Chapter 277: Divine Spirit Master

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They all had different expressions when they heard that Wang Teng had passed his exam.
However, their astonishment was the same.

Wang Teng came out a bit slower than Gorlin.
He was picking up the attribute bubbles dropped by the intermediate-stage runemasters in the room before he came out.

Runemaster: 106/500 (intermediate stage)

He remained indifferent when he saw everyone’s expression.

He had seen too many similar expressions before and was used to it.
Thus, he remained calm.

But, to Gorlin, his attitude was commendable.
At this age, with such impressive talent, he was still able to remain undisturbed by favor and flattery.
How many young people could do this?

Some beginner-stage runemasters who hadn’t left nodded at Wang Teng and came to greet him.
They wanted to leave an impression on his memory.

After all, this amazing talent might become a renowned master in the future.
There was no harm in knowing him beforehand.

Su Lingyun came forward and said with a smile, “Hi, I’m Su Lingyun, the eldest daughter of the Su family.”

Never slap a person who smiles.
Wang Teng couldn’t reject her, so he nodded and replied, “I’m Wang Teng.”

“You are not a local, right? Let me bring you around when you’re free,” Su Lingyun said.

Liu Xinghui snorted when he saw everyone fawning over Wang Teng.
He turned around and left.

“The exam has ended.
If there’s nothing, you can leave.”

Gorlin waved his hands at everyone in the corridor.
Then, he turned and smiled at Wang Teng.
“Now, we can talk.”

“President, why must you keep a nobody like me here?” Wang Teng said with a bitter smile.

“You must be secretly delighted.
Many people will give anything to get invited by my master,” Su Lingxuan said angrily.

Gorlin noticed Wang Teng’s consideration, so he waved his hands casually and said, “Don’t worry.
I honestly just want to talk to you.
I won’t force you to do anything.”

“Alright.” Since he had already expressed his stance, Wang Teng couldn’t reject him anymore.
He nodded.

Everyone was envious when they watched Wang Teng leaving with Gorlin.
Then, they started chatting about the things they had experienced today as they dispersed.

They felt honored to be able to witness the rise of a legend.

Wang Teng followed Gorlin deep inside the rune society.
There were corridors everywhere.
After taking many turns, they finally walked out of a door.

A small garden laid in front of them.
The air smelled pleasant and fresh, and there were all kinds of strange creatures popping out from the bushes.
They weren’t scared of Gorlin and Su Lingxuan, but when they saw Wang Teng, they sized him up with wide eyes.

Wang Teng looked at this bunch of translucent creatures jumping around the bushes.
They were like jelly.
He exclaimed in surprise, “This is… slime?”

“Slime? What’s that?” Su Lingxuan glanced at Wang Teng curiously.
She said, “They are called soft muddy babies.”


“Soft, soft muddy babies!” The corners of Wang Teng’s lips twitched.
He kept repeating this name.
It was pretty descriptive.

“This name is not bad, right?” Su Lingxuan chuckled.
“My master has been studying these little fellows recently, so he caught a bunch of them and raised them at home.”

“Not bad.” Wang Teng had a strange expression.
Then, he joked and said, “Master Gorlin, aren’t you a runemaster? Why are you studying slime? Do you want to be a biologist instead?”

“Hahaha, Wang Teng, I can call you Wang Teng, right?” Gorlin laughed.
After receiving Wang Teng’s agreement, he continued, “The runes we have come from the research of star beasts.
Life is the most magical presence in this world.
Every single life contains huge secrets.
This soft muddy baby might be the lowest form of life, but it comes in many different forms.
It’s able to embrace any Force elements like a human.
It’s a mysterious creature.

“I’m researching their shape-shifting ability.
I really want to know what kind of life pattern allows it to shift its shape so casually.
I might even create a new rune.”

“Shape-shifting!” Wang Teng’s gaze lit up.
He instantly thought of many links and implications.
When he looked at the slime again… oh, wait, it was called soft muddy baby, his gaze turned dangerous.

“Master, you are just bored.
Many elders tried to study this creature, but they failed.
It has been deemed impossible.
Why are you so stubborn?” Su Lingxuan rolled her eyes.

“Haha, this is my dream as a child.
I’m getting old, so if I don’t do it now, it will be too late,” Gorlin smiled and replied.
He didn’t mind her comment.

There was a small wooden house in the garden.
Gorlin brought Wang Teng to a quiet study room in the wooden house.

Su Lingxuan poured a cup of dark green drink for Wang Teng.
Gorlin smiled and explained, “This is a special fruit wine made by the fairies.
Have a taste.”

Wang Teng held the wooden cup and smelled the wine.
A refreshing fragrance wafted into his nose.
It was so pleasant.
He couldn’t help but take a small sip.

“This is delicious.”

“You’re not from the Xingwu Continent.” Gorlin suddenly opened his mouth at this moment.

“Pfft!” Wang Teng was caught off guard.
He spat out the mouth of fruit wine he had just swallowed.
It landed squarely on Gorlin’s face.

Su Lingxuan was startled.
It was partly because of what Gorlin said and partly because Wang Teng had spat wine on Gorlin’s face.

The three of them were stunned, and there was a moment of dead silence.
The atmosphere was extremely awkward!

