Chapter 303: A Huge Leap In Ability

This was the first time Shu Hongye and Tan Shasha saw Wang Teng in action.
They found it interesting and funny.
This fellow was a little… evil.

Su Lingxuan knew how shameless Wang Teng could be, so she wasn’t surprised.
Instead, her eyes shone brightly when she stared at the pile of energy stones.

The energy stones were the size of fingernails.
Since most of them were middle-class, there weren’t many of them.
One bag was enough to fit the stones.

In Su Lingxuan’s eyes, this bag was like a mountain of treasures.

Wang Teng took the bag and walked around her.
Then… he kept it in his space ring.

Su Lingxuan cried loudly when she saw the energy stones disappearing in front of her eyes.
“Everyone here has a share in this bag.
Besides, you only managed to earn this fortune because you came to the academy with me.
I should get some of it.”

“Go away.
You must be dreaming.” Wang Teng was rendered speechless.
This young lady was full of evil thoughts.
She was indeed a money lover.

Shu Hongye and Tan Shasha shook their heads and laughed out loud.

“You must treat us.
I want to eat the Force dishes cooked by the Force chef masters of the academy.” Su Lingxuan knew that Wang Teng wouldn’t share the stones with her, so she changed her tactics.

“What a good plan you have up your sleeve.” Wang Teng rolled his eyes at her.
He continued, “However, I’m in a good mood today, so I’ll indulge you.”

“Let’s go!” Shu Lingxuan sniggered.
She pulled Shu Hongye and Tan Shasha and headed to the school cafeteria.

“Slow down, slow down!” Shu Hongye shook her head and exclaimed.

Wang Teng followed behind them slowly.

Su Lingxuan started urging him when she saw his zombie-like walk.
“Hurry up.”

“Why are you so impatient? The food is there.
It won’t fly away.” Wang Teng couldn’t understand her haste.

When Su Lingxuan thought of the Force dishes, saliva started dripping down the edge of her mouth.
She secretly sucked it back and gulped.
She said agitatedly, “I’m not going to care about you anymore.
I’ll order the dishes first.”

“Go ahead.” Wang Teng waved his hands.

Su Lingxuan left immediately, leaving the three people strolling behind.

“Lingxuan has always been like this.
She’s cheeky, naive, and innocent,” Tan Shasha smiled and said.

“She’s a sincere person,” Wang Teng said.

“You are very strong.
You didn’t use all your strength just now, right?” Shu Hongye probed.

“They aren’t worth my full strength,” Wang Teng replied calmly.

A startled look appeared on the ladies’ faces.
They nodded and dropped the topic.
They chatted about all kinds of things as they walked to the cafeteria.

Wang Teng spent a thousand energy stones on this meal.
Su Lingxuan took advantage of him the best she could.

In the afternoon, the ladies had to attend lessons, so Wang Teng casually wandered around the academy on his own.

While strolling, he heard some shouts.

That attracted Wang Teng’s attention.
He followed the noise and walked through a small path.
A spacious plaza appeared in front of him.

There was a stone tablet erected in the middle of the plaza.
It was exceptionally conspicuous.

Wang Teng looked at it from afar, and the words ‘Cultivation Plaza’ appeared in his vision.

At the moment, many young people were practicing in the cultivation plaza.
The shouts came from them.

Some of them were using swords, while were using blades, rods, and whatnot.
All kinds of weapons could be seen swinging through the air.

The glow from the different Forces shone in every corner of the plaza.
It was dazzling.

Earth Force*25

Fire Force*18



Water Force*30

Wood Force*24


Attribute bubbles were floating all over the plaza.
There were so many of them that Wang Teng didn’t know where to look.

He was delighted!

He came to the right place!

He was just walking around casually and never expected that he would come to the place where the students practiced martial arts.

There were so many attribute bubbles around him.
He was going to be rich!

Wang Teng became excited.
He swept the attribute bubbles towards him using his spiritual power and picked them up.

He spent more than ten minutes picking up all the attribute bubbles.

In the end, he got 361 points of metal Force, 411 points of wood Force, 358 points of water Force, 502 points of fire Force, 435 points of earth Force, 121 points of wind Force, 36 points of spirit, and 250 points of enlightenment.

Enlightenment: Spiritual realm (93.6/100)

Spirit: Spiritual realm (97.8/100)

Metal Force: 1130/2000 (4-star)

Wood Force: 1016/2000 (4-star)

Water Force: 1210/2000 (4-star)

Fire Force: 1759/2000 (4-star)

Earth Force: 1322/2000 (4-star)

Wind Force: 384/1000 (3-star)

Wang Teng felt satisfied when he saw the changes on his attributes panel.

His five elements were inching closer to the 5-star soldier level, especially his fire Force.
It was very close.

His enlightenment and spirit had almost reached the peak of the spiritual realm.
What would be next? What changes would it bring?

Even though he hadn’t broken through the barrier, Wang Teng felt that he had gotten smarter as his enlightenment rose.
He should practice his blade presence and sword presence when he had the time.
Who knew, he might be able to level up quickly!

Wang Teng turned around and left.
A person could only drop a limited number of attribute bubbles a day.
He had already collected all the attributes from these people.
He wouldn’t be able to squeeze anything else from them.

Wang Teng left the Yang City Academy and went to look for You Jingfu at his lodging.
He asked him to teach him poison knowledge.

Besides visiting the three societies, Wang Teng only went to two other places for the next few days.
They were the Yang City Academy and You Jingfu’s house.

There were many cultivators in Yang City Academy, so numerous attribute bubbles were dropped every day.

Wang Teng’s Force increased exponentially when he picked up the attributes daily.
He reached the 5-star soldier level easily in almost all his Forces.
His wind Force also reached 4-star soldier level.

At night, he continued to go to the Yongye Mountain Ridge for his Divine Spirit Master and poison Force practice.

The poison Force in the swamp was all sucked clean by Wang Teng in these few days.
His poison Force had advanced to 4-star too!

You Jingfu’s poison knowledge was all picked up by Wang Teng.
Besides being flabbergasted, You Jingfu could only be more flabbergasted.
He thought that Wang Teng was joking at the start, but he really managed to learn all his knowledge in a few days.

You Jingfu could remember the answers and insights Wang Teng gave when they were discussing a problem.
His understanding was no weaker, or even more in-depth than him, an advanced-stage poison master.

Such a young advanced-stage poison master! Unbelievable!

You Jingfu was convinced.

This guy wasn’t human!

He didn’t have any thoughts of comparing himself with Wang Teng anymore.

It was worth mentioning that Wang Teng’s enlightenment and spirit had advanced to an entirely new stage—Emperor Realm!

The emperor realm came after the spiritual realm.

How powerful was the emperor realm? Wang Teng didn’t know at this moment, but he felt that he might be able to fight with anyone below the general stage.

What was the benefit of having the emperor realm enlightenment?

Flaming Sword Presence: 986/1000 (ninth-level)

Flaming Blade Presence: 920/1000 (ninth-level)

Wind Presence: 953/1000 (ninth-level)

He had reached ninth-level for all three presences.
You could imagine how powerful Wang Teng’s enlightenment was.

As days changed to nights, winter dawned on the Xingwu Continent.
Wang Teng’s days in Yang City also came to an end.
He had to leave and return to Earth.

However, on this day, he received a letter from the Lord Yang Residence.

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