Chapter 307: He’s The Culprit

Two young ladies sitting at the end of the guests’ rows were astonished.
They looked at each other in disbelief.

“Why, why is it him?” One of the young ladies said with her mouth agape.

The other young lady sighed, feeling downcast.
Upon remembering the misunderstandings towards him, it now felt like a joke.

The Lord recognized him and President Gorlin took him in as his disciple.
Why would he like her?

The two young ladies were Meng Qiao and Fei Qingxin.
Wang Teng had met them on the Force floating airship to Yang City.

“Do you know Wang Teng?” a young man beside them asked.

“Brother, we met him on our journey here,” Fei Qingxin said.

“Brother Fei Huai, you don’t know what happened back then.
We didn’t just meet him….” Meng Qiao quickly told him the story.
She spoke confidently and described Wang Teng as an unsightly person.

“I didn’t know that he was that kind of person.
The princess and Lord Yang must have been fooled by him,” Fei Huai said with a glint in his eyes.

“Brother, don’t listen to Meng Qiao’s nonsense.
What she said isn’t true.
She’s biased against him,” Fei Qingxin said hurriedly.

“Qingxin, I believe in Meng Qiao.
She has stopped so many admirers from chasing you over the years.
I’ll only feel at ease with her around.” Fei Huai didn’t listen to his sister at all.
He continued, “You’re too naive and believe others too easily.
Remember, it’s hard to understand the heart of a person.
Some people are scheming.
They will only reveal their true faces after they have achieved their goal.
However, it will be too late at that time.”

“Blunt are those concerned.
Look at how enthusiastic he was towards you when we were on the Force floating airship.
However, in a blink of an eye, he’s hooking the princess in his net.
He just wants to play around,” Meng Qiao said.

“No, I can’t let the princess and Lord Yang get tricked by him.” Fei Huai wanted to get up.

Fei Qingxin was moved by their back-and-forth chatter.
When she saw her brother standing up, she pulled him anxiously and said, “Brother, have you forgotten that he’s President Gorlin’s disciple? You might offend President Gorlin if you speak rashly.”

“Erm…” Fei Huai regained his composure at once.
He felt a little awkward, but he didn’t dare to stand up again.

“President Gorlin might have been fooled by him too.
If we can expose him and let President Gorlin see Wang Teng’s true face, he won’t be angry,” Meng Qiao said.

“It’s not so simple.
You won’t be able to expose him with a few words.
At that time, you will be in a difficult position.
President Gorlin and Lord Yang might think that you’re creating trouble out of nothing and will punish you in return,” Fei Qingxin replied.

Although they were unwilling to give up, they let go of the idea after listening to Fei Qingxin’s explanation.
If they provoked President Gorlin and Lord Yang at the same time, they might get kicked out of their family.
There was a chance that they wouldn’t be able to stay in Yang City anymore.

Fei Qingxin heaved a sigh of relief.
She finally made them give up their thoughts.
However, she didn’t know why she was helping Wang Teng.
He might not even remember her.

Fei Qingxin smiled bitterly.

At this moment, a person sitting in the middle of the guests’ seats stood up suddenly.

“Lord Yang, I’d like to ask you for a favor.” The person bowed to Lord Yang with a sorrowful expression.

Lord Yang kept his smile and looked at the person.
Yao, what favor do you need from me?”

“Unfortunately, both my sons were killed, and the culprit is here at this moment,” Yao Hongshou said coldly.

Everyone was thunderstruck.

Everyone in Yang City knew that Mr.
Yao’s youngest son was killed by martial warriors from Earth.
Yet, he was saying that the murderer was among them.
Was there an Earthling hidden between them?

Also, he said that both his sons were killed!

There were different expressions on everyone’s faces.
Some felt grievous, while others felt elated at his plight…

Wang Teng’s eyes glistened.
A cold glint flashed past the depth of his eyes as he sat in his seat.

This crazy dog!

“Oh, who is the culprit?” Lord Yang remained indifferent.
He knew that Li Rongxue had killed Yao Yu.
Was the Yao family going to risk their lives by bringing this matter up now?

As for his youngest son being killed, he had heard of it too.
Was there a link between these two cases?

Li Rongxue’s expression froze for a second, and she glanced at Wang Teng instinctively.
When she noticed his indifference, she started to calm down.

Yao Hongshou looked around him as his gaze finally landed on Wang Teng.

“It’s him!”

He pointed at Wang Teng.
Everyone turned to look at him instantaneously.

Wang Teng remained composed.
He even smiled.

“He killed Mr.
Yao’s sons?” Meng Qiao and Fei Qingxin were shocked.

“I heard that Mr.
Yao’s youngest son was killed by a martial warrior from Earth.
How can it be him?” Fei Qingxin couldn’t believe it.

“Have you forgotten that he came from Yong City? That is Earth’s territory,” Meng Qiao said.

“This fellow is indeed a bad person.
He’s dead.
Yao won’t let go of him,” Fei Huai said excitedly.

Yao, watch what you say.” Gorlin stood up and looked at Yao Hongshou.
His voice was calm.

Yao, you need to have evidence if you want to lay such a huge claim,” Lord Yang said.

“We will know after he confronts me,” Yao Hongshou said, a crazed look appearing in his eyes.

Yao, you want to confront me?” Wang Teng stood up.

“I’ve investigated you.
You came from Yong City, right?” Yao Hongshou said.

“Many people come from Yong City.
This doesn’t mean anything,” Li Rongxue spoke up.

Hatred boiled in Yao Hongshou’s heart when he saw Li Rongxue.
He knew what Yao Yu had done, so he also knew that his son’s death must be related to her.
Unfortunately, he couldn’t do anything to Li Rongxue.
He had to suppress his hatred.
He took out a drawing and said, “When my son was killed, I asked someone to draw the appearance of the martial warriors from Earth.
Take a look, and you will know.”

He opened the drawing with a slap.

The Tiger Warrior team was drawn on the scroll, and Wang Teng’s face was among them.

“Wang Teng came from Earth!”

Everyone looked at Wang Teng’s drawing and compared it with the real person.
They were dumbfounded.

“What do you have to say now?” Yao Hongshou said.

“My disciple is indeed from Earth.
However, our Xingwu Continent is not at war with Earth.
That’s why I took him as my disciple.
On the other hand, Mr.
Yao, I heard that you killed many people before confirming who killed your youngest son.
Are you sure that my disciple is the real culprit?” Gorlin said slowly.

“I have a witness.” Yao Hongshou gave a crazy smile.
He cupped his fists at Lord Yang and said, “Lord Yang, please allow me to bring the person in.”

Wang Teng squinted.
Somehow, he had a bad feeling.

“Approved!” Lord Yang finally nodded after glancing at Gorlin and Wang Teng.

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