Chapter 289: News Of Poison Scripture

No one knew if the seven people who got poisoned were dead or alive.
The poisonous smoke continued spreading without a stop.
The group of people hiding in the dark had no choice but to run away.

On the other hand, Wang Teng didn’t move.
He wasn’t affected at all.

This poisonous smoke paled in comparison to the Demon Lotus Poison Body.

When Wang Teng released the poison Force inside him slightly, the poisonous smoke evaded him like the civilians who saw their king.

With Wang Teng in the center, there was a non-poisonous area around him.

His eyes shone slightly when he saw this.

He knew that the poisonous smoke wouldn’t be able to harm him, but he didn’t expect this to happen.

The poisonous smoke filled up the entire area, remaining in the air for a long time.
The giant python laid motionless in the dark.
Wang Teng activated his Spiritual Sight and noticed that its Force glow was weak.
Its vitality was running low.

The group of people hiding in the dark were starting to get agitated.
They probably didn’t expect this black smoke to last for so long.

“You Jingfu, what’s going on?” a handsome young man shouted at the person beside him with an unhappy expression.

“Young Master Yao, I’m not sure either.
The information we got only says that this Cockscomb Jade Scale Python will give off poisonous smoke from its cockscomb when its life is in danger.
It didn’t say that the poisonous smoke will last for so long,” a scrawny middle-aged man replied in a helpless tone.
He looked frightened.

You can’t even do a simple thing.” Yao Yu’s expression turned cold.
He glared at You Jingfu and continued furiously, “If we wait too long, Princess Yao will be dead.
What am I supposed to do to a corpse?”

“Young Master Yao, calm down.
The Cockscomb Jade Scale Python is at its weakest state now.
It might not have the time to care about other things.
Also, based on my observation, the poison in the smoke isn’t too strong.
It’s used to confuse the opponents so that the python has time to escape.
With the princess’s ability, she should be able to withstand it for some time.
Let’s wait patiently.
The black smoke will soon disperse,” You Jingfu explained anxiously.

Yao Yu’s expression softened.
He replied, “I’ll believe you one more time.
If you ruin my plan, I’ll make you pay for it.”

You Jingfu furrowed his brows.
Despite feeling bitter in his heart, he could only reply, “Yes, yes.
If I ruin your plan, I will accept the punishment.”

Hmph, this is very interesting. Wang Teng sat down on the branch as he studied the black smoke.
He also guessed that it would disperse soon, so he waited silently.

Approximately ten minutes later, the black smoke disappeared, as expected.
Yao Yu and his men carefully inched towards the area.

The Cockscomb Jade Scale Python was nowhere in sight.
Wang Teng knew that it was hiding below the marsh.
Its aura was still present.

This should be the home of this Cockscomb Jade Scale Python.
It wouldn’t leave easily.

Yao Yu and his men arrived in front of the people who had collapsed.
They weren’t dead, just unconscious.

“Young Master Yao, look, I was right.” You Jingfu gave a fawning smile.
He came forward to take credit for his words.

“You’re still a little useful.” Yao Yu nodded and continued, “Take out the antidote and give it to the princess.
We might not be able to save her if the poison goes deep into her body.”

Young Master Yao is very thorough.” You Jingfu didn’t let the opportunity of throwing in a word or two of flattery slip by.

He took out a jade bottle and poured a pill out.
He fed it to the young lady lying on the ground.

“Wait.” When Yao Yu saw You Jingfu’s rough and wrinkly hand, he frowned uncontrollably.
He kicked the man away and said, “Give me the pill.
The princess will be my woman in the future.
Don’t touch her with your dirty hands.”

You Jingfu stumbled and almost fell.
However, he didn’t get angry when he heard You Jingfu’s words.
Instead, he laughed and passed the pill to him.
He hesitated and asked, “Young Master Yao, she’s still a princess.
If you do that to her, you might not be able to answer to Lord Yang.”

“What do you know? What’s done can’t be undone.
For the sake of his reputation, he won’t do anything to me,” Yao Yu replied with disdain.

“Wise words.” You Jingfu smiled and praised the young man.

“Alright, cut the bullshit.
You will get your benefits after this matter ends since you offered me great help.” A hint of disdain flashed past Yao Yu’s eyes.
However, he didn’t express it.

He took the pill and fed it to the lady in front of him.

Right at that moment, the lady opened her eyes abruptly, a cold glint flashing past her pupils.
The lady took out a dagger from her sleeve and clenched it in her hand.
She stabbed at Yao Yu’s chest.

Yao Yu was startled, but he reacted quickly.
He pushed his palm out as fast as lightning and grabbed the lady’s wrist.
He smiled and said, “Everyone says that the princess is no weaker than the male warriors.
They’re speaking the truth.”

“You’re despicable!” Li Rongxue glared at the young man with her beautiful eyes.
There was disdain written all over her face.

“I do things with integrity.
How am I despicable?” Yao Yu smiled and asked.

“Shameless!” Li Rongxue shouted angrily.

“Princess, it’s not good to curse your fiancé,” Yao Yu smiled and replied.
He wasn’t provoked by her words.

“Stop dreaming.
If you dare touch me, you will only get a corpse in the end,” Li Rongxue rebuked without backing down.

“That’s not up to you.” Yao Yu continued to wear a handsome smile on his face.
At the same time, a pill appeared in his hand.
He flicked the pill, and it slid down Li Rongxue’s throat.

“What did you feed me?” Li Rongxue’s expression changed.

“Weakening pill,” Yao Yu said.

“You!” Li Rongxue immediately felt her body going numb.
She couldn’t exert any energy at all.

“I’m doing this for your sake.
You’re at your prime.
Why should you seek death?” Yao Yu smiled.
He said to the female martial warrior behind him, “Look after her.
Don’t let her die.”

“Yes,” the female martial warrior replied.

Li Rongxue’s face turned pale, and despair appeared in her eyes.

“Young Master, what about the others?” another person behind Yao Yu asked.

“Kill them.” Yao Yu remained expressionless.
His tone was calm, as though he was asking them to kill some ants.


“Yao Yu, how dare you!” Li Rongxue shouted.

“Kill them!” Yao Yu didn’t look at her.
He repeated his words to the people behind him.

His teammates acknowledged him and walked forward.
They stabbed their long swords into the hearts of the unconscious martial warriors, taking their lives away mercilessly.

Fresh blood spurted out, reflecting in Li Rongxue’s eyes.

“Yao Yu, I will take revenge one day.
I swear to God,” Li Rongxue said with hatred.
She glared at him until her eyes almost popped out.

Yao Yu smiled.
He didn’t take it to heart.

You Jingfu took a step forward and said, “Young Master Yao, the Cockscomb Jade Scale Python is at its weakest state now.
Shall we grab this chance and kill it?”

“There’ll be changes if we stay here.
Let’s not complicate matters,” Yao Yu shook his head and replied.

“You’re right.” You Jingfu thought of something and asked again, “I heard that the Lord Yang Residence is collecting information on the hundred poisons to help Lord Yang detoxify the poison in his body.
If there’s a poison scripture, may I take a look at it?”

“Hmph, I knew that you were interested in this.
If there’s one, I’ll let you look at it.
The poison element scripture is rare, but it’s useless to a normal martial warrior,” Yao Yu replied.

“Don’t even think about it.
I’ll not give it to you even if there’s one,” Li Rongxue said coldly.

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