Chapter 278: Two Foodies

“What the f**k!”

These three words hovered in his mouth for a while before he spurted them out.

The giant fire serpent looked alive.
Every single one of its scales seemed exceptionally real.
Its huge body slid around Gorlin and protected him in the middle.
The serpent’s head rose into the air and looked down at Wang Teng.
It stuck out its tongue softly.

Anyone who saw this scene for the first time would be blown away.

This was the first time Su Lingxuan saw Gorlin displaying his ability too.
Her jaws dropped as she stared at the serpent dumbfounded.

“What is f**k?” Gorlin frowned and asked.

“Cough…” Wang Teng started coughing awkwardly.
He smiled in embarrassment and said, “Master, is this the ability of a divine spirit master?”

Gorlin didn’t probe further.
He nodded and replied, “That’s right.
A divine spirit master uses his spiritual kinesis as his hands to control the Force around him to work for him.
He can also wield all sorts of weapons and launch powerful attacks.”

While explaining, he raised his hand.
A thick book floated down from the bookcase behind him and landed on his palm.

“I know how to wield weapons.
I have been doing that for a long time.
However, controlling the Force around me… I attempted it a few times but failed.
I can only control the Force in my body,” Wang Teng said.

“If everyone knows how to control the Force around them, then the divine spirit masters won’t be so secretive anymore.” Gorlin smiled.
He didn’t beat around the bush and went straight to the point.
“You must have a medium if you want to control the Force around you.
This medium is the legacy of the divine spirit masters.”

Wang Teng’s eyes lit up.
He was starting to get excited.
Gorlin was undoubtedly a divine spirit master.
It would be a massive gain if he could get the legacy of the divine spirit masters from him.

“Haha, do you want to learn?” Gorlin couldn’t help but laugh when he saw Wang Teng’s expression.

“Of course!” Wang Teng nodded without hesitation.

“Don’t worry.
Since you accepted me as your master, I will pass my legacy to you,” Gorlin said.

Wang Teng took a deep breath.
“Thank you!”

He could imagine how precious the legacy of divine spirit masters was.
Yet, Gorlin decided to pass it to him, a disciple who had just joined him.
Also, he was from Earth, not a part of the Xingwu Continent.
Those who were not one’s kin were sure to be of a different heart.
Yet, Gorlin ignored this dilemma altogether.
This was a display of his magnanimity.

“Master, what about me? What about me?” Su Lingxuan didn’t think that much.
When she saw the magic of a divine spirit master, she couldn’t control her excitement anymore.
She pulled Gorlin’s arm and started shaking him.

“Stop shaking, stop shaking.
If you continue shaking, my bones will get dislodged.” Gorlin said helplessly, “I want to teach you, but you haven’t awakened your spiritual power yet.
You won’t be able to learn it even if I teach you.”

“Ahh… I’m a talented young beauty.
Why can’t I learn?” Su Lingxuan was dejected.
Then, she thought of something and turned hopeful.
“Master, do you have a way to let me awaken my spiritual power?”

“Stop thinking of bad ideas.
If it were so easy to awaken one’s spiritual power, we would have lots of divine spirit masters.” Gorlin shook his head.

Su Lingxuan became depressed again.
Gorlin felt his head hurting as he looked at her.
He quickly looked at Wang Teng to ask him to comfort her.

However, this was the first day he knew Su Lingxuan.
He didn’t understand her at all, so he didn’t know how to comfort her.
He could only look at the floor to express his helplessness.

Gorlin could only do it himself.
He said softly, “Lingxuan, this is probably Wang Teng’s first time in Yang City.
He’s not familiar with the city, so why don’t you bring him around? I heard that a new bakery has opened along Anqin Street.
Their pastries are very special, and they are delicious.
Don’t you want to try?”

Su Lingxuan’s eyes lit up.
However, she still appeared a little unwilling.
She hesitated for a moment before agreeing reluctantly.
“Since Master asked, I will bring Junior Wang Teng around the city.
Sigh, I don’t have a choice since I’m his senior sister.”

…Wang Teng saw the young lady’s throat moving up and down.
It was quite obvious.
She seemed to be swallowing her saliva.

She was a foodie!

He wanted to correct the way she addressed him, but since she had just suffered a huge blow, he decided not to argue about seniority with her for now.

Gorlin stood in the garden and watched them walk away.
He smiled and shook his head.
Then, he laid on the rocking chair at the side and read a book as he rocked slowly.
Sunlight shone on his white beard, and the special creatures shuttled back and forth through the bushes.
The leaves were rustling, as if playing a soothing tune.
Some unknown flower fairies danced around the flowers.
They would land on Gorlin’s head occasionally.

The scene was quiet and peaceful.

Su Lingxuan brought Wang Teng to the streets.
Although this young lady kept staring at the street food, she was still faithful in her duties.
Whenever she met a symbolic building, she would explain its significance to Wang Teng.
Of course, there were remunerations in order…

“Senior brother, I’m hungry.
Can you buy a fried crispy pastry for me?” Su Lingxuan touched her stomach and looked at him righteously.
Her intention was: I’m hungry because I brought you out for a walk.
Where’s your conscience if you don’t buy food for me?

It didn’t matter if this was really her intention.
The most important thing was, her saliva was about to drip down from the corner of her lips.

“Wipe your saliva quickly.
Don’t you find it embarrassing?” Wang Teng rolled his eyes.
He went to buy two fried crispy pastries.

Mind you, it did look quite delicious.

Su Lingxuan blushed as she sucked her saliva back.
Her actions were extremely smooth.

Wang Teng bought the pastries and passed one to Su Lingxuan.
At the same time, he didn’t forget to tease her, “Do you admit that I’m your senior brother now?”

“Did I say that? You must have heard wrong.” Su Lingxuan ignored Wang Teng the moment she got her food.
She denied what she said and started eating her fried pastry happily.
She chewed furiously with her little mouth, and her cheeks were puffed up.
She made the food look appetizing.

“Hey, you little brat.” Wang Teng felt speechless.

After that, whenever they saw something delicious, Su Lingxuan would stop in her tracks and look at Wang Teng…

One hour later.

Wang Teng glanced at Su Lingxuan’s flat stomach.
He sighed.
“You are small, but you eat well.”

Su Lingxuan glanced sideways at Wang Teng and sniggered.
“You’re not bad either.”

“Cough, I practice martial arts.
It’s normal for me to eat more,” Wang Teng coughed and replied to her calmly.

“Hmph, men!” Su Lingxuan sneered.

At the same time, in the restaurant to their left, Liu Xinghui and a few young men were laughing and chatting happily around a table beside the window.
They were toasting each other, and the atmosphere was lively.

“Hey, isn’t that Su Lingxuan from the Su family?” one of the young men exclaimed in surprise.

Everyone turned and looked in the direction he was staring at.

“It looks like Su Lingxuan.
Who is the person beside her?”

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