Chapter 306: Something Is Wrong!

The banquet started.
As people offered a toast to one another, laughter and conversations lit up the atmosphere.
It was extremely lively.

Wang Teng didn’t know most of the guests here, so he sat on his seat and savored the delicious food.
Occasionally, he would take a sip of his wine.
It was carefree and peaceful.

Beautiful music sounded beside his ear, making the current scene all the more joyous.
While the musicians played their instruments, attribute bubbles popped out of their fingertips.

Music Skill*10

Music Skill*8

There are attributes for music skills! Wang Teng picked them up with interest.

Musician: 36/100 (beginner stage)

A new secondary job was added to the row.

Why did I pick them up? I won’t play music. Wang Teng was speechless.
He only picked it up out of curiosity.
He didn’t expect a new secondary job to appear.

Never mind, I have already picked it.

Many musicians were playing at the banquet.
Since they could be invited by the Lord Yang Residence, they must be highly skilled in their field.
Many attribute bubbles floated around them.

Wang Teng decided to pick the other bubbles since the secondary job had already appeared.

Musician: 535/1000 (advanced stage)

As compared to rune and the other skills, music was very easy to upgrade.
Within a few moments, he had become an advanced-stage musician.

Su Lingxuan was eating happily at the side.
She was the epitome of a foodie…

She remained oblivious of the outside world.
All she did was eat.

When she saw Wang Teng drinking wine, she got a little tempted.
She wanted to pour a cup for herself.

The instant she stretched her hand towards the wine bottle, it was slapped away.


Along with a crisp sound, Su Lingxuan retracted her hand quickly.
The back of her hand had turned red.
She gasped in pain.

“Why did you hit me?” Su Lingxuan asked angrily.

“You’re just a child.
Why are you drinking wine?” Wang Teng replied.

“Why can’t I drink? You’re only a few years older than me, but you can drink it.” Su Lingxuan felt a little guilty for some reason.
However, she was unwilling to back down.

“First, I’m your senior brother.
As the saying goes, ‘the elder brother is like a father.’ A senior brother is a brother too.
That means that I can be considered your father.
Thus, I have to educate you.
A few years older is still older.
If you’re unconvinced, you can ask your father why he didn’t give birth to you a few years earlier,” Wang Teng said in a composed manner.

Su Lingxuan was confused by his ‘elder brother is like a father’ argument.
Her gaze turned blurry, and she took a long time to regain her senses.
The next moment, she became furious.
“Pfft, what evil intentions do you have? You want to be my father?”

(⊙ o ⊙)

This idiot!

“Cough, I’m just explaining the cause and effect.
I don’t want to be your father,” Wang Teng coughed awkwardly and replied.

Su Lingxuan still wanted to rebuke him.

“Stop!” Wang Teng interrupted her quickly.
He said, “Eat your food.
If you don’t finish it soon, other people will eat it.”

Su Lingxuan shuddered.
She stopped arguing with Wang Teng and started stuffing her mouth with the various dishes.
As she ate, she complained, “It’s your fault.
Why do you want to be my father? You are a bad person!”

“Can you stop bringing this up?” Wang Teng felt helpless.
He had only said it once, but Su Lingxuan mentioned it again and again.
It was as if she was afraid other people wouldn’t know it.

Couldn’t she see how many people were looking in their direction? Their gazes went back and forth between him and Su Lingxuan, their expressions strange.

Many guests present were boss-level characters with high cultivations.
Their hearing was exceptional, so the conversation between them had landed in their ears even though they weren’t speaking loudly.

Principal Yang, who was opposite them, laughed and said, “Gorlin, your two disciples are very interesting.”

Although Gorlin felt frustrated, he still said, “My disciples are naive and pure.”

“Hmph.” Principal Yang scoffed.

Wang Teng noticed that they didn’t seem to have a good relationship.
He wondered if his master had some grudges against Principal Yang.

Li Rongxue was sitting beside Lord Yang.
A gloomy expression flashed across her face.

“Do you know the new disciple of President Gorlin?” The changes on Li Rongxue’s face couldn’t escape Lord Yang’s eyes.
He noticed it immediately and asked her in a soft voice.

“Yes.” Li Rongxue nodded, not hiding the facts from her father.
Using voice transmission, she told him everything that had happened when she was killing the Cockscomb Jade Scale Python.

Lord Yang frowned when he heard this.
“The Yao family is getting more and more out of hand.”

His gaze landed on a certain seat.
The Yao family had a high status in Yang City, so they were naturally invited.

He used voice transmission when he said the last sentence.

“I think that the Yao family is disloyal to us.
If not, they wouldn’t have done this,” Li Rongxue replied using voice transmission.

“I don’t care if they are disloyal.
Since they dared to stoop so low, I’ll not let go of them easily.
I’ll send someone to investigate the incident.
If they’re really planning a revolt, it’s better to have evidence on our hands,” Lord Yang said.

Li Rongxue nodded.
She hesitated for a moment before telling her father how she schemed Wang Teng to let him help her.

“Sigh!” Li Rongxue shook his head and tapped Li Rongxue’s forehead with his finger.

Then, he looked at Wang Teng and called him out, “Junior Wang Teng!”

“Lord Yang!” Wang Teng stopped in his motions.
Why did Lord Yang call him? He looked up in surprise.

“I’ve heard of what happened between you two.
Rongxue told me just now.
She was in the wrong this time.
Let me apologize in her place.
This toast is for you.” Lord Yang finished the wine in his glass.
He was very straightforward.

Everyone was dumbstruck when they heard this.

Lord Yang was apologizing to Wang Teng?

They didn’t know what happened, so they were puzzled.

But, as a lord, Lord Yang actually apologized to Wang Teng personally?

Also, based on what he said, he was apologizing on behalf of the princess.
Something had happened between Wang Teng and Princess Li.
They seemed to know each other.

“You’re too polite.
It’s just a little misunderstanding.” Wang Teng got up and bowed back.

“Sit down, sit down.
Everything will be fine once the misunderstanding is cleared.” Lord Yang laughed.
He raised his cup again and said, “However, I still have to have a toast with you.
You should know the reason.
There’s no need to say it out loud.”

He downed another glass of wine.
His magnanimity was admirable.

The guests felt extremely uncomfortable when they heard Wang Teng and Lord Yang speaking in riddles.
However, since Lord Yang didn’t say it, they couldn’t ask.

“Brother Wang, I was at fault.
I hope that you won’t take it to heart and we will still be friends,” Li Rongxue said as she got up and raised her cup.

“Don’t mind it,” Wang Teng said with a bitter smile.

Lord Yang and the princess were willing to put down their status and had apologized to him in front of so many people.
This was a display of their sincerity.
If he hoarded onto it, he would seem narrow-minded.

At this moment, the other young men were looking at Wang Teng with hostility.

Something was wrong!

Something was going on between Wang Teng and the princess!

From their expressions, they didn’t look like enemies.
Instead, many things seemed to have happened between them.
They looked like… frenemies.

Everyone felt jealous!

Su Lingxuan nudged Wang Teng.
“Hey, how do you know her?”

“You want to know?” Wang Teng glanced at her sideways.

“Yes.” Su Lingxuan nodded her head violently.
She was extremely curious.

“I won’t tell you.” Wang Teng sniggered.

Su Lingxuan: …

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