Chapter 299: Come Together

The Yang City Academy.

Wang Teng followed Su Lingxuan to the academy.
There were many magnificent buildings on the campus.
Directly in front of them was a green stone tablet with the words ‘Yang City Academy’ carved on it.
It looked ancient and weather-beaten, clearly having a long history.

The gates of the academy were wide open, and anyone could enter.
In fact, many people would come to admire the atmosphere in the school every day.

The Yang City Academy was also known as the crib for breeding talents.
Over time, many gifted students had walked out of its gates.
All the descendants of the elite families were sent here to study.
One could imagine how powerful the institute was.

No one dared to create trouble in the school, so they didn’t have to keep a special lookout.

Wang Teng looked at the students walking in and out around him.
The youngest was 12 years old, while the oldest was 25.
It was a youthful and vibrant place.

“How many years has the academy been around?” Wang Teng asked curiously as he walked through the gates with Su Lingxuan.
He sized up the ancient-looking buildings around him.

“More than 3000 years,” Su Lingxuan replied proudly.

“3000 years!” Wang Teng was dumbfounded.
This place had a long history.
Since it was able to last until today, it must have weathered many storms throughout the years.

“It’s hard to imagine, right? This academy has existed ever since Yang City was built.
The other cities have their academies too,” Su Lingxuan said.

“I can see that your empire places high importance in talents.
No wonder it’s able to stay erect for more than a thousand years,” Wang Teng said.

“That’s right.
Our empire thinks highly of talents.
They even established multiple important rankings for the talents.
The youth have a Gifted Ranking, those that are 30 years old and below have a Talent Ranking, and there is a General Ranking where only generals can enter.
Everything is based on one’s ability.
They are all mighty warriors.

“There are also similar rankings for runemasters, blacksmiths, and alchemists too.
For instance, runemasters like us have a Runemaster Ranking.
Entering the rank means glory for runemasters like us.
The top ten runemasters are all legendary figures.
Besides, the first in ranking is the only grandmaster-stage runemaster in the empire.” Su Lingxuan gave a longing look when she said this.

Wang Teng smiled and asked, “Did anyone in Yang City Academy enter the Gifted Ranking?”

“Of course.
The Yang City Academy is one of the top schools in the empire.
We have more than ten people in the Gifted Ranking.” Su Lingxuan raised her long neck like a proud white swan.

“What’s the highest rank?” Wang Teng asked again.

“Senior Sister Dongfang Yu is no.
10 on the Gifted Ranking.” Admiration appeared on Su Lingxuan’s face when she talked about her.

“Only no.
10?” Wang Teng thought that their ranking would be higher, but they barely managed to enter the top 10.

“Only?” Su Lingxuan looked at him in shock as though she had heard something ridiculous.

“What an arrogant comment!”

At this moment, an unhappy sound interrupted their conversation.

Wang Teng turned and saw a few figures standing not far away on his left.
They might have heard what he said when they walked past him and stopped in their tracks.
The person who spoke was the leader of the group.
He was a young man around 20 years old.

The young man walked over with his friends and asked Su Lingxuan, “Junior Su, is this your friend?”

“Senior Xia Shan, yes, he’s my friend.
He’s a little straightforward, but he doesn’t have any bad intentions.
Don’t mind what he said,” Su Lingxuan replied hurriedly.

“Hmph, he speaks badly of Senior Sister Dongfang.
Your friend is extremely ignorant,” Xia Shan mocked.

“Was I speaking to you just now?” Wang Teng suddenly smiled and asked.

“So what if you weren’t?” Xia Shan frowned.

“Why are you interrupting me then?” Wang Teng looked at him with disdain.
He turned and asked Su Lingxuan, “Are all the students of Yang City Academy as disrespectful as him?”

Su Lingxuan had a bad premonition in her heart.
She felt her head spinning.
As expected, troubles would happen every time she brought this fellow out.
Her instinct was right.

“Glib tongue!” Xia Shan’s expression turned serious.
He was furious.
“You’re not allowed to create trouble in Yang City Academy!”

“This sentence is enough for me to look for the teachers and principal of the school for an explanation,” Wang Teng said with a cold smile.

“You mocked the most outstanding student of our school.
As a member of this school, I won’t allow an ignorant person like you to talk bullshit,” Xia Shan’s expression changed as he spoke.

