Chapter 286: Dead… Yao Wang And Duan De!

“Brother Yao, your talent is astonishing!”

“That’s right.
No talent like you have appeared in this empire for the past hundreds of years.
You’re only 18 years old.
The alchemist society in Yang City has hit the jackpot.”

“The Empire Alchemist Session held three times a year will be happening soon.
If you are able to participate as a representative of Yang City, you will definitely be able to set the empire on fire.”

“However, Brother Yao Wang, your name is a little…”

They exchanged glances with each other, not knowing whether they should laugh or cry.
This name was a little arrogant![1]

But, it was just a name, not a nickname.
Names were given by parents, so they couldn’t say anything about it.

“This surname is quite rare.
I’ve never heard of an elite alchemist family with this surname.
Could it be an unknown elite family who lived in hiding?”

“I heard that many outstanding descendants of these secretive families come out to gain experience after they become adults.
They will return to their families when they finish.”

“I admire people like them!”

The two alchemists from the alchemist society sent ‘Yao Wang’ off.
They were impressed as they lowered their voices and discussed with each other.

Yao Wang was Wang Teng’s alias.

A moment ago, Wang Teng completed the intermediate stage alchemist exam in the alchemist society and passed it successfully.
He had alerted many people.

An 18-year-old intermediate-stage alchemist!

This was a rare talent.
He was destined to have an extraordinary future.

He might become a master or even a grandmaster!

If a grandmaster emerged in the alchemist society of Yang City, it would go down in history!

Even if he couldn’t become a grandmaster, there were great benefits in becoming a master too.
Every master-level alchemist had the power to influence decisions on a higher level.

If the president of the alchemist society was around, he would be alerted by his talent.

The people in the alchemist society were immersed in happiness.
However, they didn’t know that the Yao Wang, whom they placed so much hope on, had changed his appearance.
He was heading to the blacksmith now.

The blacksmith society had a different style from the alchemist society and the rune society.
The latter were elegant and noble, while the blacksmith society was bold and unrestrained.
Blacksmiths had high status too, but most of them were rough and wild.
They were bulky and massive.
The difference between them and runemasters and alchemists was huge.

All along, these three groups of people disliked each other.
They would always compete when they met.

Wang Teng had already changed his appearance to one suitable for blacksmiths.
His muscles bulged out of his shirt.
He was lean but muscular, and he didn’t look as frightening as the other hunks.
His face was sharp and angular.
In other words, he was a handsome man!

The edge of his lips went up when he walked into the blacksmith society and saw the floor full of attribute bubbles.

He picked them up.





Wang Teng immediately gained another round of smithery and spirit attributes.

He collected 122 points of smithery and 24 points of spirit.

Spirit: Spiritual realm (83.7/100)

Blacksmith: Advanced stage (191/1000)

He had exceeded one hundred smithery attributes in one go.
This was unexpected.

His blacksmith level had reached the advanced stage after his journey to the Red Leaf Dwarf tribe.
Even with an additional 122 points of smithery, he was still at the advanced stage.

More than one hour later, Wang Teng walked out of the blacksmith society with a rough and sloppy-looking dwarf beside him.

“President, you don’t have to say anymore.
I don’t have any intention of finding a master.” Wang Teng gave a bitter smile as he looked at the president of the blacksmith society beside him, who was talking continuously.

Do all the bosses want to keep a genius as their disciple whenever they see one?

Wang Teng thought to himself speechlessly.

This muscular and short dwarf in front of him was the president of the blacksmith society.
He was also a… chatterbox!

His speed of talking and the amount of nonsense he had were enough to traumatize a person.

However, it was undeniable that he had high hopes for Wang Teng.
He was using a rare metal to forge a weapon when he heard about Wang Teng.
He immediately abandoned his half-done work and ran over to find him.

The intermediate-stage blacksmith who came to report this matter to him felt his heart aching when he saw the rare metal get thrown to the side.

This rare metal would turn to scrap in a blink of an eye.
Even if it was recycled, its value would be heavily compromised.

The president of the blacksmith society felt helpless when he heard Wang Teng rejecting him again.
With a sad expression, he said, “Sigh, Duan De, why don’t you want to accept me as your master? I’m a master blacksmith.
I’m only one level away from a grandmaster.
Do you know how many people want to be my disciple? I don’t give them a chance, yet you’re rejecting me.
Do you know that this is a huge loss for you…”

He couldn’t stop once he opened his mouth.
Duan De… Wang Teng immediately interrupted him and said, “President, I still have some urgent matters to attend to.
I will make my move first!”

He turned into a flash of lingering shadows without giving the president any time to react.
He disappeared at the end of the corridor.

“Hey, why did you run away? I’m not done yet.
You little brat! You’re so talented, but you don’t want to be my disciple….” The president of the blacksmith society shook his head as he nagged.
He then turned and walked into the building.



The people in the building stopped in their tracks and bowed to him.
They treated him with respect.
However, when they heard him muttering, their expressions changed, and they hurriedly ran away.
They were afraid he would catch them and nag them in place of Wang Teng.

Wang Teng turned a corner and confirmed that the president of the blacksmith society didn’t chase after him.
He heaved a sigh of relief.

This is too scary!

He shook his head.
He still had lingering fears.

Wang Teng found an empty place and changed back to his original appearance.
He wore a gown and walked towards the rune society blatantly.

During dinner, Su Lingxuan tattletaled on Wang Teng with shimmering eyes.
“Master, Senior Brother killed many soft muddy babies today.”

Gorlin was stunned.
He raised his head and looked at Wang Teng.
“What’s the matter?”

He didn’t feel sad for the soft muddy babies.
After all, he also dissected them during his experiments.
He was just curious why Wang Teng chose to kill those harmless creatures.

“I was curious about your research, so I did my own study.” Wang Teng started talking nonsense.

“Oh right, Senior Brother says that he achieved some results,” Su Lingxuan winked at Wang Teng and said with an evil smile.

She didn’t believe that Wang Teng found anything.
She mentioned it in front of Gorlin because she wanted to embarrass him after he got exposed.

“Oh, really?” Gorlin didn’t mind.
Instead, he asked with a smile.

“Of course.
I will reveal my gains after dinner,” Wang Teng said confidently.

It was Gorlin’s turn to be surprised.

Wang Teng didn’t look like he was boasting.
He sounded so confident, so he might really have found something.

“I shall take a good look later then,” Gorlin smiled and replied.

“Tsk, you’re just acting.
If you really found something, I will….” Su Lingxuan pouted.

[1] Yao Wang in Chinese means God of Medicine

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