Chapter 305: Lord Yang’s Intention

Wang Teng had already taken his seat.

There were many small tables located behind the two rows of guests’ seats.
These were prepared for the younger generations.
Wang Teng sat down beside the table behind Gorlin.

He glanced at Lord Yang secretly.
The man was handsome and stern, and he naturally gave off a domineering aura.

He could also see similarities in his and Li Rongxue’s appearances.

At this moment, a few guests cupped their fists and greeted Gorlin from afar.

The young people behind these guests couldn’t help but look at Wang Teng.
They were extremely curious about the identity of this young man who came with Gorlin.

“President Gorlin, who is the young man behind you?” Lord Yang asked.

“I just took him in as a disciple recently.
His name is Wang Teng,” Gorlin said.

Lord Yang was an easy-going person, not at all imposing like his image suggested.
He smiled and said, “This young man must have a great gift in order for you to take him in as your disciple.”

“You’re too polite.
He only has some small capability.
It’s not worth mentioning,” Gorlin replied humbly.

As they spoke, more guests started arriving.

“The president of the alchemist society has arrived!”

“The Su family has arrived!”

“The lord of the city has arrived!”

“The Wan family has arrived!”

These were all boss-level figures in Yang City.
After they came in, they congratulated Lord Yang.

“Lord Yang, congratulations.
You have successfully cured your poison,” the family head of the Su family bowed and said.

“You’re too polite.
Please take a seat,” Lord Yang smiled and replied.

“Su Lingyun greets Lord Yang!”

“Su Lingxuan greets Lord Yang!”

The two beautiful ladies behind the family head greeted Lord Yang simultaneously.

“Your daughters are becoming more and more impressive,” Lord Yang praised their manners.

“Congratulations on your recovery!” The family head of the Wan family hurriedly cupped his fists and walked forward.
He didn’t want to lose out.

Wan, please take a seat,” Lord Yang smiled and replied.

“Wan Feifeng greets Lord Yang.” A young lady around 20 years old saluted Lord Yang.

“Miss Wan is here too.
You have gotten more beautiful over the years.
I wonder which guy will have the good fortune of marrying you in the future.” Lord Yang laughed out loud.
Then, he asked curiously, “Oh right, where are your sons?”

“Those two brats kept creating trouble outside.
They got injured by someone a few days ago and are still recuperating,” Mr.
Wan replied.

The guests and the host exchanged conventional greetings before taking their seats.

Su Lingxuan saw Gorlin and Wang Teng at one glance.
She informed Mr.
Su and ran towards them.


“Senior Brother!”

“Have a seat,” Gorlin said with a smile.

Su Lingxuan winked at Wang Teng before sitting down beside him.

Su Lingyun frowned uncontrollably when she saw this scene.
A trace of envy appeared on her beautiful face.

Wan Feifeng glanced at Wang Teng secretly too.
She knew that he was the one who had injured Wan Feiyu and Wan Feipeng.
A cold glint flashed past her eyes.

As time passed, more people arrived.
Wang Teng saw Shu Hongye and Tan Shasha.
The two ladies nodded at Su Lingxuan and Wang Teng before heading to their seats.

“President of the Yang City Academy has arrived!”

Along with the announcement, a muscular elder walked in.
He had a white beard and white hair, and he was accompanied by a young man and a young lady.

“Principal Yang is here!” Lord Yang stood up to welcome him.

The principal of Yang City Academy enjoyed the same treatment as Gorlin.

There were the only two guests whom Lord Yang got up to welcome personally.

Wang Teng was astounded.
From his point of view, the principal of the Yang City Academy must have a high status, maybe even higher than Gorlin.
Yet, Lord Yang treated them equally.

“Congratulations on your recovery,” Principal Yang said.

“You’re too polite.” Lord Yang held his right hand and guided him to the first seat on his right.
It was directly opposite Gorlin.

“Dongfang Yu greets Lord Yang.”

“Yi Kaicheng greets Lord Yang.”

The two youths behind Principal Yang greeted Lord Yang.

“You are both young talents who have gained glory for our city,” Lord Yang patted their shoulders and said with relief.

“You’re flattering us.
This is what we should do,” the two young people replied.

Everyone looked at the two youngsters with admiration in their eyes.
It was rare to see talents as outstanding as them.

“So they are the favorite disciples of Principal Yang.
As expected, their aura is exceptional.”

“Dongfang Yu is no.
10 on the Gifted Ranking.
I heard that her ability has improved again.
She might be able to move up a rank or two.”

“Yi Kaicheng is not bad either.
He’s ranked no.
Principal Yang is indeed Principal Yang.
How is he able to groom these two talented students!”

The guests around them complimented Principal Yang for his keen eyesight and his teaching skills.
They were a little envious as they looked at Dongfang Yu and Yi Kaicheng, who were exuding the aura of a mighty martial warrior.
If their disciples had this achievement, it would be a blessing to their families.

Still, these two young talents came from ordinary backgrounds.
Making connections through marriage was a good way to draw them to their side.

The eyes of the family heads started glistening at the thought.
Although everyone had this intention, on the surface, they maintained an indifferent smile.

All the guests finally arrived.
Lord Yang stood up and raised his wine glass.
“I invited everyone today to thank you for taking care of Yang City when I was injured.
Let me offer this toast to all of you.”

He finished the wine in one gulp.

“You’re too polite.”

Everyone stood up and raised their cups.
They finished the wine in their glasses.

“Sit, please sit.” Lord Yang pressed his hand down.
He continued, “I have another matter to discuss.
Everyone knows that I accidentally got poisoned when I killed a poison-element star beast a few months ago.
Fortunately, my daughter ran all over the empire and finally managed to help me find the antidote.
Without her, I might have died.
Hence, I must thank my daughter.”

After he finished speaking, an elegant figure slowly walked in under the guidance of a servant.

“Rongxue, you have helped me greatly.
I must reward you,” Lord Yang said.

Li Rongxue bowed to Lord Yang and said gently, “The best reward is your health.”

“Hahaha, as expected of my good daughter.” Lord Yang laughed and continued, “However, I still have to reward you.
I’ll definitely find a good husband for you in the future.
If you lay your eyes on any young talents here, I will kidnap them if I have to.”

The guests were all speechless.

Li Rongxue blushed in embarrassment.
She didn’t expect her father to say this at this moment.

On the other hand, the young men at the scene were all invigorated.
Their eyes lit up, and they straightened their postures.
They raised their chins and puffed up their chests, wishing to show Li Rongxue their best sides.

If Li Rongxue liked them, they would become Lord Yang’s son-in-law.
One word from Lord Yang, and their future would be prosperous.

Mind you, Lord Yang was the power wielder in Yang City, and he had imperial blood in him.
Marrying Li Rongxue would allow them to climb the highest ladder in one step.

This was why Yao Yu had taken that risk in the forest.
Many people had the same thought.

At this moment, a sly look appeared in Yi Kaicheng’s eyes.
No one knew what he was thinking as he sat behind Principal Yang.

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