Chapter 298: Yang City Academy

You Jingfu looked at the Black Snake Poisonous Ginseng in Wang Teng’s hand and knew that he had no chance of getting it anymore.

Also, he didn’t know what his ending would be now that he had landed in the hands of this devilish young man.

He suddenly recalled the martial warriors that were smashed into the ground.
He saw them when he was running away.
He couldn’t help but shiver.

You Jingfu had a painful expression on his face.
He gritted his teeth and asked, “What do you need to let me go?”

“I’m curious.
What abilities do you have?” Wang Teng asked with interest.

“My only ability is poison,” You Jingfu replied honestly.

“So you are a poison master.
No wonder.” Wang Teng was enlightened.
He continued asking, “What level are you at?”

“I have been traveling the land and learned many things.
I was fortunate enough to become an advanced-stage poison master.” You Jingfu was a little arrogant when he talked about his specialty.
He claimed that he was fortunate, but in reality, he felt that he had gained all his achievements today because of his talent.

Wang Teng thought that his methods were a little unorthodox, but he still maintained his indifferent expression and said calmly, “Although you’re a little old, it’s indeed an achievement for you to become an advanced-stage poison master.”

You Jingfu wanted to scold this little guy for being ignorant.
However, he was asking a favor from Wang Teng, so he had to bow down to him.
He said awkwardly, “It’s not worth mentioning.”

“How about this? You will teach me everything you’ve learned in three days.
After that, I’ll let you go,” Wang Teng said.

“You must be kidding.
Even though poison isn’t as extensive and profound as rune or alchemy, it’s still not an easy field.
It’s impossible to learn everything in three days.
You might not be able to do it in three years, much less three days.” You Jingfu rolled his eyes secretly in his heart.
He felt that this young man was really ignorant to say such a thing.

“You don’t have to care about that.
Teach me everything you know in three days.
Whether I learn it or not is my business.
It has nothing to do with you,” Wang Teng said.

“Really?” You Jingfu’s eyes lit up.
If that was the case, he had nothing to worry about.
Even if he recited everything he had learned in three days, the young man might not be able to understand a single thing.

“You are already in my hands; why do I have to lie to you?” The smile at the edge of Wang Teng’s lips got bigger.

“In that case, I can give it a try.” You Jingfu sighed in his heart as he nodded.

A wise man submits to fate,” Wang Teng said.

They left the swamp together.
Along the way, You Jingfu felt more and more bewildered.
He was an advanced-stage poison master, but he had to use all kinds of methods to travel in this swamp.
Yet, it was still inconvenient for him.
On the other hand, Wang Teng seemed to be walking on the ground.
He wasn’t the least bit affected.

He couldn’t help but think that this young man must have saved Li Rongxue for her poison scripture.
A thought flashed past his mind.
He was enlightened.

This young man must be a poison-element martial warrior!

You Jingfu was flabbergasted.
At the same time, he was envious.
He had searched half his life for a poison scripture.
However, this young brat had already gotten his hands on one.
Comparisons indeed made people angry.

Also, he knew that this young man didn’t just possess poison Force.
He was a talented martial warrior with ice and fire elements.

God is unfair.
This young man is a triple element talent.
His gift is extraordinary. What about him? He had wasted half his life and barely managed to become an advanced-stage poison master.
In front of a real martial warrior, he was a nobody that could be killed easily.
He needed to be extremely careful to survive until today.

Just when he was engrossed in his thoughts, the young man in front of him opened his mouth and said, “You must have poison element talent, right?”

It was a question, but his tone was resolute.

You Jingfu felt that there was already nothing to hide.
He nodded and said, “Yes.”

“It must have been not easy for you.
You only managed to find a poison-element scripture at this age.
However, I disrupted your plan and snatched it from you.
You must hate me.”

Hearing the young man’s soft laughter, You Jingfu felt a chill down his spine.
He replied hurriedly, “I don’t have any martial arts cultivation, so I can only get it using tricks.
I can’t get the poison scripture because I’m not strong enough.
I don’t hate anyone.
You are the clouds in the sky, while I’m the mud on the ground.
I don’t dare to have this thought.”

“Oh, you don’t dare to, but you have this emotion.” Wang Teng teased.

You Jingfu: …

“Alright, look at how frightened you are.” Wang Teng waved his hand and said, “The scripture I got from Li Rongxue is called Lunar Eclipse Poison Scripture.
It is… an earth-rank low-class scripture.”

“Earth-rank!” You Jingfu’s breathing got heavier when he heard this, and his eyes turned red.
He felt that he had missed a few hundred million.

“I can give you this poison scripture.” Wang Teng turned to look at him.
He didn’t laugh at him for losing his cool.
It was an understandable reaction.

“What do I need to do in exchange?” You Jingfu suppressed the astonishment in his heart as he asked.
He swallowed a mouthful of saliva.

“That’ll depend on you.
If I’m satisfied with the price you pay, I’ll naturally give you the scripture,” Wang Teng said.

You Jingfu’s gaze flickered furiously.
After some time, he took a deep breath and said, “I need to think.”

Wang Teng nodded.
“You can tell me your address.
I’ll look for you when I’m free.
Don’t run around.”

“Oh right, my name is Wang Teng!”

“Alright!” You Jingfu turned and left.

“Academy?” When Wang Teng went back to the rune society, he saw Su Lingxuan heading out.
He asked her and got to know that she needed to go back to school to study.
He was surprised.

“What’s there to be surprised about? Don’t you have something similar on Earth? It’s called… what is it called?” Su Lingxuan frowned and scratched her head.
She suddenly couldn’t remember the name.

She knew that Wang Teng came from Earth.

“School!” Wang Teng was speechless.
He couldn’t help but remind her.

“Oh right, school.
Don’t you have schools too?” Su Lingxuan asked.

“I’m just curious why you need to go to an academy to study,” Wang Teng said.

“I can only learn about runes from Master.
I have to learn other things in the academy,” Su Lingxuan replied.

“Let me go with you to take a look,” Wang Teng said.
He suddenly had an idea.

“What do you want to do?” Su Lingxuan looked at him with vigilance.

“What’s with your gaze? I just want to follow you and take a look.” Wang Teng didn’t know what to reply.

“Hmph, I won’t believe you.”

Su Lingxuan rolled her eyes and left.
Wang Teng followed her hurriedly.

Yang City Academy!

The name of this academy was straightforward.
Since it was located in Yang City, it was called the Yang City Academy.

Once a child reached a suitable age, whether they came from an average or elite family, they could enter the Yang City Academy to study.

The academy taught all kinds of knowledge, including arts, literature, music, rune, smithery, alchemy, martial arts, and many others.

There were many students in the academy with no lack of talents.
All the academies had top-tier talents who were famous outside…

Along the way, Su Lingxuan introduced the history and current state of Yang City Academy to Wang Teng.

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