After searching through the corpses and taking everything he could, Wang Teng turned around to leave.

He had already left the group for a long time.
If he didn’t go back soon, Xu Jie and his friends might come and look for him.

If they saw this scene…


Wang Teng frowned.

He had taken the possessions of these two martial warriors.
If someone came to investigate, they would easily find him.

Should he destroy the evidence by burning the corpses?

It looked like this was the only thing he could do.

Wang Teng placed the two corpses in a deep hole and activated the fire Force in his body.
A small flickering flame appeared on his finger.

“You created this deep hole.
It just so happens that you can use it now.

“Cremation is popular in society nowadays.
It’s environmentally friendly and doesn’t waste landmass.
How do you recite that poem… Oh right, ‘Though turned to mud, they’d nurture flowers’ growth next spring’.


“After you die, you can still make contributions to this forest.
How lovely is that?”

Wang Teng chattered away for a few seconds before he laid his eyes on the martial warrior who wanted to kill him.
His emotions were complicated.

“Although you wanted to kill me, I didn’t die and even killed you instead.
This lighter and cigarette will be the compensation for the emotional distress you caused me.
Now, I will cremate you since I’m still a good person.”


He flicked his fingers, and the flame flew out, precisely landing on the corpse.

The corpse lit up!

It burned furiously like a raging blaze.
Since it was using the Force as its fuel, the flame was burning furiously.

Within a few seconds, the two corpses turned into ashes.
Nothing was left behind.

Without the corpses, no one would know what had happened here tonight.
Even if someone managed to find him, they wouldn’t be able to know what he took.


“It’s time to go back!”

But why were these two people fighting here in the middle of the night? Was it for fun?

Wang Teng was puzzled.
He scanned the surroundings but found nothing.
In the end, Wang Teng could only shake his head.
It looked like he was thinking too much.

Wang Teng decided to return to the party.
After taking a step, he retracted his feet back.

Wang Teng stared at the huge tree the fire element martial warrior was leaning against just now.
He had a weird feeling.

He walked under the tree and looked up.

The leaves were blocking his view, so he couldn’t see anything.
He had no choice but to jump lightly.
Wang Teng landed on a branch and looked around him casually.


His gaze froze.

It was a backpack!

Wang Teng jumped over and took the backpack down from the branch.
He unzipped the bag and found it stuffed with hay.
The hay was wrapped around… an egg!


Were they fighting over this egg? Wang Teng touched his chin as he wondered to himself.

The martial warriors were dead, so there was no point thinking about this.
This egg belonged to him now.

“Wang Teng has left for half an hour.
Why isn’t he back yet?”

The rich second generations and children of officials were getting impatient from the long wait.
They were a little unhappy.

“We didn’t ask you to wait.
If you want to leave, you can leave.
Why are you complaining?” Xu Jie frowned and replied.

“That’s not right.
We are waiting because we are worried about Wang Teng.
However, from Wang Teng’s point of view, it isn’t right of him to make so many people wait.
If he can’t find anything, he should have come back earlier.
He doesn’t need to put on a strong front,” said Li Rongcheng.

“That’s right.
I think he just boasted himself as an advanced stage martial disciple.” A young man scoffed.

Some other people wanted to chime in, but a voice suddenly came out from the forest.

“I’ve never said that I’m an advanced stage martial disciple, right? In that case, there’s no such thing as a self-proclaimed advanced stage martial disciple.”

The young man’s expression froze.

Wang Teng looked at him indifferently.
Then, he smiled at the crowd.

“I’m sorry to keep you waiting for such a long time.
I forgot that I’m bad with directions, so I accidentally lost my way.”

… Everyone almost fainted.

Where did you get the guts to enter a forest alone when you have no sense of direction?

Investigation? What can you investigate!

“Young Master Li, be careful.
You might become a gossipmonger if you continue speaking behind other people’s back.” Wang Teng looked at Li Rongcheng and gave him a mysterious smile.

Feeling guilty from his gaze, Li Rongcheng turned his head away.

Zhou Baiyun didn’t believe Wang Teng’s nonsense, though.
She walked forward and asked, “Young Master Wang, did you discover anything?”

I circled the vicinity a few times and finally managed to find my way back.
I didn’t see anything,” Wang Teng shook his head and replied.

Zhou Baiyun looked at him intently with a meaningful gaze.
She said, “In that case, let’s go back.
It’s getting late.”

No one had any objections.

Everyone went back to the mountain villa to get their cars before bidding farewell and leaving.

Of course, we needed to mention that the person who caught the most number of prey was Li Rongcheng.

Since Wang Teng left the hunting ground earlier, Li Rongcheng had won by a small margin.

He did receive a mysterious gift.
It was something Zhou Baiyun brought back from overseas—a human-sized doll.


And it was a female!

Li Rongcheng’s expression was indescribable at that time.


Wang Teng and Xu Jie’s car drove into Donghai City one after the other.

At the intersection, while they were waiting for the light to turn green, Xu Jie wound his window down and shouted at Wang Teng, “Brother Wang Teng, we will be going home first.
Please send Little Wei back.”

“Go ahead.
Send a message when you reach home.” Wang Teng waved his hand.

The two of them parted ways at the intersection.

Wang Teng dropped Bai Wei at her home.
She lived in another villa district known as Jinhua.

There were many wealthy people in Donghai City, so naturally, there were many similar villa districts.

Bai Wei stood in front of the entrance of a villa and tip-toed as she waved.
“Brother Wang Teng, hurry up and go home.
Be careful on your way back.”

“I will take my leave now.
Sleep early.
You’ll get old faster if you sleep too late.” Wang Teng smiled and drove away.

“You are the one who will get old.” Bai Wei pouted.

Along the way, Wang Teng drove really fast.
He just wanted to reach home as quickly as possible to count and examine the gains he had received tonight.

He had hidden the backpack containing the mysterious egg, the fire element martial warrior’s battle sword, and the other small items in his car trunk in advance.

Earlier, Wang Teng had rushed back to the mountain villa at his fastest speed to hide the items.
Then, he went back to find Zhou Baiyun and others.

If not, there was no way for him to explain the many items he was carrying.

Fortunately, when he achieved his breakthrough, the wound created by the fire element martial warrior had healed.
He wouldn’t be able to explain it either if it didn’t.


Wang Teng took off his bloodstained and torn clothes and found a similar colored shirt to change into.
The night was dark, so no one noticed that he had changed his clothes.


Since he was in a rush, this was the best he could do.

Some explanations couldn’t withstand careful analysis.
Zhou Baiyun had probably noticed something amiss, but she didn’t have evidence.
She had to stop at her guess.

Wang Teng recalled the things he did as he drove his car.
After confirming that there was no huge problem, he finally felt a little more relieved.

The egg!

He felt like he was a thief!


He shook his head.

There were only a few cars on the road at night.
Wang Teng placed his left elbow on the car window and leaned his head on his hand.
He started driving with one hand like a seasoned driver.


As Wang Teng drove past a business lane, he saw the bustling and prosperous street from the corner of his eyes.

It was already past 10 pm, but there were still many people on the streets.

They were laughing and having fun.

The young men held the hands of young ladies and stayed out the entire night.

It felt so good!

The life of an ordinary person is not bad too! As Wang Teng thought to himself, a familiar figure suddenly appeared in his vision.

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