Chapter 312: The Killing Intent Of A Nobody Towards A Giant That Could Hold The Sky

A 5-star soldier-level vampire dark apparition had died under Wang Teng’s sword.
It was unbelievable.

The vampire had complex emotions in the split second before it died.

If it woke up from its confusion, you could see many emotions on its face.
Stunned, dumbfounded, disbelief…

It was difficult to imagine how so many expressions could appear on its face in an instant.

However, that wasn’t important.
The main thing was, it got killed by the proudest talent of their race, Bewitch.

How funny was that? How ironic was that?


After this ridiculous thought flashed past its mind, the vampire lost its vitality and slammed on the ground heavily.


Dark Force*65

Intermediate Stage Dark Talent*10

Wang Teng picked up all the attributes it dropped.
He didn’t give them a second glance, though, as he set his eyes on another dark apparition.

Yi Kaicheng had witnessed this scene personally.
His throat turned dry, and he couldn’t help but swallow his saliva.
He was mind blown.
He couldn’t calm down even after a long time.


A roar was sounded beside his ear.
He shuddered and evaded the attack haphazardly.
Then, he turned and killed the dark apparition that had pounced on him.

“F**k… I’m not made of mud!”

Once Yi Kaicheng got stimulated by Wang Teng, the viciousness hidden in his heart was ignited.
He fought with the dark apparition with a distorted expression.

Wang Teng placed his hands behind his wings and glanced at Yi Kaicheng from the sky.

The guy was powerful enough to handle his opponent alone.
Wang Teng stopped looking at him, turned, and scanned the battlefield.

His hair had grown long after staying on the Xingwu Continent for so many days.
The thick long black hair swayed in the wind as killing intent engulfed his body.
It was impossible to look at him in the eye.

After Li Rongxue settled the civilians of the city, she brought her men back to the city walls and participated in the battle.
She was at the 4-star soldier level, so normal low-level dark apparitions weren’t able to hurt her.

Wan Feifeng was not far away from Su Lingxuan.
The runemasters were all being protected by the martial warriors as they did their jobs.
Wan Feifeng was in charge of Su Lingxuan.

This lady was similarly at the 4-star soldier level.
She was much stronger than her younger brothers.

Wan Feipeng and Wan Feiyu were some distance away from her.
The three siblings were kept close to one another so that they could take care of each other.

No one could escape in a situation like this, but every family had some selfishness.
It was only natural that they hoped nothing would happen to their younger generations.

The same scene was happening everywhere.
Although every family wanted to keep their bloodline running, the situation didn’t allow them to.
Who could remain unscathed in such dire circumstances?

Many young people lay in pools of blood.
Death was everywhere.

Wang Teng floated down from the sky when he saw Su Lingxuan.
He asked in concern, “Are you alright?”

“I’m fine.
I just consumed too much power.” Su Lingxuan shook her head.
Her face was pale.

“Get some rest.
You shouldn’t force yourself.” Wang Teng killed a dark apparition that came close.

“Alright.” Su Lingxuan understood Wang Teng’s combat ability.
With him protecting her, she felt at ease.
She threw a spiritual dan in her mouth and sat down cross-legged to recover her strength.

Wang Teng surveyed the surroundings.
The progress of the battle was tragic.

If… thing went out of hand, he would listen to Gorlin’s will and bring Su Lingxuan away!

The runemasters were upholding the defense array, but under the violent attacks of the dark apparitions, more and more cracks had appeared on the shield.
The dark apparitions swarmed into the city and started another round of massacre.

In the sky, the Eight Arms Devil General was fighting Lord Yang, Gorlin, and Principal Yang alone.

All his eight thick arms were holding weapons.
There were swords, blades, axes, spears… The black weapon that looked like a blade and a sword was exceptionally conspicuous.

He forced the three human martial warriors back and laughed.
“You won’t be able to hold on for long!”

His voice was deafening.
It spread throughout the city and caused many human martial warriors to shudder.
They all felt despair creeping into their hearts.

“What the f**k, this Eight Arms Devil General can speak the human language?” Wang Teng looked up and shouted in surprise.

Li Rongxue: …

Wan Feifeng: …

Dongfang Yu: …

Yi Kaicheng: …

The other humans around him: …

The Eight Arms Devil General: …

Everyone felt like fainting when they looked at the astonished Wang Teng.

My dear, can’t you see what situation we are in? Can you take notice of what’s more important?

Yang City is facing a crisis.
Who cares if he can speak the human language!

Wait, this isn’t about whether he can speak the human language or not.

We are not able to resist their attacks anymore!

Wang Teng’s voice was a little loud, so the people in the sky could hear him too.

Gorlin felt the corners of his lips twitching.
His disciple’s thoughts were truly different from a normal person.
He pretended like he didn’t know this young man.

“Hahaha, Gorlin, your disciple is interesting.” Principal Yang burst out laughing.

“He’s just a little cheeky.” Lord Yang was speechless.

However, after Wang Teng’s casual remark, the pressure on everyone’s heart dissipated a little.

Since Wang Teng wasn’t afraid of this Eight Arms Devil General and even dared to tease it, they suddenly felt that it wasn’t so terrifying anymore.

They had three mighty martial warriors guarding the city.
Moreover, the reinforcements would also arrive soon.
There was still hope.
They just had to grit their teeth and hold on.

The veins on the Eight Arms Devil General’s face jumped.
He stared at Wang Teng with his blood-red eyes and said coldly, “Young man from the human race, you’re amazing!”

As it spoke, it threw its long spear at him abruptly.

No one expected it to attack Wang Teng.

“Move!” Gorlin’s expression changed as his spiritual power shot out to prevent the spear from hitting Wang Teng.

“Despicable!” Lord Yang and Principal Yang were infuriated.
The Eight Arms Devil General actually attempted to kill a human talent right under their eyes.

Below, Su Lingxuan, Li Rongxue, and the others turned pale.
They stared at the spear in fear as it shot towards Wang Teng with an indomitable aura.

Wang Teng was shocked too.
He didn’t expect the Eight Arms Devil General to attack him.
However, his reaction was swift.
Spiritual power surged out as he stared at the spear gravely.
It formed a barrier to stop the spear’s assault.

Everyone saw the battle spear pausing for a split second.
However, it was still pushing forward steadily.

There seemed to be an invisible barrier blocking its path.

This was a furious strike from a general-stage formidable warrior.
You could imagine how terrifying the attack was.

Sweat dripped down Wang Teng’s forehead.
He had exhausted much of his spiritual power as he frantically blocked the battle spear.

All of this happened within a few seconds.
Thereafter, Gorlin’s spiritual power caught up and formed a force to pull the spear back.

The battle spear finally stopped moving due to these two forces.

Clang! It dropped to the ground.

“Pant!” Wang Teng took in a massive gulp of air.
He could feel the lingering fear in his heart.
He raised his head and glanced at the Eight Arms Devil General.
Suddenly, he smiled.

“I’ll keep this long spear!”

He held the long spear in his hand.

There was one more sentence he didn’t say.
He would let it suffer its retribution one day!

The blood-red pupils of the Eight Arms Devil General flickered.
It had sensed killing intent from Wang Teng’s gaze.

A nobody wanted to kill a giant that could hold the sky?

“Hahaha, interesting.
This is really interesting!” The Eight Arms Devil General laughed out loud.
It looked at Wang Teng and replied, “I’ll remember you!”

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