“When did I ever humiliate her?” Wang Teng felt speechless.
Was this the legendary bootlicker? How did his mind work?

“Don’t try to make excuses.
We heard what you said just now.
You know whether you are mocking our senior in your heart,” Xia Shan said.

“That’s right, we all heard it.
Your tone was filled with disdain.
I don’t know what right you have to look down on our Senior Dongfang.”

“You must be a country bumpkin, right? You are ignorant, so all you can say is nonsense.”

“The world is big and filled with all kinds of people.
What a joke.”

The students behind Xia Shan agreed with him after hearing his words.
They started condemning him as though he had done something evil.

“Let’s leave quickly!” Su Lingxuan pulled Wang Teng and wanted to leave.
She felt that Wang Teng was a little straightforward, but it was an unintentional mistake.
He wasn’t looking down on their senior.
However, these people didn’t want to let him go.
They must be Senior Dongfang’s admirers and couldn’t hear any bad words about her.
The best way to tackle their pestering was to run as far as possible.

“There’s no hurry.” Wang Teng broke free from Su Lingxuan’s grasp gently.
He remained indifferent as he said, “I don’t care what your intention is for the wild talk in front of me.
You better get out of my sight now.”

“He wants us to get out?”

“This fellow is so arrogant!”

“If we don’t teach him a lesson, he might think too highly of himself.”

Everyone’s face turned black, and they started shouting.

“I don’t care who you are.
You must give us an explanation today,” Xia Shan said with a stern face.

“Sigh, why do you have to find trouble for yourself?” Wang Teng sighed.
He tilted his head and asked Su Lingxuan, “Can you hit people in Yang City Academy?”

“You can.
As long as both parties are willing, it won’t be a problem.” Su Lingxuan lowered her voice and continued, “Forget it.
Xia Shan is at the 3-star soldier level.
He’s quite strong.
There’s no need to fight over some words.
You might get hurt.”

Wang Teng didn’t reply to her.
3-star soldier level? Was that very strong?

“You want to hit me?” Xia Shan smiled.
“Everyone, he wants to hit me.
Do you think I should hit him?”

“I don’t want to hit you,” Wang Teng said.

“Are you regretting what you’ve just said?” Xia Shan mocked.

“Why are you so impatient? I haven’t finished my sentence.
I don’t want to hit you alone; I want to hit every one of you.
You can come together.
Don’t tell me you’re scared to fight with me,” Wang Teng looked at him and said calmly.

“How dare you!”

“Agree to him!”

“I’ll hit him until his parents can’t recognize him.”

Wang Teng’s words ignited everyone’s anger.
They were all furious and wanted to teach Wang Teng a lesson.

“Since you’re looking for a beating, I’ll fulfill your wish,” Xia Shan said indignantly.
He seemed exceptionally calm, though.
He didn’t think Wang Teng was a threat as he was highly confident in his strength.
He had just reached 20 yet was already a 3-star soldier-level martial warrior.
He was one of the more outstanding students in the Yang City Academy.

“Are you ready?” Wang Teng asked.

“Go! Hit him!”

The moment Xia Shan finished speaking, Wang Teng took a step forward.
Once things got unbearable, there was no need to bear with it anymore.
He wouldn’t spoil these conceited students.
The fire Force in his body was activated.
It congregated on his fist as he charged towards the crowd in a blink of an eye.

“This fellow….” Astonishment flashed past Su Lingxuan’s beautiful eyes.
This was the first time she saw Wang Teng in action.
Although he hadn’t started fighting with the other students, he already gave off a powerful aura.

Xia Shan and the others could also feel the powerful aura on Wang Teng’s body.
Their expressions changed, and they didn’t dare to underestimate him anymore.
Three people stepped forward, and their Force surged out of their bodies as they welcomed Wang Teng’s attack.

“Move!” Wang Teng punched his fist out, and a violent airwave slammed into the three of them.
They were thrown off their feet.

Bang, bang, bang!

The three figures landed in different directions and smashed on the ground.
Wang Teng didn’t even glance at them.
Instead, he continued charging towards Xia Shan.

Xia Shan turned serious.
Earth Force spurted out of his body, causing his figure to become taller and bigger.
When he stepped forward, the power was frightening.
The ground seemed to be shaking under his might.
He slammed his huge arms at Wang Teng.



A dull sound spooked the spectators.
A figure flew out and vomited blood in mid-air, his face pale.

It was Xia Shan.

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