Chapter 280: You Want To Ruin My Reputation!

“How dare you!”

“Let go of Feiyu!”

“Let him go quickly.
You evil culprit, how dare you be so vicious!”

Wan Feiyu’s companions shouted furiously.
However, no one dared to go forward and help him.

Wan Feiyu was at the 2-star soldier level, but he couldn’t even last one round with Wang Teng.
He was defeated instantly.
They weren’t going to look for a beating.

Wang Teng grabbed Wan Feiyu’s right hand and twisted it slightly.

“Ah!” Wan Feiyu immediately screamed in pain.
His voice was sad and shrill, and his face was distorted.
It was all because of the pain assaulting his senses.

Wang Teng turned and looked at the people who were shouting and clamoring.
He asked in confusion, “What did you say?”

Everyone was stunned.

On purpose!

He must have done it on purpose!

Su Lingxuan felt speechless too.
This fellow seemed a little evil!

A moment ago, she was worried about Wang Teng, but now, she realized that her worry was for nothing.

One of Wan Feiyu’s kneecaps had been shattered from Wang Teng’s kick.
His left hand was broken too, so he couldn’t move at all.
He kept gasping for air due to the pain.
At the same time, the pain allowed him to calm down.
He knew that he had hit a rock today.
He said in a hoarse voice, “What do you want?”

“Shouldn’t I ask you that? Why are you asking me?” Wang Teng looked at him and replied with an innocent face.

“I admit defeat.
Let me go, and I promise that the Wan family will not look into this matter,” Wan Feiyu said.
When he lowered his head, a hint of hatred flashed past his eyes.

“Hmph~ do you think I will believe you?” Wang Teng looked at him mockingly.

“If you kill me, you will never be able to walk out of Yang City!” Wan Feiyu’s expression changed.
This guy was ruthless.
He had broken his arm and leg without any hesitation.
What if he really wanted to kill him?

“Why don’t we make a bet? Let’s see if I can walk out of Yang City after I kill you.
How about betting a thousand Force stones?” Wang Teng touched his chin and suggested.

Wan Feiyu: …

How am I supposed to take the bet when you’re going to kill me!

Threat! This is a direct threat!

This guy must be evil.
How else is he able to say these crazy words?

Everyone: …

Su Lingxuan: …

“Silence means consent.” Wang Teng smiled and continued, “Do you think I can or can’t walk out of Yang City? I will send you off after you make your decision.”

He grabbed Wan Feiyu’s throat with his other hand and pretended to exert force.

“Wait! Wait!!!” Wan Feiyu was scared out of his wits.
He shouted continuously.

“What do you want to say?” Wang Teng tilted his head and looked at him.

Wan Feiyu stammered.
His Adam’s apple kept moving up and down as an idea appeared in his mind.
“I, I will give you a thousand Force stones, and you can let me go.”

“Who do you think I am?” Wang Teng’s face turned black.
“Do I look like someone who extorts money from others? You are trying to ruin my reputation.
You are so malicious.
I can’t let you remain alive.”

He tightened his grip, as though he wanted to choke Wan Feiyu to death.

“No, no!” Wan Feiyu was terrified.

“No what?” Wang Teng asked.

“You’re not extorting.
This is, this is my compensation for you.
I was rude to you just now, but I’ve realized my mistake.
I can’t express my apology using words only, so I want to show my sincerity with the Force stones.” Wan Feiyu never knew that he was so eloquent.
In the state of emergency, he finished the entire speech in a single breath.
He didn’t even pause midway.

“Hmph, do you think I’ll want your one thousand Force stones?” Wang Teng scoffed.

“3000!” Wan Feiyu increased the number at once.
Problems that could be solved with money were not problems at all.
His desire to live was extremely strong now.

Yet, Wang Teng remained indifferent.


No expression.



“Ten thousand!” Wan Feiyu swallowed his saliva as he cried.
His eyes were bloodshot.

The psychological pressure Wang Teng gave him was overbearing.
He felt that he was on the brink of death.
He might really die here if he wasn’t careful.

At this moment, Wang Teng’s expression changed suddenly.
He became exceptionally amiable.
He smiled and said,” You’re too polite.
But, since you’re so sincere, I will accept your gift with reluctance.”

Wan Feiyu heaved a sigh of relief in his heart.
He felt that his back was drenched with cold sweat.

Su Lingxuan was flabbergasted.

This whole episode had taken her breath away.
She started to have a tinge of respect towards Wang Teng.
He was so… impressive!

The young masters looked as though they had seen a ghost.
Wan Feiyu had always been domineering and bossy.
Yet, he was so timid in front of Wang Teng.
If they didn’t see it personally, they would think that this was a fake Wan Feiyu.

Thus, when they looked at Wang Teng again, their gazes changed completely.
This fellow was a devil!

“Come, take out your sincerity and show me,” Wang Teng said gently.

“I…” Wan Feiyu felt a little scared.
“I don’t have so many Force stones with me!”

“What?” Wang Teng glared at him.
“Are you playing tricks on me now?”

“No, no.
I only have 4500 Force stones with me at the moment.
I will go and collect the rest.
It will only take a minute!” The cold sweat on Wan Feiyu’s forehead poured down again.
His mind worked furiously.
He turned and shouted at Liu Xinghui and his friends, “How many Force stones do you have? Take it out.
Take everything out.”

The young masters took out their Force stones anxiously.
They stuck their heads together for a long time before they finally gathered ten thousand Force stones.

“Here, ten thousand Force stones.
We will give you the remaining too as a present.
Can you let me go now?” Wan Feiyu looked at Wang Teng pitifully.

Wang Teng wore a weird expression.
Was he so scary? Why was this young man so frightened?

However, these young masters are really wealthy.
They managed to gather more than ten thousand Force stones just like that.

Should he blackmail them again if he had the chance?

“Don’t be so ruthless in the future.
It’s expensive!” Wang Teng persuaded them kindly.

After that, he disregarded the young man’s expression and released his grip.
Wan Feiyu lost his balance and fell to the ground.

Wang Teng smiled ambiguously at Liu Xinghui, who was trying to hide in the crowd.
He walked towards him.

Liu Xinghui’s expression changed at once.
He smiled in embarrassment.
“Brother Wang, we met again really soon.
This is unexpected.”

“Yes, it is unexpected.
Indeed.” Wang Teng smiled gently.

The two of them started greeting each other like friends who had just met.

Just when Liu Xinghui was about to heave a sigh of relief, Wang Teng sent him flying with an abrupt slap.


Liu Xinghui was thrown back five meters and slammed heavily on the ground.
His face was swollen like a pig’s, and blood and saliva kept seeping out of his mouth.
Two of his molars were mixed in the saliva and blood.

He looked at Wang Teng absentmindedly.
Gradually, fear appeared in his gaze, and his face turned pale.

The others were stupefied.
This fellow was so moody.
A moment ago, he was still smiling, but the next second, he slapped Liu Xinghui.
However, the crowd couldn’t understand his action.
Was there a grudge between them?

“Is it fun to play such small tricks behind my back?” Wang Teng walked in front of Liu Xinghui and looked down at him as he asked.

“I don’t know what you’re saying,” Liu Xinghui’s gaze flickered as he replied innocently.

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