Chapter 288: Cockscomb Jade Scale Python

Su Lingxuan condemned Wang Teng’s inhumane behavior.

She refused to eat the chili, but she could… wash the smelly socks!

For the next few days, Wang Teng worked hard in cultivation (picking up attributes).
He appeared in the three societies using his three identities, Wang Teng, Yao Wang, and Duan De.
Every day, he picked up many skill and spirit attributes.

Now, his runemaster and alchemist levels had reached the advanced stage too.

Runemaster: Advanced stage (16/1000)

Alchemist: Advanced stage (22/1000)

If the other runemasters and alchemists knew his astonishing speed of progression, they would question their whole life.

This was impossible!

Fortunately, Wang Teng didn’t plan to reveal his true ability.
Instead, he would unveil it bit by bit and then… surprise!

This was more interesting.

Of course, whether it was a surprise or a shock would depend on what he displayed.

Also, Wang Teng’s spirit attribute rose quickly.
He had hit the 90-mark!

Spirit: Spiritual realm (90.3/100)

As his spirit attribute got stronger, he felt the spiritual power in his mind getting more and more powerful.
If that deep whirlpool of spiritual power released its true potential, he might frighten himself.

At night, he would follow Gorlin to the Yongye Mountain Ridge for his divine spirit master practice.
He became skilled in the attacks of a divine spirit master as time passed.
His ability kept improving.

He killed many star beasts possessing different elements, so his Force slowly increased too.

Wang Teng’s talent amazed Gorlin.
He kept exclaiming in his heart.
Towards the end, he decided to let Wang Teng cultivate on his own.
He wouldn’t follow him anymore.

One night.

At a certain part of the Yongye Mountain Ridge.

Wang Teng floated in midair and waved his hand.
A spear made of fire instantly shot out from his hand.

There was a huge earth element giant ape star beast in front of him.
It was entangled by vines and was unable to move.
It struggled furiously.
When the long flaming spear shot towards it, it howled and wriggled.
It slammed the ground with its big palms, wanting to break free from the vines.

Under its overwhelming force, the vines started breaking one by one.
However, new vines grew out from the ground and pinned the ape to the ground like metal chains.


The long flaming spear reached the beast in a split second and penetrated the giant ape’s heart.

The giant ape stopped struggling.
Its eyes were wide open as blood spurted out of its wound.
Life was draining away from it quickly.
After a few whimpers, it soon fell into the embrace of death.

Earth Force*56

Blank Attribute*43

He picked them up.

“As expected of a 4-star star beast.
It dropped so many attributes!” Wang Teng muttered to himself as he glanced at his attributes panel.

Ever since Gorlin allowed him to practice on his own, Wang Teng started letting himself loose.
The 1-star and 2-star star beasts were unable to satisfy his appetite.
He decided that he would only kill 4-star star beasts and above.
More attributes would drop from them.

Earth Force: 356/2000 (4-star)

Blank Attribute: 1860

Wang Teng nodded in satisfaction when he saw the changes in these two attributes.
With a swoosh, he appeared beside the giant ape.

He placed his palm on the ape’s body.
Force flowed out of his body as he sensed the corpse.

Unfortunately, there was no star core or star bone.

He still kept the corpse in his space ring.
At that moment, he had a sudden thought.
He looked up at the night sky.

His vision changed, and he looked down from the sky.

This was the Spirit Flame Ghost Crow’s vision.

Wang Teng noticed an intriguing thing, and a meaningful smile appeared on his face.


He flew into the air and merged into the darkness.
He shuttled through the dense forest as he headed in the direction where he was looking just now.
He traveled without making a sound, like a spirit in the dark.

In the mountain valley, a group of seven was attacking an enormous python.
These people were all powerful, at least at 4-star soldier level.
One of them even had wings behind his back.
This should be a 5-star soldier-level martial warrior.

The enormous python seemed to be a 5-star star beast.
Even among the 5-star star beasts, it was a strong presence.
That was why these seven people were unable to defeat it based on their ability even after such a long time.

Soon, Wang Teng arrived at the scene.
He hid using his dark Force and activated his Wave Invisibility skill.
At this moment, he was like a dark spirit.
It was impossible to find him.

He stood on the branch of a tree and observed the battle happening not far away.

His gaze was instantly attracted by the appearance of the giant python.
It had a crown-shaped like a cockscomb on its head.
Its scales were green, and it looked unique.

“Cockscomb Jade Scale Python!” Wang Teng gazed at it strangely from afar.
He learned this python’s name from the shouts of those people.

Wang Teng didn’t plan to help them.
He just wanted to watch the show and see if there were any bubbles he could pick up.

As he thought about this, he looked to his left.
A few hundred meters away from his current position, another group of people was hiding in the dark.

He had noticed this interesting scene through the Spirit Flame Ghost Crow’s vision.
This was why he decided to come and take a look.

“Be careful.
This Cockscomb Jade Scale Python is a rare poison element star beast.
Its attacks are extremely poisonous and can even corrode our Force.
We can’t fight it head-on,” a young lady’s voice suddenly sounded among the crowd.

Poison element star beast? Wang Teng’s eyes lit up when he heard this.

The Cockscomb Jade Scale Python hissed into the air, spurting poison from its mouth.
It shot towards the seven people like a rain of poisonous arrows.

The lady’s reminder came right on time.
Everyone evaded the attack before the poisonous arrows reached them.

When the arrows landed on the ground and the trees, green smoke rose from the ground beside them.
It gave off a toxic stench.

“Move, don’t smell it.” The young lady’s voice was heard again.

Everyone followed her order.
They surrounded the Cockscomb Jade Scale Python once again after the smoke dispersed and showered it with attacks.

The Cockscomb Jade Scale Python was alone, so under the attacks of the seven martial warriors, it kept retreating.
It squirmed its body vigorously.
The green scales on its body were as hard as steel, but under the onslaught of the martial warriors, its flesh exploded and turned bloody.

The python hissed in pain.
At that moment, a crazed look appeared in its snake eyes.
The cockscomb on its head suddenly erupted, and black smoke billowed out from the hole.
It quickly spread to the surroundings.

The young lady who spoke just now had a sharp change in her expression.
She shouted hurriedly, “This is bad.
There’s an error in our information.

Her companions’ expressions changed too.
They turned around and dashed away almost at the same instant.

But, it was too late.
The black smoke spread out at an astonishing speed.
It merged into the air and instantly proliferated.

The martial warriors only managed to withstand the black smoke for a few moments.
Then, they collapsed.
Even the sole 5-star soldier-level martial warrior could only persevere for a few seconds at most.
Then, its wings scattered, and it dropped from the sky.

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