Chapter 308: You Deserve To Die!

Not long after, a person covered in blood and filth was carried into the banquet.
He was placed between the two rows of guests.

This bloodstained person was severely injured, and his arms and legs were twisted at weird angles.
He must have suffered inhuman torture.

Many people frowned involuntarily when they saw the person’s miserable condition.

However, Wang Teng trembled when he saw this person.
His expression turned ugly.

Although his face was covered with blood, Wang Teng recognized him at first glance.

Lin Zhan!

The leader of the Tiger Warrior Team, Lin Zhan!

Wang Teng never expected to see him here.

“What do you think? Wang Teng, do you admit to your crimes?” Yao Hongshou smiled as he stared at Wang Teng.

“You deserve to die!” A furious glare shot out of Wang Teng’s eyes.
His gaze was fixed on the man.

“No, YOU deserve to die!” Yao Hongshou’s expression turned cold as killing intent seeped out of his body.
“You should have died when you killed my sons!”

“They deserved to die in the first place! Since they wanted to kill me, they should be prepared to get killed,” Wang Teng replied.

“He really killed them!” It was a rude shock for everyone.

“Yao Yu was very strong.
He has always been called a talent.
How did Wang Teng kill him?” Meng Qiao was astounded.

“Wang Teng killed Mr.
Yao’s sons.
This grudge is enormous.
Things won’t end easily today,” Fei Huai said with a smile.

“How is this possible?” Fei Qingxin felt worried and anxious.

“This fellow looks harmless, but he killed Mr.
Yao’s sons.
It seems like he isn’t as simple as he looks.” Shu Hongye and Tan Shasha had a good impression of Wang Teng.
However, they didn’t know that he also had a ruthless side to him.

Wan Feifeng smiled.
“It looks like I don’t have to do anything.”

As Principal Yang’s favorite disciples, Dongfang Yu and Yi Kaicheng naturally took notice of Wang Teng.
They were eager to see how he would escape this crisis.

Principal Yang sized up Gorlin’s disciple with interest.
His smile was full of schadenfreude.
He seemed delighted to see Gorlin in trouble.

On the other hand, Gorlin remained calm.
With his position and ability, he had no difficulty protecting Wang Teng.
However, he didn’t hope that his disciple would kill innocent people.

“Lord, the culprit has admitted it himself.
Please help me kill this person and take revenge for my sons.” Yao Hongshou gave Lord Yang a deep bow.

Everyone shifted their gaze to Lord Yang.
They didn’t know how he would settle this matter.

As Gorlin’s disciple, Wang Teng couldn’t be punished easily.
However, Yao Hongshou had already reported his crimes to Lord Yang, so he must give a verdict.

“He didn’t kill Yao Yu.
I did.” Li Rongxue suddenly opened her mouth at this moment.

Wang Teng turned his head and looked at her in surprise.

Before this, he was still angry at Li Rongxue for scheming against him.
But, now, right at this moment, all his unhappiness dispersed when she stood up for him.

Maybe Li Rongxue had lost her cool because she was too worried about Lord Yang’s poison.
After all, he was at the brink of death.

Everyone turned to look at Li Rongxue in bewilderment.

“Princess, do you know what you’re saying?” Yao Hongshou was stunned.
He didn’t expect Li Rongxue to admit it directly.

“Yao Yu deserved to die!” Li Rongxue revealed what Yao Yu had planned to do to her openly.

Everyone listened to the story with rapt attention.
The twists today were too unexpected.

“Princess, you can’t frame my son even if you have a noble status,” Yao Hongshou bawled.
His eyes were bloodshot.

“You know what I’m saying.
You just don’t want to remove the fig leaf.
But I have to tell the truth.
I can’t bear to let Wang Teng take the blame after he saved me,” Li Rongxue replied.

Yao Hongshou lowered his head, his hands shivering.
A dead silence blanketed the venue.
Everyone was looking at him.

The princess admitted that she killed Yao Yu.
What would Yao Hongshou do?

Some family heads who were enemies of the Yao family enjoyed his suffering.

Wang Teng disregarded Yao Hongshou’s emotions.
He strode towards Lin Zhan and took out a healing pill for him to swallow.

Fortunately, Yao Hongshou had spared his life because he wanted him as his witness.

What happened to the other members of the Tiger Warrior Team? Did they get caught by Yao Hongshou? Did they suffer his inhumane torture? Or were they… killed?

Suddenly, Yao Hongshou raised his head.
He gritted his teeth and said, “My son Yao Yu was disrespectful towards Princess Li, so he deserves to die.
However, my youngest son was killed by Wang Teng.
A life for a life.
He must die!”

“Your youngest son wanted to kill me.
Was I supposed to let him do it?” Wang Teng turned his head and replied with a cold smile.

“That’s your side of the story,” Yao Hongshou said indignantly.

“Isn’t your statement one-sided too?” Wang Teng mocked.

“Lord, please kill this person.” Yao Hongshou turned and bowed to Lord Yang again.

“We haven’t reached the final verdict.
I can’t kill him yet,” Lord Yang replied calmly.

“Lord, he’s from Earth.
He’s not one of us.
He’s disloyal!” Yao Hongshou screamed hoarsely.

“Xingwu Continent has formed an alliance with Earth.
What’s more, he’s a human, like us.
How is he not one of us?” Lord Yang asked in return.

“Hahaha!” Yao Hongshou laughed in anger.
He slowly straightened his body, and his expression turned hideous.
“Since you are all shielding him, I’ll just have to do it myself!”

When he said this, he had already disappeared from his position.

“Little bitch, die!”

Yao Hongshou was only less than 20 meters away from Wang Teng.
He was a 6-star soldier-level martial warrior, so he was able to travel through space at the speed of sound.
In a split second, he appeared in front of Wang Teng.
He turned his hand into a claw and lunged at Wang Teng’s throat.

Wang Teng squinted, his pupils shrinking to as thin as needles.

6-star soldier level!

From the 4-star soldier level onwards, every level was an insurmountable barrier.
The difference between each level was vast.

But Wang Teng wasn’t an ordinary person.
His thick and abundant Force surged out of his body and flowed into his arm.
He punched out viciously.


The air exploded.
It couldn’t withstand the overwhelming might of the punch.

Yao Hongshou’s expression changed.
He didn’t expect Wang Teng’s punch to be this formidable.

He had no choice.
He changed his claw into a palm and collided with Wang Teng’s punch.


When the palm and the fist smashed into each other, Force erupted like a volcano.
Airwaves swept through the entire banquet.

Both parties took a few steps back uncontrollably.

Blood was dripping down the corner of Wang Teng’s lips.

Everyone was flabbergasted by this exchange.
They were mind-blown when Wang Teng managed to receive Yao Hongshou’s attack.

Was this truly a young man?

He was on par with a renowned martial warrior who had been famous for a long time!

Yao Hongshou’s expression turned sinister when his attack failed.
At the same time, he was bewildered.
He charged at Wang Teng once again.

“How dare you!”

“How dare you!”

Two angry roars rang out simultaneously.
One came from Lord Yang, while the other came from Gorlin.

Two powerful auras exploded.
They slammed heavily onto Yao Hongshou’s body.


Yao Hongshou’s body froze for a second when he got hit by the powerful blow.
Then, he vomited a mouth of blood and fell backward on the ground.

A 6-star soldier-level martial warrior couldn’t even withstand the aura of these two prominent figures.

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