Chapter 311: Flaming Wings, Annihilating The Enemy In The Air!

Yang City.

The vast and prosperous city was plunged into a desperate situation.

The tall and towering city walls were unable to defend against the countless dark apparitions outside.
Ripples appeared continuously on the protective shield as a massive number of dark apparitions attacked it.
Thin cracks had already appeared on some parts of the shield.

Many runemasters were scattered across Yang City, maintaining the operation of the defense array.
They would patch up the thin lines on the shield immediately.

The Liu and Su families were rune elite families.
They sent their elites to protect the defense arrays.

Su Lingxuan, Su Lingyun, and Liu Xinghui were standing on the city walls at this moment.
As renowned talents, they were stronger than normal runemasters.
They were another batch of fresh troops.

However, a huge crack had formed at a certain part of the shield.
This crack was impossible to repair in time.
The dark apparitions used it as their passageway to charge into Yang City.

This crack was cut by a single slash from the Eight Arms Devil General.

Boom, boom, boom!

Loud explosions occurred in the sky without stopping.

The four boss-level figures turned into rays of glaring light as they collided and flew back repeatedly.

Every collision caused the air around them to erupt.
The airwaves from their battle formed waves and waves of circular Force impacts, spreading out with them in the center.
It was unnerving.

Below them, martial warriors from the different factions in Yang City were fighting at close quarters with the dark apparitions.

The Yang City Academy, the various elite families, and the different troops and armies were all participating in the bitter struggle for their lives.

The battle was tragic, and humans were collapsing every moment.
The scary image of dark apparitions was deeply ingrained in people’s hearts.
They were difficult to handle and even harder to kill.

They were a nightmare to human martial warriors.

Fortunately, the human race had grasped the dark apparitions’ weakness.
Once they stabbed the hearts and chopped off their heads, they would die.

The dark apparitions didn’t gain any advantage once the humans focused on one point to attack.

The most irritating thing was, the dark apparitions had one special trait—assimilation.

The heavily injured human martial warriors were easily contaminated by dark Force.
Once their mentality was affected, they would turn into emotionless killing machines.

Just like the low-level dark apparitions.

As more and more human martial warriors and dark apparitions died, huge numbers of attribute bubbles floated on the battleground.

Fire Force*3

Earth Force*4

Dark Force*3


Water Force*5

Dark Force*8

While killing the dark apparitions, Wang Teng released his spiritual power and let it roam around the battlefield, collecting all the attribute bubbles.

Fortunately, his spiritual power had reached the emperor realm.
If not, his spiritual power would be exhausted after using it for too long.
It wouldn’t be able to sustain the long hours of usage like now.

Even the dark apparitions would drop spirit attributes.
These helped him to replenish his spiritual power and prevented it from drying up.

The dark apparitions had probably sensed his power, so five dark apparitions charged towards him simultaneously.

“Be careful!” Someone reminded him from his side.

It was Dongfang Yu from the Yang City Academy.

“Go away!”

Wang Teng glared at the dark apparitions and slashed them with his sword.
The fiery red flaming sword blade chopped the heads of the dark apparitions off directly.
They were dead.

Dongfang Yu was stunned.
Even she would find it strenuous to handle the attacks of five dark apparitions at the same time.
However, Wang Teng had killed them with a single strike.

How powerful was this fellow?

She suddenly remembered how he had exchanged a punch with the 6-star soldier-level Yao Hongshou in the banquet.
She was astounded.

Wang Teng turned to look at Dongfang Yu, who had reminded him just now.
Suddenly, his gaze froze, and he shot out abruptly.
He stabbed the heart of a dark apparition with his sword.

This dark apparition had dashed toward Dongfang Yu from behind when she was in a daze.
It wanted to kill her.

Although the low-level dark apparitions didn’t have a consciousness, they remained sharp and keen.
They knew how to grab every opportunity and were extremely hard to handle.

“Don’t space out!”

Wang Teng retrieved his battle sword from the dark apparition’s chest as he shouted at Dongfang Yu.
Blood flowed down the sword.
He turned around and charged headfirst into another cluster of dark apparitions.

“I was reprimanded by that fellow.” Dongfang Yu regained her senses and smiled bitterly.

She was no.
10 on the Gifted Ranking.
She had reached the peak of the 4-star soldier level and had an extremely strong battle ability.
She once even killed a 5-star soldier-level formidable warrior.

She wasn’t a pretty but useless young lady.
After a second of inattentiveness, her gaze turned sharp, and she continued her massacre.

Wang Teng didn’t know how many attribute bubbles he had picked in this conflict.
He only knew that he was getting stronger and stronger.
There was a steady stream of Force in his body, exciting him more and more as he fought.
He seemed to have been possessed by the God of War and the God of Death.

Other people needed dan medicine to replenish their Force, but he didn’t.
Wherever he went, a huge cluster of dark apparitions would fall.
The human martial warriors around him were struck dumb with bewilderment.

But they were invigorated too.

“Why is he so strong?” Yi Kaicheng was the second most powerful student in the Yang City Academy, only behind Dongfang Yu.
He wanted to compete with Wang Teng during the banquet, but when he saw this scene, he was left speechless.
He felt bitter in his heart.

They weren’t on the same level!

Suddenly, a figure flew down from the sky and headed straight for Wang Teng.

This was a high-level dark apparition with a pair of wings made of flesh on its back.
It held a long spear in its hand, wielding it as fast as lightning.

An icy black glow was shimmering on the tip of the long spear.
It was aimed at Wang Teng’s head.

Wang Teng turned serious.
He waved his sword and used 30% of his ninth-level sword presence to destroy the black glow.

The vampire dark apparition quickly soared into the sky once its attack failed.
It waved its wings and turned into a series of lingering shadows as it flashed around Wang Teng, looking for an opportunity to strike again.

An eerie smile appeared at the edge of its lips, its gaze filled with contempt.
It seemed elated to see Wang Teng so helpless.


Suddenly, its eyes turned wide open.

A pair of fiery red wings appeared behind Wang Teng’s back.
He turned into a scorching red ray of light as he flew towards the vampire dark apparition.

“5-star soldier level!” Yi Kaicheng blurted out.
He turned numb.

Only the top 3 in the Gifted Ranking had reached the 5-star soldier level.
Those youths were all more than 20 years old.

Wang Teng was only 17, but he had already reached the 5-star soldier level!

Oh my god… it was scary!

The vampire dark apparition’s eyes also widened in surprise.
However, it was at 5-star soldier level too, so it immediately regained its composure.
Its eyes turned scarlet red, and a sinister glow appeared in them.
It shone straight into Wang Teng’s eyes.

This was one of the talents of the vampire race—Bewitch!

“You’re looking for death!”

A cold smile appeared at the edge of Wang Teng’s lips.
His eyes turned into a similar shade of scarlet.
He was extremely skilled in his Bewitch skill.
With the help of his emperor realm spiritual power, Wang Teng welcomed the attack of this vampire.

“How is that possible?” The vampire was flabbergasted when it saw the familiar glow in Wang Teng’s eyes.
It was in disbelief.

The next instant, confusion appeared on its face.
It froze in mid-air.


A blade glow stabbed out and penetrated its heart.

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