In 2009, the villas in this expensive district cost 200,000rmb per square meter.


Wang Teng’s family villa was 800 square meters big, and they had paid more than 10 million for it.
Including the price of renovation, they spent more than 20 million in total.


Upon entering the villa, the first thing visible was the spacious living room.
At the moment, two maids were cleaning the place.

Mother Wang, Li Xiumei, was cooking in the kitchen.

Li Xiumei was born in a scholarly family.
In university, she was famous because of her talent.
However, she wasn’t someone who couldn’t step into the kitchen.

Rather, she was a master at cooking.
Wang Teng and his father were full of praises for her.

That was why Li Xiumei always cooked personally.
She would make the dishes every day and wait for her husband and son to come back to eat.


Looking at the hustling figure in the kitchen, Wang Teng could smell the familiar fragrance of the food from here.

He stood at the door of the kitchen and opened his mouth several times.
After a long while, he finally managed to make a sound.

“Mom, I’m back.”

“You’re back!”

Li Xiumei turned around and smiled as she continued, “Let’s wait for a while.
Your dad should be back soon too.
We can eat together after he returns.”

“Okay! Let me wash my face.” Wang Teng rushed up the stairs instantly and dashed into the bathroom.

“What’s wrong with this child today?” Li Xiumei shook her head.

In the bathroom, Wang Teng turned the tap and splashed cold water on his face.

He came back!

He never thought that he would still have the chance to return to this family after ten years.

In the past, when the Wang family went downhill, someone conspired against Wang Shengguo and had him murdered.
Some time later, Li Xiumei also died of grief.


Wang Teng raised his head and wiped his face.
He stared at his reflection in the mirror with slightly red eyes.

Many things had changed in the past ten years.

Wang Teng changed.
He was no longer who he was before.
Now, he was able to remain calm and composed when facing different people and matters.

But, in the corner of his heart, there were still a few soft spots that he didn’t want to touch.

Since he was reborn, his heart turned warm again.

Wang Teng dried his face and walked out of the bathroom.
He then located his bedroom with the help of his memory.

The similar arrangements, everything was so familiar.

NBA stars posters were pasted on the wall, and there were piles of audio CDs and novels on the bookshelf.
The study table was below the window while the bed was next to it.
There was a computer on the table.

It was a new model of Apple.
The bright silver frame was light and trendy.


This was another item that didn’t fit the timeline.

Wang Teng suddenly thought of something when he saw the computer.
As expected, he found a cell phone in his bag.
However, it wasn’t an antique from 2009; it was the latest iPhone 8.

He was mentally prepared, though.
He entered the passcode and opened his cell phone.

Wang Teng felt fortunate that he wasn’t good at remembering passwords.
He had used the same password for many years without changing it, which became useful now.


Food delivery apps, WeChat, Douyin… many apps in his phone belonged to the future.
They didn’t exist in 2009.


When he was reborn, he wanted to use his memories to create a bright future for himself.
He would conquer the hearts of future bosses like Jack Ma.


Fine, he had no chance now!

He sighed and put down his phone.
Wang Teng then turned on his computer.

There was no fastest method than searching online.

Since the computer and cell phone technology was so advanced, it would be unreasonable for the internet to be stuck in 2009.

Technology and the Internet were inseparable.

Wang Teng was a little surprised after he turned his computer on.

The operating system wasn’t Windows 10.
Instead, it was already the 11th generation.


So far, the advancement timeline here wasn’t the same as in 2019.
There were some differences here and there.

He had to spend some time before he got familiar with this world.

Wang Teng opened the Baidu browser and searched the two words ‘martial warriors’.
A huge amount of information sprung up.


More than an hour later, Wang Teng closed the browser and leaned back on his chair.
He was in disbelief.

’30 years ago, multiple dimensional rifts appeared in the world.
The rifts are linked to an alternate world, Xingwu Continent.

‘Force exists in the Xingwu Continent.
Everyone there can become martial warriors by using this Force to cultivate.


‘Martial warriors are formidable!

