Chapter 293: You Will Only Drag Me Down!

Enlightenment: Spiritual realm (68.6/100)

Spirit: Spiritual realm (94.2/100)

After glancing at the two changes in his attributes panel, Wang Teng ended his beating.

At this moment, the human wood posts only had their heads revealed above the ground.
At first, half of their body was exposed, but Wang Teng had pushed them down forcefully.

Their heads were unbearable to look at.
They were like life-like pig’s heads!

Li Rongxue felt the corners of her lips twitching as she looked at them from afar.
She was rendered speechless.
When Wang Teng looked at her, she took another step back unconsciously.

“Everything is settled.
Shall we go back?” Wang Teng asked calmly.
He didn’t care about her thoughts.

“The Cockscomb Jade Scale Python suffered serious injuries.
This is the best time to kill it,” Li Rongxue bit her lips as she said.

“You want me to help you?” Wang Teng smiled.

“My father’s poison can only be cured thoroughly using the Purple Core Bone Revitalizing Pill.
The cockscomb of that snake is one of the main ingredients,” said Li Rongxue.

“Why should I help you?” Wang Teng asked calmly.

“I don’t think you need the poison scriptures purely for research, right?” Li Rongxue said.

“So?” Wang Teng didn’t deny it.

“If my guess is correct, it must be your family member or your friend who has a poison physique.
Hence, he or she needs the poison scripture.
However, you need to know that poison physiques are extremely rare, and the cultivation is hard.
I found some relevant information to help my father cure the poison in his body.
They include resources for the cultivation of poison physiques, pills, and descriptions.
You will find it useful,” Li Rongxue said slowly.

Wang Teng raised his eyebrows.

Li Rongxue was slightly happy when she saw his reactions.
She wanted to strike while the iron was hot and continued, “The Cockscomb Jade Scale Python is a rare poison star beast.
It has many useful materials on its body.
A normal martial warrior might find them useless, but they are cultivation treasures for poison-element martial warriors.
Moreover, in the swamp it lives, there might even be poison element spiritual herbs.”

The moment she finished speaking, she heard a series of claps.

“Princess Li, I now see you in another light,” Wang Teng said ambiguously.

Li Rongxue frowned slightly.
She felt that Wang Teng’s impression of her had gotten worse, so she felt a little frustrated.
Just when she was about to say something, he continued, “I agree.
However, after killing the Cockscomb Jade Scale Python, besides the cockscomb you need, the rest will be mine.”

Li Rongxue took a deep breath and nodded.

After striking a deal, the two of them walked to the swamp.
On the way, Li Rongxue said, “I used my poison to lure it out before.
However, it’s vigilant now, so it won’t fall for the same trick twice.
What good ideas do you have?”

“Just wait for me here.” Wang Teng leaped down.
He protected his body with Force and broke the surface of the swamp.
He went in.

Li Rongxue stretched out her hand and wanted to stop him.
However, it was too late.
She stomped her feet furiously.
“This fellow is too reckless.”

She gritted her teeth and jumped into the swamp too.

The water below the swamp was muddy.
Also, this wasn’t an ordinary swamp.
It was a dangerous place where the Cockscomb Jade Scale Python and other poison star beasts lived.
There were many poisonous creatures in here.

A few moments after Wang Teng leaped into the swamp, he heard a splash behind him.
He turned around and frowned.
His voice entered Li Rongxue’s ears.

“Why did you come down?”

“I came to help you.” Li Rongxue used the same method of voice transmission with Force to reply to him.

“Go back.
You will only drag me down,” Wang Teng said.

Li Rongxue wanted to help him out of kindness.
However, when she got belittled by Wang Teng, she felt unhappy.
She spoke to him using voice transmission, “How do you know? I’m a 4-star soldier-level martial warrior.
Don’t look down on me.”

If there are dangers later, don’t blame me for not helping you.” Wang Teng disregarded her and pushed himself forward with his feet.
He turned into a series of lingering shadows as he rushed down the swamp.
Using his Spiritual Sight, he was able to locate the position of the ball of Force glow.

“Hmph, how dare you underestimate me.” Li Rongxue scoffed.
She still followed him.

There were many undercurrents hidden under the swamp.
Occasionally, a powerful and vicious undercurrent would surge out from somewhere.
These undercurrents were extremely dangerous.
If a normal 1-star or 2-star martial warrior got caught in them, they might get seriously injured.

This swamp wasn’t a harmless place.

Fortunately, Wang Teng was agile, and his water Force allowed him to sense the movement of the water currents around him.
This helped him to avoid the dangers.

Suddenly, a black figure pounced on Wang Teng.


A sword light flashed through the air, cutting the black figure into two.
Green blood seeped into the swamp around him.

This was a spider the size of a human’s head.
The eight spider legs were as sharp as blades, and its mouth was hideous.
If it landed on someone’s face, the victim would die within a few seconds.

Poison Force*6

Wang Teng picked up the attribute bubble.
He scanned the spider with his Force and found no use of its corpse.
He was too lazy to pick up the corpse, so he dashed past it and continued moving down.

On the other side, Li Rongxue experienced the dangers of the swamp.
She realized that with her ability, it was extremely difficult for her to move around here.
However, Wang Teng seemed to be walking on even ground.
He wasn’t affected at all.

Based on her cautious nature, she would have retreated when faced with this situation.
She wouldn’t take the risk and continue moving down.

But, when she remembered Wang Teng’s earlier comments, she couldn’t swallow the insult.
She subconsciously followed him.

Fortunately, she wasn’t stupid.
She followed Wang Teng closely and evaded all the dangers easily.

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh!

When they reached a certain depth, Wang Teng suddenly realized that his Force outerwear was giving off a slight noise.

“It’s corrosive!” He was shocked.

The deeper he went, the stronger the corrosiveness of the air became.
His Force was depleting quickly.
The output of the Force in his body was unable to catch up with the speed of corrosion.

I can’t continue like this.
My Force will be exhausted very soon. Wang Teng frowned.
Suddenly, he thought of something.
He spread the poison Force throughout his body and formed a protective layer.
The corrosion was no longer able to affect him.

He let out a smile.
He then increased his speed and closed in on his target.
The Cockscomb Jade Scale Python was not far away.

On the other hand, Li Rongxue was in a difficult position.
A few seconds after she entered this corrosive area, her Force had been exhausted.
She had to retreat from this layer.

Why isn’t that fellow affected? Does he have other ways?

She thought to herself in her heart.
Then, she gave a bitter smile. Forget it.
Looks like I will really drag him down.

She had no choice but to go back.
After some time, she left the swamp and landed on the ground.
She sat cross-legged to recover the Force she lost just now.

There was a question circling in her heart.

“Where did this person come from? I really can’t see through him.”

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