battle sword in his hand and recalled all the abilities he possessed.
He was searching for a way to kill Yao Hongshou.

He couldn’t recover infinitely.
As long as he attacked his lethal point, he could destroy him, preventing him from recuperating again.

He wondered if dark apparitions were able to resist the poison Force of the Demon Lotus Poison Body?

A meaningful smile appeared at the corner of his lips.
He moved and shifted away from the battlefield, circling around them instead.

“What is Wang Teng doing?”

Many people were paying attention to this intense fight.

They hated Yao Hongshou bitterly and wanted to see him get killed on the spot.
It would bring them great satisfaction.

But Yao Hongshou was unexpectedly powerful.
Despite surrounding him from all sides, they couldn’t bring him down.

This was when they saw Wang Teng leaving the team and circling outside the battleground.
He didn’t help them anymore.

Was he afraid of going forward because he got scared by Yao Hongshou?

“He’s looking for an opening and waiting for a chance,” Dongfang Yu said as she fought with the dark apparitions around her.
She saw through his intention at a glance.

She was getting tired from killing the dark apparitions, but she soldiered on.

The others were fighting dark apparitions too.
However, they would glance at the sky occasionally.
At the moment, two important battles were taking place.

One was the battle with the Eight Arms Devil General.
This was the most crucial battle.
If someone died, the Yang City would fall too.

After all, one general-stage martial warrior was enough to influence a war.

The other was Wang Teng’s battle.

Yao Hongshou must die!

This was the thought in everyone’s mind.
If he lived, it would be unfair for the civilians of Yang City.

I hope he succeeds! Li Rongxue prayed silently as she looked at Wang Teng’s figure.

She felt guilty in her heart.
Yao Hongshou turned crazy because she had killed Yao Yu.
That was why he wanted to destroy the entire Yang City.

She felt that she was partly responsible and was unsettled.

Yet, the main culprit, Yao Hongshou, was still at loose.
Li Rongxue couldn’t accept this.
She must answer to the civilians of Yang City.

Killing Yao Hongshou was the answer.

She couldn’t do it, so she could only place her hopes on Wang Teng.

After all, that fellow wasn’t an ordinary genius!

Wang Teng was looking for Yao Hongshou’s weakness so that he could land a lethal blow.

It was impossible to kill Yao Hongshou with a normal attack.
It had to be a full-force attack aimed at his weakness.

There was only one chance.
He must find the right moment.

The other martial warriors fighting with Yao Hongshou understood Wang Teng’s intention and helped him.

They didn’t belittle him because his stage was lower.
They recognized his ability.

This man was young, but he was competent.
They mustn’t judge him in a conventional way.
He might really be able to kill Yao Hongshou in a single strike.

Yao Hongshou glanced at Wang Teng, and an evil smile appeared at the edge of his lips.
“Brat, use all your attacks on me.
After I kill these old fellows, you can also go to hell.”

Wang Teng didn’t reply to him.
He stared at Yao Hongshou’s moving body intently.
Force ran through his body and congregated at the tip of his sword, shining with a brilliant glow.

This moment!

The explosion of the ninth-level sword presence!

Wang Teng raised his long sword.


The sound of a sword leaving its sheath resounded in the area! A gigantic and fiery red sword glow shot into the air, seemingly piercing the sky.

Raging flames rose from Wang Teng’s body and enveloped half the sky in an instant.

Heatwaves soared straight to the horizon!

Wisps of sword presence were instilled in the waves.

The people below were struck dumb with astonishment.
They stared at Wang Teng absentmindedly.
Their jaws almost dropped to the floor.

Yao Hongshou felt as if his heart was entangled by a lethal sword aura.
Once it fell on him, he would be drowned in this indomitable sword presence.

He must hide!

All of this happened in the blink of an eye.

Once Wang Teng pushed his sword forward, the fiery red sword glow shot out like an arrow.

The sky and the earth were filled with sword aura.
The boundless sword aura turned into a tornado.

Yao Hongshou was in the center of the storm.

His face was filled with bewilderment.
He couldn’t believe this.
He didn’t understand how Wang Teng was able to launch such a formidable attack.

Yao Hongshou stood in a daze.
His entire body was engulfed by a thick aura of death.
Dark Force gushed out frantically, and the black glow around him shimmered weakly, trying its best to protect its master.

The sword aura solidified.
In the end, Yao Hongshou couldn’t withstand the attack.
Sword wounds appeared on his body, and fresh blood splattered everywhere.

He could also sense another Force in this sword aura.
This Force was corroding the dark Force in his body.

What is this? Yao Hongshou’s expression changed.
He looked as if he had seen a ghost.

Poison Force!

This was only the start, though.

A glaring sword glow suddenly appeared in thin air.
As he was getting weaker, it penetrated through his heart.

Yao Hongshou widened his eyes in shock.
He lowered his head slowly and felt that his heart had shattered.
Only crumbs were left in its original spot.

The dawn of death!

Endless darkness swallowed his consciousness.

Without the defense of the dark Force, his human body wasn’t able to withstand the sword presence.
It tore into pieces.

Yao Hongshou died on the spot!

No corpse was left!

The sword presence dispersed slowly.
There was dead silence.

The sword presence also targeted the dark apparitions, so an empty area appeared after the attack dissipated.

The human martial warriors stood on the ground in a stupor.


You could hear people swallowing their saliva.
They had lost their ability to speak.

“Is he still a human?”

Yi Kaicheng couldn’t help but curse.

All the eyes were focused on Wang Teng.
He was still in his attacking posture.


Suddenly, a crack sound was heard from the battle sword in his hand.
It broke inch by inch under everyone’s astonished gazes.
Finally, only the sword hilt was left in his hand.

Even the battle sword wasn’t able to resist the frightening sword presence!

This battle sword had followed Wang Teng for a long time.
He didn’t expect it to break today.

The other 6-star soldier-level martial warriors had retreated when Wang Teng launched his attack.
As they were closer to him, they had a deeper impression of the power of this sword presence.

They weren’t able to exert a sword presence this powerful.

This young man was a monster!

On the other side of the battlefield, the Eight Arms Devil General turned around and squinted slightly.
A malicious look appeared in its eyes.
“This human must be killed.”

The morale of the humans was invigorated after Wang Teng killed Yao Hongshou.
However, they were still at a disadvantage.

Gorlin had also reached the crucial stage.
His forehead was filled with perspiration, and his face was pale.
Yet, he persevered.

As long as the array got completed, the tides would turn!

At this moment, a black glow flew out beside him and headed straight for Gorlin…

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