‘Low-rank martial warriors can break metals, split rocks, and divide a stream of water into two using their blades.
High-rank martial warriors can move and destroy mountains, cut the sea into two… ‘


This is like a fantasy!

Wang Teng was speechless.

The scientist on Earth had done some research on the Force and discovered that it might be dark matter.
But, why were the humans and plants on Xingwu Continent able to absorb the dark matter to change their body structure? Why weren’t the living creatures on Earth able to do the same? The scientist couldn’t find the answer to these questions.


After some time, along with the appearance of the dimensional rifts, the Earth started to change.
The living creatures on Earth were affected by dark matter.

The plants became taller and lusher, and some extinct species reappeared on Earth.


Animals started to grow in size too.
The special characteristics on their bodies, for instance, scales, claws, and teeth, were enhanced accordingly.

Some gifted creatures even managed to mutate and obtained special element ability.

As the masters of the Earth, humans also followed suit.

Their bodies became stronger.
They were able to run faster, jump higher, have more strength, and live longer!


The elderlies who were around 70 to 80 years old 30 years ago were still alive.
Despite being more than a hundred years old now, their physical and mental state remained the same as 30 years ago.

Humans went berserk!

The different countries disregarded their previous enmity and organized a global conference.


In the end, they decided to organize a team to investigate and explore the dimensional rifts.
After confirming that they were safe, they sent the army and different specialists into the Xingwu Continent.

These people were known as the pioneers.

Xingwu Continent was endless.
The pioneers claimed that they came from the other side of the sea and gained the locals’ trust.
Afterward, they started interacting and trading with them.

The people on earth didn’t ruthlessly invade the Xingwu Continent.
Instead, they adopted the principles of peaceful coexistence and interacted with the locals there amiably.


After some time, the pioneers came back with the cultivation methods from Xingwu Continent.

After some trials and errors, humans on Earth were able to cultivate.
The countries came to a common consensus and made the cultivation methods public.
Henceforth, it was the dawn of a new martial arts era.


This was a huge reform!


History took a sharp turn and moved in an unpredictable direction.

We have come to the most important part.
Please do take note.


Humans were powerful because they had intelligence.
Through cultivation, the human race quickly grew stronger.
Within a few short years, a considerable number of martial warriors started to appear around the world.


Some joined the army, while others entered the government.
Some belonged to various financial institutions and elite families.
All in all, these people formed an alliance.
However, a small portion of the civilian martial warriors preferred freedom.
They set up various martial arts schools to provide a way for other civilians to start their cultivation.


Due to the presence of these martial warriors, humans were able to keep the mutated and powerful wild beasts out of the city.
This prevented massive damage and impact on society.

However, becoming a martial warrior required talent.
It wasn’t a path everyone could pursue.

If someone wanted to become an official martial warrior, they needed to toughen their body and build a solid foundation.

Cultivators at this stage were known as martial disciples.
They would only be able to absorb the Force and store it in their body if their foundation was strong enough.
Then, they would become an official martial warrior.

If Force was compared to water, the body would be akin to a vessel collecting the water.
The process of absorbing the Force was the same as pouring water into a vessel.
The bigger and sturdier the vessel was, the more water it could hold.


The principle of cultivation could be explained simply like this.

Based on the martial disciples’ strength, speed, and overall ability, they could be classified into three categories: beginner, intermediate, and advanced.


He Manrong was an advanced stage martial disciple.
She was only a step away from becoming a martial warrior.

This was the step that stumped many people.

There was a stark difference between people who could absorb the Force and those who couldn’t.

An official martial warrior who was able to cultivate using the Force was able to easily tackle ten advanced stage martial disciples who couldn’t absorb the Force.


On the surface, though, only one step separated an advanced stage martial disciple and an official martial warrior.

As the saying goes, the poor study while the wealthy learn martial arts.
Copious amounts of resources were required to cultivate the martial path.
Naturally, they cost money, so ordinary people were at a disadvantage.

On the whole, martial warriors only made up a small proportion of humans.
Most people were just slightly stronger human beings.

But, this didn’t stop martial warriors from becoming the mainstream.
On the other hand, the rarity of martial warriors and their importance gave them their important status.

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