Chapter 283: Was This The Trouble Of Having A Disciple Who’s Too Outstanding?

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The wolf star beasts had silver-white fur, with a rim of gold fur around their neck and claws.
It made them look like immortal beasts.

They were 2-star star beasts, so they were pretty intelligent.
They didn’t dodge when they saw the flaming arrows shooting towards them.
Instead, they congregated their sharp golden glow on the claws and slashed it forward.

When the golden claws hit the flaming arrows, they gave off a metallic sound.
They actually managed to block the arrows.

However, three arrows still managed to weave their way around the claws and hit their targets.
After a few cries of agony, three star beasts fell on the ground and died.

The remaining four wolf star beasts turned ferocious.
They leaped into the air and closed the distance with Wang Teng.

Wang Teng’s expression didn’t change.
He converged a few strings of fire Force into a rope, sending it towards the four wolf star beasts.

The four wolf star beasts were in mid-air, so they didn’t have time to dodge.
Hence, they got entangled by the ropes.
Wang Teng executed his fire arrows again and stabbed the remaining wolf star beasts to death.

It sounded like a long action scene, but in fact, it happened within a split second.
The 2-star star beasts got killed immediately, showcasing the might of a divine spirit master.

“Not bad.” Gorlin slowly landed and nodded calmly.
“But, there are still flaws in your moves.
You could have used your spiritual power to control the flaming arrows and make them change directions when you’re attacking.
That way, you would have killed the star beasts on your first try.”

Wang Teng wanted to explain that he was going to execute the ‘art’ a few more times to get the hang of it.
But, if he said this, his master might feel awkward, so he decided to remain quiet.
He nodded and said, “You’re right.
I will take note of this in the future.”

“Okay, let’s continue.” Gorlin nodded.
He walked forward as he sighed in his heart.
There was no sense of satisfaction in teaching this new disciple since he didn’t need to guide him much.
It was a happy yet helpless thing.

Was this the trouble of having a disciple who was too outstanding?

When the star beasts were killed, they had dropped multiple attribute bubbles.
Wang Teng picked them up while keeping his spiritual power.

Gorlin didn’t notice anything amiss.
Well, he wouldn’t know that Wang Teng was able to pick up attributes no matter how hard he thought.

Wang Teng waved his hand and kept the corpses of the star beasts in his space ring.
Then, he ran after Gorlin.

He didn’t plan to hide the existence of his space ring.

In the morning, he noticed that Gorlin had a space ring too.
Even Su Lingxuan, Liu Xinghui, and the children from the elite families had one each.
This meant that the space ring wasn’t rare among the upper society circle even though it was precious.

The night passed quickly.
Two hours before daylight, Wang Teng and his master returned to Yang City.

Wang Teng had made considerable improvements in a single night.
He learned a few powerful arts and had become a real divine spirit master.

In the past, he only knew how to control weapons with his spiritual power.
That was just the most basic art.
It also used up much of his spiritual power, so he lost more than he gained.

But, in some aspects, there were pros in controlling weapons too.
After all, the attacking power of spiritual power with sharp weapons was tremendous.

The shooting star spiral was one such example.
It was sharp and had special abilities.
It was definitely a good weapon for sneak attacks.

After returning to his little wooden house, Wang Teng laid on his bed and fell asleep instantly.

Violent knocks shook his door.

“Who is it!” Wang Teng woke up and shouted with a frown.
He used his hand to block the sunlight streaming in from the window.

“It’s me.
The sun is shining on your butt.
Why aren’t you awake yet?” Su Lingxuan called out sweetly.

“Let me sleep a bit more.” Wang Teng turned his body and muttered.

“Get up.
I’ve prepared breakfast!” Su Lingxuan said.

“Young madam, I’m really sleepy.
Can I get up later to eat?” Wang Teng said helplessly.

It’s breakfast time now.
You must get up and eat.
If you don’t come outside, I will kick the door,” Su Lingxuan said.

“F**k, are you a devil? I can’t even sleep.” Wang Teng was irritated.
He got out of bed and opened the door violently.
He glared at Su Lingxuan and said, “You’re ruthless.”

“Why are you up so late? What bad things did you do at night?” Su Lingxuan gave him a sly look.
She had an evil smile as she peeked into his room.

“I just came to Yang City and am not familiar with this area.
What bad things can I do?” Wang Teng was speechless.

“Oh, so you can’t do bad things because you’re unfamiliar with this area, right? Does this means that you can do bad things once you get familiar?” Su Lingxuan was enlightened.
She looked at him with disdain.

Wang Teng suddenly realized that this little girl was sinister too.
Hmm, why did he say ‘too’?

“I don’t want to bullshit with you.”

Wang Teng raised his legs and walked out.
He didn’t even close the door.
There was nothing inside, so she could look at it however she wanted.

Su Lingxuan lost her interest.
She helped him close the door and caught up with him hurriedly.

“Where’s breakfast?” Wang Teng asked.

“Oh, I didn’t make breakfast.
Let’s go out and eat.” Su Lingxuan sniggered.

Wang Teng turned around abruptly to glare at Su Lingxuan.
He got fooled by this little girl.

“Haha, come on.
I know a delicious breakfast place around here.
I’ll bring you there,” Su Lingxuan chuckled and said.

“You want me to treat you again, don’t you?” Wang Teng smiled coldly.

“It’s nothing to you.
You just earned more than ten thousand Force stones yesterday.
Breakfast will only cost you a few of them,” Su Lingxuan said.
“A man can’t be stingy.
You won’t be able to find a girlfriend like this.”

“Is this a problem of being stingy? Also, who can’t find a girlfriend? Don’t you know how to speak?” The edge of Wang Teng’s eyes twitched.
His face turned black as he scolded her.

“Alright, alright.
How about this? In the future, you will treat me, and in return, I will find girlfriends for you.
What do you think?” Su Lingxuan winked at Wang Teng.
Suddenly, she lowered her voice and said, “You’re making a profit, you know.
The ladies I introduce are all beauties.”

“Do I look like someone who will give up my principals for beauties?” Wang Teng remained expressionless and righteous.
He said without any change in his tone, “How beautiful are they?”

“Pfft!” Su Lingxuan almost choked because of this twist.

She had a different view of Wang Teng after hearing what he said at first.
She didn’t expect him to be so serious.
Did she have some misunderstanding of him?

Yet, the moment this question popped out, the image he built in her heart collapsed.
It collapsed entirely.

“Beautiful, very beautiful.
You will definitely be satisfied,” Su Lingxuan said hurriedly with a strange expression.

“Cough, cough.
I suddenly feel that it’s only right of me to treat my junior sister for some breakfast,” Wang Teng nodded and replied.

Su Lingxuan snorted in her heart.
She had a new understanding of how shameless her senior brother was.

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