Chapter 282: Yongye Mountain Ridge And The Cultivation Of The Divine Spirit Master

Along the way, Su Lingxuan explained the Liu and Wan family to Wang Teng.

“All in all, you shouldn’t go out alone for the time being,” she reminded him in the end.

Wang Teng smiled.
However, he didn’t take her advice to heart.

Based on what Su Lingxuan said, there were a few talented young people in the Liu and Wan families who might take revenge for Wan Feiyu and Liu Xinghui.

However, Wang Teng wasn’t worried.
After all, Su Lingxuan didn’t know his true ability.
He wasn’t afraid of any martial warriors below 5-star.

The martial warriors above 6-star were the kings of their regions.
They were boss figures in Yang City, so they wouldn’t make a move easily.

Even if they didn’t care about their reputation and bullied him, he could still find his master, Gorlin.

After some time, Su Lingxuan and Wang Teng went back to the rune society.

“You’re back!” Gorlin was still sitting on his rocking chair and reading his book.
He smiled when he saw the two of them.

“Yes.” They nodded their heads and sat down beside him.

“Did you have fun?” Gorlin asked.

“Don’t talk about it!” Su Lingxuan was frustrated.
She immediately told Gorlin what happened just now.

Gorlin laughed when he heard the story.
“Young people are full of vigor!”

“Why are you laughing at our plight?” Su Lingxuan rolled her eyes at him uncontrollably.

“Don’t worry.
Since they know that you’re my disciples, they won’t do anything to you.
It’s just a small trifle between you youngsters,” Gorlin said to Wang Teng.

“If they come and find me again, they’ll be the ones suffering,” Wang Teng said indifferently.

“You can continue boasting!” Su Lingxuan had learned that Wang Teng wasn’t weak when she saw him in action earlier.
However, she didn’t think that he was comparable to the renowned talents from the Wan and Liu families.

After all, Wang Teng was already very gifted in rune making.
If his martial arts talent were on par with those people, it would be too monstrous.

“Wang Teng, you haven’t found a place to live in Yang City, right?” Gorlin didn’t stay on this issue anymore.
He changed the topic and asked Wang Teng casually.

“That’s right.” Wang Teng nodded.

“Move over here.
I have many empty rooms.
I’ll ask Lingxuan to help you tidy your room,” Gorlin said.

“Okay, thank you, Master.” Wang Teng thanked him.

“Why is it me again?” Su Lingxuan was unwilling to follow her master’s arrangement.
She felt that she had to do all the work ever since Wang Teng came.

Well, you became my disciple first,” Gorlin teased her.

“Yet you didn’t give me the position of the senior sister!” Su Lingxuan retorted.

Wang Teng chuckled secretly.

At night, Wang Teng moved into the small wooden house in the garden at the back of the rune society.

Although Su Lingxuan complained, she still helped him tidy up his room.
The place was neat and clean, with new blankets on the bed.
It gave off a pleasant sunny smell.

As Wang Teng stood in the room, the small and angry face of Su Lingxuan appeared in his mind.
He couldn’t help but shake his head and smiled.

Then, he sat down on the bed and started cultivating his Force until midnight.
At that moment, a voice suddenly sounded beside his ears.

“Come to the garden!”

It was Gorlin.

Wang Teng opened his eyes in shock.
He pondered to himself as he walked out of his room and came to the garden.

Gorlin was standing in front of the little wooden house.
He knew that Wang Teng was behind him without turning around.
He opened his mouth and said, “Follow me!”

After he finished speaking, his body floated up slowly and rose into mid-air.
He flew towards the night sky.

The spiritual power in Wang Teng’s mind surged out when he saw this.
It enveloped his body and brought him into the air.
He followed closely behind Gorlin.

Gorlin was aware of Wang Teng, so he didn’t travel at his fastest.
If not, based on his speed, Wang Teng could only breathe dust behind him.

“Master, where are we going?” Wang Teng hurriedly caught up with him and asked as he tilted his head.

“Yongye Mountain Ridge!” Gorlin smiled.

“Yongye Mountain Ridge!” Wang Teng thought of something, and a map appeared in his mind.

Yongye Mountain Ridge was at the southwest section of Yang City, more than 30 kilometers away.
Based on their speed, they would only need half an hour.

“What are we going to do there?” Wang Teng asked.

“The cultivation of a divine spirit master will cause a huge ruckus.
Besides, you need some things to help you.
There’s an ample number of star beasts on Yongye Mountain Ridge.
It’s a suitable location for your cultivation,” Gorlin explained.

Wang Teng nodded.
He didn’t ask anymore.

“Now, let me explain the cultivation methods of a divine spirit master.
The strength of a divine spirit master comes from his spiritual power.
We use a special method to control the Force around us using our spiritual power.
We can also change this Force to launch offensive attacks.
This special method is known as ‘art’…”

Gorlin started his explanation.

Wang Teng listened with rapt attention, feeling that he had learned a lot.
His enlightenment was extremely high now, so he could understand what Gorlin said immediately.

Simply put, a divine spirit master used his spiritual power to execute different arts and used these arts to control the Force.

Half an hour later, the two of them arrived at their destination.

A vast mountain ridge appeared in the dark like a large-sized centipede creeping in the night.
It twisted and turned.
The mountain ridges branched out like the legs of a centipede.
Under the dim moonlight and starlights, it looked frightening.

Wang Teng had seen the Yongye Mountain Ridge on the map, but he didn’t have this feeling at that time.
He was a little astounded by the scene.

“Let’s go!” Gorlin chose an area closer to the outskirts.
He led the way and landed on the ground.

The two of them walked in the eerie dark forest.
Even so, with their eyesight, they were able to see everything clearly.

After some time, they met a few wolf star beasts that were looking for food.

Gorlin floated in mid-air and retracted his aura.
He left Wang Teng on the ground to face the famished wolves alone.

Since it was the practice of a divine spirit master, he couldn’t use his martial arts.
He could only fight them with his spiritual power.

Mind you, this was the first time Wang Teng was using his spiritual power solely for a battle.

Along the way, Gorlin had already taught Wang Teng a few simple arts.
Now, with a thought in his mind, his spiritual power started moving on a certain path.
It manoeuvered the fire Force in his surroundings.
Very soon, he gathered more than ten fire arrows in front of him.

“So fast!” Gorlin raised his eyebrows in surprise.

Although this was the first time Wang Teng executed this fire arrow art, he succeeded on his first try.
Also, one could tell that he had good control over his spiritual power based on his execution speed.


The wolf star beasts gave a low growl.
A few pairs of wolves’ eyes stared at the fire arrows in front of them, sensing the danger they posed.

Their chest started heaving up and down violently.
Suddenly, they pounced on Wang Teng.
They chose to attack first.

Wang Teng smiled.
He waved his hands, and the fire arrows shot out like bullets.
They left trails of red in the air as they flew towards the star beasts.

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