Chapter 300: Her Besties Could Finally Be Put To Use

Xia Shan flew backward in mid-air with a look of disbelief on his face.

He was so proud and confident earlier.
Yet, in the end, he couldn’t even last one move in front of Wang Teng.

How… was this possible?

But that was the truth.

The group of arrogant students only had a few people left.
When they saw Xia Shan getting defeated, they stopped in their tracks and started retreating unconsciously.

However, Wang Teng didn’t plan to let them off.
Since he had said that he wanted to fight all of them, he must keep his promise.
None of them was going to escape.

Bang, bang, bang!

Dull and heavy collisions rang out in the area, along with screams of agony.
With Wang Teng in the center, the students flew out in all directions.
Their faces were severely bruised, and they kept crying in pain.


The crowd was dead silent.

Wang Teng and Xia Shan’s fight had lasted for only a few seconds.
Xia Shan and his friends were all defeated.
It felt a little unreal.

And… he was so violent!

Wang Teng looked harmless on the surface, but he was ruthless and violent in his actions.
It formed a huge contrast.

Su Lingxuan opened her little mouth and stared at him with wide eyes.
She saw Wang Teng in a whole new light.

Are you sure you’re a runemaster?

A runemaster possessing such powerful martial arts ability.
Brother, your path is a little crooked!

Wang Teng ignored everyone’s gaze.
He turned around abruptly and strode towards Xia Shan.
A few students were helping him up, but they automatically moved away.
There was fear on their faces.
This fellow wasn’t easy to deal with.

“What do you want?” Xia Shan’s expression changed.
As Wang Teng walked towards him, his anxiousness grew.
He wanted to escape.

At this moment, he sorely regretted his actions.
If he knew that this fellow was so strong, he wouldn’t have opened his mouth.

Wang Teng didn’t reply to him.
He moved his body, appeared beside Xia Shan, and grabbed his leg.

“Let me go!” Xia Shan saw something in Wang Teng’s eyes.
He was so frightened that he started kicking his legs.
His voice had suddenly turned shrill.

However, Wang Teng’s grip was like a metal chain.
He grasped his ankle tightly and swung his arms.
Xia Shan was slammed onto the ground like a sandbag.


The people around them were flabbergasted, and their eyelids kept jumping.
They had never seen such a malicious person in their lives before.
They were too scared to stop him in any way.

“I have nothing against you if you want to be a bootlicker.
But don’t provoke me,” Wang Teng said coldly.
He lifted his arm again and threw Xia Shan on the ground a couple more times.
Then, he flung him aside casually.


Xia Shan’s body fell on the ground like a dead object.
It gave a dull thud and rolled a few times before stopping.

The bystanders felt their hearts shudder.

Xia Shan struggled a few times and climbed up from the ground with difficulty.
There was fear in his gaze.
He didn’t even look Wang Teng in the eye, running off in a bedraggled state.

The other students who had shouted at Wang Teng earlier had already disappeared.
They didn’t dare to make any sound when Xia Shan was especially taken care of, much less speak up for him.

Wang Teng scanned the ground.

Earth Force*25

Fire Force*10


Water Force*12

He picked them up.

They were all normal attribute bubbles.
Wang Teng didn’t take much notice of them.

“Let’s go.” He walked to Su Lingxuan, feeling refreshed after venting his frustration.
His expression was calm too.
It was as if he had done something small and insignificant.

However, when Su Lingxuan heard this voice, she jumped in shock.
But thinking about it, although she was cheeky and bold, she was also his junior sister.
She didn’t offend him either, so there was no need to be afraid.
She patted her chest and said, “Next time, remind me before you speak.
You almost scared me to death.”

Wang Teng was speechless.
Remind her before he spoke? How was he supposed to do that? This demand was a little outrageous.

“Haha, I didn’t know that you were so powerful.
Please take care of me in the future, Senior Brother!” Su Lingxuan sniggered.
She used her elbow to nudge Wang Teng.

“You said that you will introduce beauties to me if I treat you to meals.
You haven’t fulfilled your promise yet and still want me to take care of you? You must be dreaming.” Wang Teng rolled his eyes.

“Look at what you’re saying.
I brought you here today to introduce beauties to you.
I have many buddies in school, and all of them are pretty.
You can choose any one of them.” Su Lingxuan betrayed her besties without blinking.

“Hmph, if I didn’t want to come and take a look, you wouldn’t have brought me here,” Wang Teng said with a cold smile.

“Sigh, the details are not important; what’s important is the result, right? Since you’re here, I’ll introduce some beauties to you.
Isn’t that the best result? Come, don’t speak anymore.
I’ll introduce them to you.” Su Lingxuan’s pupils twirled around her eyes.
She had witnessed Wang Teng’s ability, so she wanted to hug him as tightly as possible.
Her besties could finally be put to use.

“The female students in Yang City Academy are high in quality,” Wang Teng exclaimed as he glanced around him.

“Of course.
Most of the students here come from elite families.
Their bloodlines are outstanding, so their appearances are amazing too.” Su Lingxuan suddenly thought of something and said, “Oh right, Xia Shan is not important, but Senior Sister Dongfang has many fans, especially male fans.
They won’t let anyone speak badly of her.
You need to be careful.”

“Why are they doing such useless things when they could be cultivating?” Wang Teng scoffed.
“Does Dongfang Yu know about this?”

“Senior Dongfang knows and has talked about it many times, but her fans continue to do it.
She didn’t know what to do either.
She couldn’t beat them up, right?” Su Lingxuan frowned.
She also felt that these people went a little overboard.

The Yang City Academy was huge.
After going deep into the academy, Wang Teng noticed that all the buildings were unique in their own ways.
They had different uses.

Wang Teng followed Su Lingxuan for a long time before arriving at a courtyard.

“This is the dormitory.
I come here to stay occasionally.
First, it’s convenient for me to go to class, and second, I can make more friends.
It’s normal for elite families to interact with one another,” Su Lingxuan explained.

Wang Teng nodded.
This situation happened on Earth too.
The descendants of the elite families were mostly the second or third generations.
They participated in all kinds of social events from a young age so that they could expand their network.
He had followed the same practice in the past.
However, after he was reborn, he let go of many things and stopped asking for too much.
There were not many people worth being intimate with.
Also, because of the path he chose, he would be able to get anything he wanted if he was strong enough.

Whether it was pretentious or sincere, he could ignore everything once he was powerful.

“Where are the guys? I only see young ladies,” Wang Teng asked.
He had suddenly realized this.

“Oh, that’s because this is the ladies’ dormitory,” Su Lingxuan said indifferently.

“This… isn’t right.” Wang Teng’s eyes lit up, but he remained righteous.

“It’s alright.
You can wait outside.
I’ll call them out.
They should all be here at this time.
We can have a meal together later,” Su Lingxuan said.

Wang Teng: …

F**k, this is different from what I thought.

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