Chapter 279: I Have A Bad Temper!

Su Lingxuan came from a rune elite family and was the disciple of the rune society.
Along with her extraordinary talents, her appearance and aura were also top-class.
She was a beauty desired by many.
Hence, she was very popular among the youngsters in Yang City.

However, she rarely appeared in public, so there was no chance to invite her.

This caused the youngsters in Yang City, who wanted to chase Su Lingxuan, to feel helpless.

Fortunately, there was no news that Su Lingxuan was close to any young man.
Hence, they weren’t in a rush.

You had to savor good wine, just like how you needed to chase a beauty slowly.

But, at this moment, there was another young man beside Su Lingxuan around her age.
If that wasn’t bad enough, they looked intimate.

“Who is this person?” a handsome young man around 17 years old asked coldly.

The others looked at one another and shook their heads.
They had no idea.

“It’s him!” Liu Xinghui opened his mouth, his gaze flickering.

“Xinghui, you know him?” the handsome young man asked.

Liu Xinghui looked at the young man opposite him and came up with a plan.
He said, “This fellow is not from Yang City.
I met him when I was taking my beginner-stage runemaster exam today.
Su Lingxuan was there too.
I didn’t expect them to get together.”

“An outsider is snatching our lady?” The handsome young man, Wan Feiyu, furrowed his brows as he asked, “How was his exam?”

“Not bad.
He passed the beginner-stage runemaster exam.
I heard that his performance was not bad,” Liu Xinghui replied.

“He must be talented to pass the exam at this age.
Hmph, however, he’s just a beginner-stage runemaster.” A tinge of disdain appeared in Wan Feiyu’s eyes.
He got up and walked down the restaurant.
“Come, let’s go and meet him.”

The others exchanged glances with one another and followed hurriedly.

Liu Xinghui finished the wine in his cup, an evil smile appearing at the edge of his lips.

Wang Teng and Su Lingxuan were walking along the streets when they suddenly saw a bunch of young men dressed elegantly closing in on them like raging bulls.
It was easy to tell that these young men came from good backgrounds.

The passers-by moved aside as though they were some frightening monsters.

“Why is it them? Let’s leave, quick.
They are extremely irritating.
If we get tangled in their matters, we won’t be able to do anything today.” Su Lingxuan frowned.
She pulled Wang Teng to the side hurriedly in an attempt to hide among the crowd.

“They are here for us,” Wang Teng looked at Su Lingxuan and said helplessly.

As expected, Wan Feiyu and his gang walked straight to Wang Teng and Su Lingxuan.
They blocked their path.

“Lingxuan, long time no see.
You rarely come out.
Why didn’t you come and look for me? Uncle Su tells us to get together more often,” Wan Feiyu smiled and said.

Ignoring other factors, his looks were indeed outstanding.
As he grew up in an elite family, his aura as a noble and elegant young master possessed lethal attraction to those ordinary young ladies.

But Su Lingxuan wasn’t mesmerized by him at all.
She glanced at him and said, “I’m busy.
I came out to buy things for my master.
I don’t have time to waste.
Please give way.”

“What do you want to buy? I can accompany you.
My family’s business covers all the city.
You can just tell me if you want to buy anything.
I will solve it for you as soon as possible,” Wan Feiyu replied.

“No need.
I will buy it myself.
There’s no need to trouble you,” Su Lingxuan said.

Wan Feiyu didn’t want Su Lingxuan to leave, though.
He continued, “It’s not troublesome.
I just need to give an order.”

Then, he pretended that he had just noticed Wang Teng and exclaimed, “This young man looks unfamiliar.
Lingxuan, don’t get too close to a stranger.
It will be bad if you get fooled.
After all, we come from elite families, so many people are eyeing us.
We won’t know what’s the motive of some unknown people.”

He glanced at Wang Teng. This fellow is more handsome than me?

Pretty boy!

Wang Teng chuckled.
By saying these words directly in his face, this fellow was looking down on him.

Wang Teng knew his intention at one glance.
His methods were a bit tender, though.

“Wan Feiyu, you’re stepping over your line!” This time, Su Lingxuan didn’t give in.
Her face turned cold as she spoke to him.

“Little Lingxuan, I know that you can’t understand it now, but I will prove to you that I’m doing it for your sake.” Wan Feiyu was hypocritical.
He turned around immediately and sneered at Wang Teng.
“I know that you passed the beginner-stage runemaster exam, but in front of the Su and Wan family, you are nothing.
Go away if you want to fool Lingxuan.
Don’t make me hit you.”

“Beginner-stage runemaster?” Wang Teng’s expression was strange.
He had already noticed Liu Xinghui, who was standing behind this young man.
Hence, when he heard the young man’s words, he understood the entire story.
He gave Liu Xinghui a meaningful glance before talking to the young man in front of him excitedly.
“Oh, if you hit me, what will happen?”

“It seems like you want to do this the hard way.” A hint of anger flashed past Wan Feiyu’s eyes.
His face turned black, and his tone was cold.

“You should understand the situation before you stand up, young man!” Wang Teng shook his head.
He didn’t even know that he was being used.
What an idiot.

Liu Xinghui’s expression changed slightly.

However, Wan Feiyu didn’t notice it.
Instead, he was stimulated by Wang Teng’s gaze.

“Wan Feiyu, don’t kick up a fuss…”

Su Lingxuan wanted to explain, but Wan Feiyu didn’t want to listen.
Anger was already burning in his heart.
He lost control of his emotions and said, “Bastard, why are you looking at me like this?”

“You can do your own interpretation, idiot!” Wang Teng also got impatient.
He shouted furiously, “Get lost!”

“You’re looking for death!” Wan Feiyu was trembling in anger and couldn’t hold himself back anymore.
He took a step forward, throwing a punch at Wang Teng.

“Be careful!” Su Lingxuan’s expression changed as she cried hurriedly.

She didn’t expect Wan Feiyu to act suddenly.
They were so close.
At this distance, it was difficult for Wang Teng to evade.
Her face turned pale.

If something happened to Wang Teng, how would she answer Gorlin?

Delight flashed past his eyes when Liu Xinghui saw this scene.
The smile at the edge of his lips became brighter. So what if he is more gifted than me in terms of rune talent? He’ll still get beaten by others.

However, the next second, the expression on his face froze.


A crisp sound resounded on the street.
Wan Feiyu’s wrist was grabbed by a strong and powerful hand.

“How is this possible?” Wan Feiyu’s expression changed entirely.
He was in disbelief.
He struggled frantically to escape Wang Teng’s clutches, but he realized he was unable to move.

“I have a bad temper,” Wang Teng looked at Wan Feiyu expressionlessly and said.

“Let me go!”

Wan Feiyu’s face turned hideous.
He clenched his other fist and smashed it on Wang Teng’s temple.
At the same time, he raised his leg and kicked the lower half of Wang Teng’s body ruthlessly.
He showed no mercy.
He wanted Wang Teng’s life.

Wang Teng’s face remained indifferent.
He raised his leg calmly and kicked Wan Feiyu’s knee.


The sound of bone breaking was exceptionally spooky.

At the same time, he waved his fist and slammed it on Wan Feiyu’s arm.
Another crisp sound sent a chill down the onlooker’s spines.

Wan Feiyu’s left arm dropped 90 degrees down!


A cry of agony escaped Wan Feiyu’s mouth.

The youngsters that came with Wan Feiyu were frightened.
Liu Xinghui wasn’t any different.
He looked at Wang Teng in disbelief.
How dare he? Where did he get his courage?

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