Chapter 292: Kill Decisively

The Purple Core Herb would only grow in special environments.
Li Rongxue had searched the entire Yongye Mountain Ridge, but she couldn’t find it.
Since there was news of it now, she couldn’t leave it alone.

“It was a coincidence.
I got it from a merchant.
You might not know, but ever since the Lord Yang Residence released the news that they were looking for some herbs, all the elite families in Yang City started searching for them too.
No matter what intention they have, everyone wants to find it first.
My family got lucky and managed to find the Purple Core Herb before everyone,” Yao Yu replied hurriedly.

“Since you’re looking for the herbs to curry favor with my family, why didn’t you give it to us after you found it?” Li Rongxue asked.

“Don’t misunderstand.
I wanted to give it to you right away, but my father wants to wait for a better opportunity,” Yao Yu replied, his gaze flickering.

“Ah, maximizing your benefits.
What a good plan you have.” A flash of disdain appeared in Li Rongxue’s eyes.

Yao Yu felt a little awkward.
He kept quiet.

“Where did your father hide the Purple Core Herb?” Li Rongxue continued asking.

“I, I don’t know.” Yao Yu avoided her gaze.

Li Rongxue immediately placed the long sword beside his throat.
She cut a long and bloody wound on his neck and shouted, “Tell me!”

“Princess, I know what you want to do.
If I tell you, I won’t be able to remain alive.
If you want the Purple Core Herb, you should release me.
I promise I’ll pass it to you.” Yao Yu smiled to express that he wasn’t stupid.

“If you don’t tell me, I’ll kill you now,” Li Rongxue said coldly.

“You don’t dare to kill me.
Lord Yang’s poison has already entered his bones, and he might not have many days left.
If you kill me now, you will not get the Purple Core Herb from my family.
Where will you go and find a second Purple Core Herb?” Yao Yu smiled.
He had regained his confidence because he thought that he had a reason to live.

Li Rongxue smiled at him.
Her smile was extremely enchanting.
Then, she swept the sword, and an arrow of blood shot out from his throat.

Yao Yu widened his eyes while clutching his neck.
There was disbelief written all over his face.


He couldn’t understand.
He was confused.
At the moment, his entire body was encased by the fear of death.

“You don’t understand me at all,” Li Rongxue said with regret.

When Wang Teng looked at Li Rongxue, the corners of his eyes jumped a little.

Honestly, he was surprised too.
If he was in Li Rongxue’s situation, he might not be able to kill the man.

However, Li Rongxue still did it.
This lady wasn’t easy to deal with.

Yao Yu collapsed on the ground weakly.
He was dead.
At his prime, as a double element martial warrior, as a genius, he ended up in this state because of a single wrong thought.

“Why? Did I scare you?” Li Rongxue tilted her head and looked at Wang Teng.

“I was just surprised.” Wang Teng shook his head calmly.

“If I hadn’t killed him, you would have done the deed, right?” Li Rongxue gave him a meaningful smile as she stared right into his eyes.

“Why do you think so?” Wang Teng remained expressionless.

“I guessed it!” Li Rongxue winked and replied with a smile.

“What a sly lady you are.” Wang Teng felt speechless.

“Your reaction proves that I’m right.” Li Rongxue smiled.

“Why do you want to kill him? Don’t you want the Purple Core Herb?” Wang Teng turned his head and asked.

“The Purple Core Herb is in the Yao Residence.
There will be ways to get it.
Also, I don’t trust Yao Yu.
I’d rather do it myself than make a deal with him,” Li Rongxue explained.

Wang Teng nodded and didn’t say anything else.
He looked at Yao Yu’s corpse and the attribute bubbles that were floating around it.

Metal Force*63

Ice Force*50



Intermediate Stage Ice Talent*10

Geng Gold Scripture*1

OMG, so many! Wang Teng was elated.
He pulled them over instantly with his spiritual power.

His enlightenment and spirit attributes increased.

Enlightenment: Spiritual realm (59.2/100)

Spirit: Spiritual realm (92.8/100)

At the same time, his metal and ice Force rose tremendously.

Metal Force: 193/2000 (4-star)

Ice Force: 12/1000 (3-star)

As the ice Force attributes merged into his body, Wang Teng shuddered.

His ice Force rose from his second Force nucleus and entered his third Force nucleus.
It spiraled inside his nucleus.

Ice element martial warriors were rare, so there was nothing he could pick up.
He had reached the peak of 2-star soldier level using his own cultivation.

At this moment, Wang Teng’s ice Force broke through the peak of 2-star and reached 3-star soldier level.

A sharp look appeared in Wang Teng’s eyes.
He looked at the talent row of his attributes panel.

The beginner stage ice talent had become an intermediate stage ice talent.

Intermediate stage ice talent: 10/500

Wang Teng felt the change carefully.
He noticed that he had gotten more sensitive towards the Ice Force around him.
Hence, his speed of cultivation would only become faster in the future.

Then, he looked at his scripture row.

Geng Gold Scripture (dark-level high-class): 1/100 (foundation)

Dark-level high-class Force skill scripture! Wang Teng almost laughed out loud.
This scripture alone was a massive gain for him.

“Why are you smiling?” Li Rongxue’s voice sounded beside him.
She was puzzled to see him smile like a fool.

“Cough, I’m not smiling.
You saw wrong,” Wang Teng regained his senses and said.

Li Rongxue ignored his antics and walked over to the corpses of her comrades.
Sorrow appeared in her eyes as she kept the bodies into her space ring.
She would bury them after going back.

Unlike her grief, Wang Teng felt happy and scanned the ground.
There were many attribute bubbles dropped.

Although it was a little selfish, these people were already dead.
It would be a waste not to pick up these attributes.

He picked them up.

Fire Force*10

Earth Force*15


Water Force*22


The attribute bubbles merged into Wang Teng’s body one by one, and all his five elements increased.
His enlightenment and spirit attributes grew a lot too.

“Huh?” He suddenly saw something interesting.

Intermediate Stage Fire Talent*15

Intermediate stage fire talent? It should have been dropped by the 5-star soldier-level martial warrior.
Wang Teng wondered to himself.

As the attributes seeped into his body, his intermediate stage fire talent increased by 15 points.
It enhanced his sensitivity to the fire Force around him.

Intermediate stage fire talent: 156/500

Unfortunately, it’s not an advanced stage fire talent.
I wonder how it will be if I hit the advanced stage? The speed of cultivation might increase many times. Wang Teng felt a little pity.
Then, he smiled and shook his head.
He was too greedy.
Although he was improving his ability quickly by picking up attributes, he was still uncontented.

He believed that he would get an advanced-stage talent one day or maybe an even more powerful talent.
At that time, his cultivation speed would shoot up, and he might be able to stand alongside the favored children of God without needing to pick up attributes.

After picking up all the attributes, Wang Teng shifted his gaze and looked at the martial warriors buried in the ground.
He squinted.
Hefting the brick in his hand, he walked over.

Bang, bang, bang…

Li Rongxue was dumbfounded as she listened to the dull thuds.
She took a step back unconsciously.

“What are you doing?”

“I want to bury them deeper.
It’s easier for them to grow,” Wang Teng said.

Li Rongxue: …

Wang Teng disregarded her reaction.
He happily picked up the attribute bubbles that kept dropping.




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