Red Flame Scripture

Beginner stage fire talent

Fire Force*2

Fire Kirin Sword Skill*10


Wang Teng collected all five bubbles, and in that instant, his entire body underwent a tremendous change.

When Spirit*0.1 integrated into his body, Wang Teng’s mind became clear.
The feeling only lasted for a short moment, though, and disappeared in a split second.

At the same time, his body underwent some unexplainable changes.

When he closed his eyes before, it was pitch-black.
But, now, he was able to feel numerous fiery red tiny particles floating above the earth.
They were like little fairies with life.

Fire Force!


This was the fire Force.


After Wang Teng’s body completed its transformation, the fire Force hovering around him seemed to have discovered an amusement park.
They happily flew towards him and entered his body through the various pores on his skin.

However, since they didn’t receive any guidance, they only knew how to barge around in his body.

Fortunately, a memory that appeared in thin air managed to help him.

Red Flame Scripture—Force skill scripture!

In Wang Teng’s mind, a virtual shadow started practicing the scripture.
Wang Teng could clearly see the meridians on the shadow’s body.
They spread out from his limbs with his spine as the trunk, covering his entire body.

The fire Force immediately found their direction.

The 2 attribute points of the fire Force he just collected were the most obedient.
They acted as leaders and commanded the other small Force attributes to line up as they marched into Wang Teng’s meridians.

Finally, they followed the spine and congregated at its lowest part.

A red light flashed brightly!


A wave of heat exploded from the bottom of his spine and spread through Wang Teng’s entire body.
The injury he suffered before started healing rapidly as the heat subsided, all the way until it completely healed.

Then, the ball of heat shot out of the crown of his head like a balloon of steam.

As it slowly dissipated, the red light at the bottom of his spine also subsided.
Everything soon died down.

At the other side of his mind, another figure was holding a battle sword and practicing.
The power of fire was wrapped around the battle sword, and its strength was formidable.

Fire Kirin Sword Skill—Force battle technique!

After the scene disappeared, Wang Teng opened his eyes.
He suppressed the happiness in his heart and looked at his attributes panel.


Wang Teng was shocked by what he saw.

His attributes panel had undergone a transformation.

Enlightenment: 83


Talent: Beginner stage fire talent (10/300)

Force: 6/100 Fire (one-star soldier level martial warrior)


Scripture: Red flame scripture (foundation 1/100)

Battle Techniques: Basic battle techniques (mastery for fist, sword, blade, footwork), gun skill (small achievement), fire kirin sword skill (foundation 10/100)

Knowledge: Basic Subjects (full marks)

Overall Battle Power: 132 (the final decision belongs to the system(●ˇ∀ˇ●))


What is this?

Wang Teng stared at the totally different attributes panel, especially at the ‘Force’ row.
He couldn’t shift his gaze away anymore.

One-star soldier level?

I… I’ve become a martial warrior!!

Wang Teng clenched his fist and took many deep breaths before he forcefully calmed himself down.

So this person was indeed a martial warrior.

I actually killed a martial warrior!

He lowered his head and looked at the corpse of the martial warrior in front of him.
He didn’t know what emotions he should have.


In the end, he let out a deep breath.

Suddenly, Wang Teng remembered that there was another person lying on the other side.
The figure dropped a few attribute bubbles too.
Wang Teng needed to pick them up quickly, or they would disappear.

Fortunately, the scene just now felt really long, but only a few seconds had passed in real life.


When Wang Teng came back to the person lying on the ground, the bubbles were turning transparent, but they hadn’t disappeared completely.

He picked them up!

Beginner stage ice talent

Ice Force*1


Deep Ice Scripture

Phantom Ice Fist*8

There were four attribute bubbles, with the ‘spirit’ bubble missing.

If Wang Teng was right, this fellow was a martial warrior too!

As the attribute bubbles merged into Wang Teng’s body, the same thing happened again.

Wang Teng received the beginner stage ice talent, and his body became attractive to ice Force.
All the ice particles floating around him surged into his body.

The Force skill scripture, Deep Ice Scripture, started demonstrating its uses.

The figure in Wang Teng’s mind was sitting down cross-legged.
In real life, Wang Teng copied the figure’s actions; he crossed his legs and sat down.
He followed the Deep Ice Scripture and guided the ice Force around his body through his meridians.

The cold and icy feeling caused him to shiver.

A thin layer of frost appeared on the ground around him.

Wang Teng didn’t notice it, though.
He commanded the ice Force and congregated them at the lowest part of his spine.


The flow of ice Force into the spine aroused the fire Force particles that had stationed themselves there not long ago.

These two elements were naturally incompatible!

Once they met, one must disappear.
They would never allow the other element to exist in their vicinity.

However, just as the two Forces were all set for a showdown and confrontation was imminent, a profound and mysterious energy appeared in between these two Forces.


This energy allowed the ice Force and the fire Force to calm down.

The two Forces slowly twirled and finally became circles, maintaining a stabilized equilibrium.

At the same time, information about the Phantom Ice Fist successfully merged with Wang Teng’s memory.
He had received another Force battle technique.

A few minutes later, Wang Teng let out a long sigh and opened his eyes.

That was dangerous!

Ice and fire are incompatible.
They almost exploded in my body.
That almost scared me to death.

Wang Teng still had lingering fears.
He felt that after going home, he must read up on martial warriors.

If not, he might make another common sense mistake again and kill himself without knowing how he died.

Speaking of this, did that energy come from the ultimate boss, the system?

Wang Teng pondered over this question for some time, but he couldn’t think of another explanation.
It was most likely that the system had helped him.

After all, he didn’t have a magical ring, so he knew that there wouldn’t be an old man appearing suddenly to save him from the verge of death.


He wouldn’t have the chance to tear up and call the old man his master~

What a touching scene.
It moved heaven and earth and touched everyone’s heart!

Wang Teng stood up and patted the dried leaves off his body.
At that moment, he noticed that the ground around him had a layer of frost on it.
Wang Teng was stunned.

“Force is really amazing!”

Wang Teng exclaimed.
He looked at the corpses of the martial warriors and contemplated…

Well, let’s search the corpses.


He looked through the pockets.
Besides a cell phone and one steel bar, there was nothing else.

But, the purple-black gloves on his hand caught Wang Teng’s attention.

This is good stuff!

I’ll keep it and examine it when I go home.

He ran to the other fire element martial warrior and searched through his pockets too.

An iPhone 8.


A Zippo lighter. This is good.
I’ll keep it.

There was also a pack of squashed cigarettes in his pockets.
It looked like this man was a smoker.
Wang Teng kept it without any qualms.

“Hey, this sword is not bad.”

Wang Teng pried open the corpse’s fingers and sized up the long sword with bright red runes on it.
He took possession of it immediately.

“Please don’t blame me.
Take nothing away at death.
You c

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