Chapter 309: The Existence You Mustn’t See

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Although Yao Hongshou’s mouth was filled with blood, he was laughing maniacally.
His expression was hideous and savage.
He seemed to have gone mad.

“You forced me to do this!”

His eyes were bloodshot and filled with red capillaries.
A black ball appeared in his hand out of nowhere.

“This is?!” Lord Yang and Gorlin were stupefied when they looked at the ball in his hand.
A split second later, they regained their senses, and their expressions changed entirely.

They didn’t know what it was, but they could feel a forbidding dark aura from it.
The aura was extremely thick.
There seemed to be space elements contained in the ball.

Yao Hongshou had gone mad.
He raised the black ball as his body rose into the air.
Suddenly, he soared into the sky.

“Stop him!” Lord Yang’s expression changed again.
He leaped and flew up.

Unfortunately, it was too late…

It only took a blink of an eye before a massive explosion shook the entire night sky.

Frightening airwaves rained down.
Even with Lord Yang’s superior ability, he was stuck in mid-air.

Gorlin looked at the pitch-black sky sternly.
He had sensed something.

The other guests had the same feeling.
Their expressions turned ugly.

“Yao Hongshou, how dare he!”

“He should die! The Yao family should be annihilated!”

Anger raged in everyone’s heart.
They hated Yao Hongshou to the core!

“This…” Wang Teng was dumbstruck.
He looked up at the sky with his Spiritual Sight and saw a terrifying image.

Space was distorting, collapsing, and shattering into fragments.
The fragments then turned into dust and disappeared.
Gradually, an endless whirlpool was coming into being.

Attribute bubbles fell from the sky one by one.

All he could see were space attributes.
There were close to a hundred space bubbles, and each of their values was high.
None of them was smaller than 1.

Mind you, when Wang Teng passed through the dimensional rift in the past, all the space bubbles he collected had values of less than one.
The highest was two points.

He should be happy to see so many space attributes, but his heart was palpitating violently for some reason.

An unprecedented danger was befalling them.

But he still collected what he should.

His space attribute shot up to 336 points immediately.

Wang Teng felt that his space talent seemed to have been awakened.
He was more sensitive to space now.
He even felt that he could teleport through short distances.

He raised his head.
Without his Spiritual Sight, he could still see the dimensional rift taking shape gradually.

Although the dimensional rift was only a meter wide, it was slowly and stably expanding.

“Master! It’s a dimensional rift!” Wang Teng said.

“Yes!” Gorlin nodded sternly.

“Where does this tunnel connect to?” Wang Teng asked.

“It should be the Darkland,” Gorlin replied.

Lord Yang flew down from the sky.
His tone was grave as he gave his order without wasting any time.
“Sound the battle drums.
Inform the entire city to prepare for war!”

The guests below had also recognized the severity of the situation, so they replied to him immediately.

“Rongxue, take my token.
Find some men and bring the old, young, and women in the city to the emergency shelter for refuge.” With a wave of Lord Yang’s hand, a token flew towards Li Rongxue.

“Yes!” Li Rongxue took the token and rushed off.

“Send people to the cities around us to ask for reinforcements!”

More and more orders shot out of Lord Yang’s mouth.
His subordinates below took the orders and left in a hurry.

“The Crimson Tiger Troop and the Black Sparrow Troop are the nearest to us on Earth.
I’ll send someone to seek reinforcements from them,” the lord of the city, Shu Yi, said.

“Be quick.
Otherwise, our Yang City might get wiped out soon,” Lord Yang replied.

“Yes!” Shu Yi soared into the sky and left.

“Principal Yang, at this critical moment, I need the help of the academy,” Lord Yang turned and spoke to Principal Yang.

“Of course!” Principal Yang stood up abruptly.
He was tall and muscular.
His white beard flew in the wind as he turned and left with Dongfang Yu and Yi Kaicheng.

“President Gorlin!” Lord Yang looked at Gorlin.

“Don’t worry, all members of the rune society will be at your disposal,” Gorlin said.

“I’m worried that the protective shield array of the Yang City will not last for long.
I hope that you can lead your runemasters and set up a few more layers of protection.
This will buy some time for Yang City,” Lord Yang said solemnly.

“I’ll see to it immediately.” Gorlin activated his spiritual power and turned into a ray of light.

“Lord, I’ll be leaving too.” Wang Teng cupped his fists at Lord Yang and followed Gorlin.

Within a few breaths, all the guests were gone.

Lord Yang floated in mid-air and looked at the dimensional rift that was slowly taking form.
He sighed.

“I hope that Yang City will pull through this ordeal.”

Most of the civilians were sleeping soundly at this late into the night.
Suddenly, thunderous drum beats rang out, startling them awake from their dreams.
It echoed through the entire city.

Everyone was wide awake.
After a second of silence, the entire Yang City was engulfed in panic.

The angry shouts of the adults and the cries of babies converged and turned into an uproar.
There was an outburst of commotion.

Squads of soldiers poured into the city to maintain order and evacuate the civilians.

At the same time, figures started darting out of the rune society.
They charged to all corners of the city and started carving defense arrays.

Wang Teng stood behind Gorlin.
“Wang Teng, you’re not from Yang City.
You still have time to escape.”

“I’ve never seen such a huge crisis before.
Let me gain some experience today.” Wang Teng sniggered.

“This isn’t child’s play,” Gorlin said.

“What happened tonight is partly my fault.
If I leave now, I won’t be able to sleep peacefully in the future,” Wang Teng smiled and replied.

“No, Yao Hongshou was already bewitched.
He would have done this sooner or later even if you were not around.” Gorlin shook his head.

“If I can’t handle it, I’ll be the first to run away.
Master, don’t blame me if that happens,” Wang Teng said.

“Hahaha, remember to bring your junior sister with you.” Gorlin laughed.

Accompanied by a sudden loud explosion from the sky, silver rays blossomed like a flower.
Thick bolts of lightning struck from the depth of the dimensional rift.

“What’s happening?” The people in the city looked up at the sky.

Beneath the shimmering silver glow, the dimensional rift had already expanded more than ten meters in diameter.

“Look, what is that?” A startled shout rose from the crowd.

Someone had noticed something.

A ray of red light had appeared behind the dimensional rift.

Wang Teng looked up too, and his heart shuddered at the sight.

This was a colossal eyeball!

The red light was the glow of the pupil.
The huge pupil peeped through the dimensional rift, watching Yang City from the unknown land at the other end.

A strong sense of forbidding enveloped the entire city.

What kind of gaze was this?

Chaos, distorted, menace, malicious, evil, berserk!

All the emotions formed an oppressive and frightening mental pressure on anyone looking at it.
It was an existence you mustn’t see…

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