Chapter 310: Eight Arms Devil General!

The enormous red eye traveled through two worlds as it stared at the paradise below.

“Don’t look at it!”

Someone hollered.

However, it was too late.

Once a normal person peered into the eye, an illusion overcame their senses.
They heard a sound they couldn’t comprehend, a sound they shouldn’t hear.

Their rationality was reduced to pieces, and an unknown fear shot into their hearts.
They turned into maniacs and started running around aimlessly.
Miserable screams filled the surroundings.

This scene made everyone’s blood turn cold.

Those that heard the reminder lowered their heads in time and stopped looking at the red eye.

Wang Teng felt his mind getting invaded too.
A powerful and brutal pressure penetrated his consciousness.

Somewhere deep in his mind, a profound spiritual power entrenched like a dragon gushed out.

Emperor realm spiritual power!

It crushed the savage mental pressure and forced it out of his mind.

The confusion in his eyes disappeared instantly, and he regained his senses.

The eye was probably too far away, so the spiritual power that invaded Wang Teng’s consciousness was greatly crippled by the doors of the different worlds.
If not, with Wang Teng’s ability, he wouldn’t be able to drive out that metal pressure.

“Are you alright?” Gorlin asked worriedly.

“I’m fine.” Wang Teng shook his head.
He still had lingering fears.

Gorlin looked at him and saw that he wasn’t affected.
“It looks like I underestimated you.”

“Master, what’s that?” Wang Teng asked.

“It should be a devil god,” Gorlin said grimly.

“Devil god? God?!” Wang Teng was appalled.
“Will this formidable presence travel through the worlds?”

The dimensional rift will take its shape soon.
Based on the terrifying power of the devil god, a dimensional rift this size isn’t strong enough to hold its body.
However…” Gorlin paused for a moment.

Wang Teng had just managed to sigh in relief when his heart jumped to his throat again.

“Devil generals may come down,” Gorlin finished his sentence.

“Devil generals?” Wang Teng was puzzled.

“Devil generals are like our general-stage martial warriors.
However, they are dark apparitions, so it’s extremely difficult to deal with them,” Gorlin replied.

At this moment, the immense mental pressure on his mind disappeared.
Wang Teng looked up.
He suddenly saw a few large attribute bubbles floating down slowly from the sky.

Emperor Realm Spirit*53

Emperor Realm Spirit*36

Emperor Realm Spirit*42

Emperor realm spirit attributes! Wang Teng was shocked and was left speechless in wonder.
The spirit dissipated by the eye was already in the emperor realm state.
Even more, the value was so high.

Spirit: Emperor Realm (135/1000)

Wang Teng took a deep breath.
This was a huge gain.

But it wasn’t the time to think about all these.
After the enormous eye disappeared, numerous black shadows started appearing from the depth of the dimensional rift.

Within a few seconds, the shadows filled up the sky above them.
They gave off an intense dark aura as they traveled through the different worlds to reach their city.


Bloodthirsty howls rang out continuously.
The black shadows plunged down from the sky.

“Defense array, activated!”

A shout rang out.

Amid a dazzling light, multiple circular light bubbles enveloped the city.
It looked like a huge eggshell.

Bang, bang, bang!

The black shadows shot down from the sky and crashed into the defense arrays.
Loud thuds shook the eardrums of the people inside the array.

More and more black shadows were falling from the sky.
They congregated outside the walls of Yang City and launched a fierce attack.

Wang Teng followed Gorlin to the top of the city wall.
A large number of troops were gathered here.
They aimed the Force cannons and fired at the dark apparitions swarming towards them in large numbers.

There were all types of dark apparitions, including vampires with wings on their backs, huge and tall giant devils, and low-class dark apparitions with no consciousness…

Boom, boom, boom!

They collided into the protective shield viciously, disregarding the harm it caused to them.
Muffled booms echoed in the air.
The defense array was weakening continuously.

The attacks of the Force cannons never stopped.
The dark apparitions that got hit exploded and died.
However, there were way too many of them.
The damage caused by the Force cannons was like the ripples on the surface of the lake.
It wasn’t of much help.

Suddenly, a gigantic figure strode out of the dimensional rift.

An eerie aura engulfed the city.

The people standing on the city wall also sensed the powerful existence dawning on the city.
They looked up simultaneously.

The figure was at least three meters tall.
It carried an enormous black weapon that looked like a blade and a sword on its back.

All the muscles on its body were bulging.
It gave off an impenetrable texture like granite.

There were eight thick arms growing on its back.
It was petrifying.
Its head was decorated with horns, and its face looked hideous.
It instilled fear in people through a single glance.

“Eight Arms Devil General!”

Lord Yang and Gorlin called out in alarm when they saw this figure.

“Eight Arms Devil General,” Wang Teng repeated the name.
He felt that the name described the devil very well.
He felt gloomy.

It wasn’t hard to tell that this presence above his head was extremely daunting.
Its opponents were the bosses in the city.
He didn’t dare to fight it.

A hint of impatience flashed past the dark-colored face of the Eight Arms Devil General when it saw that its subordinates were unable to break the defense of Yang City.
It spurted one word at them.

Wang Teng couldn’t understand the word, though.

From his point of view, the language spoken by the Eight Arms Devil General was highly foreign.
It sounded sinister and rough.

The Eight Arms Devil General took out the gigantic weapon behind its back and slashed it below him.

A crescent black blade glow flew out immediately.


Crack~ Crack~ Crack!

Fissures started appearing on the defense array.
Finally, with a loud crack, a huge hole was created.

Dark apparitions charged towards the city wall through the hole.

“Let me deal with him.” Lord Yang looked grim.
He rose into the air and charged towards the Eight Arms Devil General.

“Count me in.” Principal Yang stepped on the ground and shot out like an arrow leaving its bowstring.
He dashed towards the Eight Arms Devil General.

“Be careful.
Don’t force yourself.” Gorlin shook his head and reminded Wang Teng before turning into a rainbow and shooting into the sky.

The top three formidable warriors of Yang City went to welcome the Eight Arms Devil General.
A fierce fight ensued immediately.

This was the battle between generals.
The frightening impact of their conflict astounded the onlookers.


Some dark apparition had climbed up the city walls by now.
After loud yells, they started their massacre.
This was the beginning of a horrifying and tragic war.
It was bloody and chaotic.

“This is a disaster!” Wang Teng looked at this scene and suddenly understood what the two worlds were defending against.

Once the human race got defeated, both Earth and Xingwu Continent would turn into debris.
They would become… a living hell.


A black shadow pounced on Wang Teng from behind.
It was a low-class dark apparition.
It was savage and had no consciousness.
It only knew how to kill.

A battle sword appeared in Wang Teng’s hand.
His expression was cold as he turned around and chopped the dark apparition into two.
A line of fiery red sword glow slashed its body.

On the other side, Dongfang Yu, Yi Kaicheng, Wan Feifeng, and the other young talents were fighting with the enemies too.
This was a critical moment, but the younger generation of warriors didn’t back down.
They charged to the frontline courageously.


Wang Teng’s gaze was firm.
He held his battle sword and turned into the God of Death as he headed towards the area with the most dark apparitions.

One sword, one head.
Kill, kill, kill!

If darkness dawns, I will clear a bloody path of hope!

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