“Cough.” Gorlin regained his senses first and coughed awkwardly.
He took out his handkerchief and wiped his face calmly.

Su Lingxuan held back her laughter and glared at Wang Teng.

Wang Teng pretended as if nothing had happened and he didn’t see anything.
He replied calmly, “President Gorlin, I don’t understand what you’re saying.”

“Didn’t you elder tell you that you won’t be able to hide your spiritual mark in front of a warrior with strong spiritual power? Don’t worry.
Since I said it, I won’t harm you.
Do you think that someone as strong as me will bother talking to you?” Gorlin said.

Wang Teng sighed in his heart.
He replied, “President, how do you know? Even if you have strong spiritual power, you can only notice the difference in my spiritual mark when I activate my spiritual power.
I don’t think I used my spiritual power in front of you.”

“When you entered the rune society, you used your spiritual power to scan the lobby once.
I noticed you at that time.
At the start, I didn’t place much attention on you.
Many people from your world come here since there’s trade between the two worlds.
It isn’t strange for a person from Earth to appear in my rune society.
However, when I coincidentally met you taking the runemaster exams, I understood what you wanted to do,” Gorlin replied slowly.

“Spiritual power!” Su Lingxuan turned her head violently to look at Wang Teng as she listened to their conversation.
This fellow actually possessed spiritual power!

What? Right at the start? Wang Teng was shocked at something else.
When he observed the lobby at that time, he didn’t detect any person with strong spiritual power.
That was why he dared to pick up the attribute bubbles with his spiritual power.
He was certain that President Gorlin wasn’t there, but he still managed to detect his presence.
How frightening was his spiritual power?

The next moment, he smiled bitterly.
He was too careless!

“President, why are you telling me this?” he asked.

“So that you can become my disciple.” Gorlin smiled.
He looked like a sly old fox.

…Wang Teng looked at him in a daze.

Su Lingxuan was bewildered too.
However, she remembered her master’s method of doing things and felt that it was understandable.

He might appear to be of noble character and high prestige and act kind and amiable in front of everyone, but in reality, his heart was black.

After all, he was an old monster that had lived for a few hundred years!

“What do you think? Young man, if you acknowledge me as your master, I will keep your secret for you.
I will even teach you how to hide your spiritual mark,” Gorlin sniggered.

“Why?” Wang Teng asked sternly.

Gorlin seemed to know what he was referring to.
He suddenly retracted his smile and looked at him intently.
“The world is different!”

“Can you be more specific?” Wang Teng asked.

“You will have to figure it out yourself.” Gorlin couldn’t keep his mysterious aura for more than three seconds.
He immediately started smiling slyly again.

…Wang Teng felt like vomiting blood.
Why does everyone like to leave him hanging.
It feels so uncomfortable to know half of what’s happening.

“But I already have a master,” he said.

“A runemaster?” Gorlin asked.

She teaches me martial arts,” Wang Teng replied.

“That won’t be a problem then.
It isn’t conflicting.
Even if your martial arts master knows, she won’t mind,” Gorlin said.

“Alright, Master!” Wang Teng forsook his dignity and greeted Gorlin.

“Very good!” Gorlin stroke his white beard and nodded in satisfaction.
He pointed at Su Lingxuan and said, “She will be your junior sister in the future.
Remember to take care of her.”

“” Su Lingxuan was agitated as if someone had rubbed her the wrong way.
“Why? I’m the senior sister here!”

“You’re younger and weaker than him,” Gorlin smiled as he replied to her.

“Shouldn’t seniority be based on the time you enter the clan?” Su Lingxuan expressed her unhappiness.

“Hmm, how about this? If you can make Wang Teng call you senior sister, you will be his senior sister.” Gorlin immediately threw this problem to Wang Teng.

“Junior sister, nice to meet you.
Please take care of me in the future.” Wang Teng sniggered in his heart.
There was no way he was going to call this lady, who was younger than him, his senior.

“Call me senior sister!” Su Lingxuan was furious.

“Junior sister!”

“Call senior sister!”

“Junior sister!”

“Alright, alright.
You can quarrel over your seniority in the future.
Let’s talk business now.” Gorlin hurriedly stopped the two of them.
He said to Wang Teng, “Let’s talk about your spiritual power now.
How much do you understand your spiritual power?”

Wang Teng’s interest was instantly hooked.
His expression was grave as he shook his head.
“I don’t understand much!”

…Gorlin choked on his words.
He took a few breaths before continuing, “What a waste.
You’re fortunate that you met me.
Simply put, spiritual kinesis is the objectification of your spiritual power.
Very few people are able to breed spiritual kinesis.
You need to be extremely gifted and lucky.
You are undoubtedly very lucky.

“Spiritual kinesis is related to a mysterious and ancient job, divine spirit master.”

“Divine spirit master?” Wang Teng felt that this was his lucky moment, his time to shine.
He asked hurriedly, “What is a divine spirit master?”

The moment he finished speaking, a wave of spiritual kinesis emerged from Gorlin’s body.
The fire Force around them surged towards him and congregated into a giant fire serpent in front of him.
It lowered its head to look at Wang Teng.

“This is a divine spirit master.”

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