Chapter 269: Out Of The Ivory Tower

Once Wang Teng’s team’s school credits were announced, everyone was startled, especially when they exceeded the second team by close to 1000 points.

At the start, everyone felt that Wang Teng wouldn’t be able to lead the team properly because the weak students would be a burden to him.
Hence, even if their team wasn’t the last, they wouldn’t have a high score.

A strong person in the team didn’t mean that the team would be strong.

However, Wang Teng was much stronger than they had imagined.
He was able to lead his team to the top no matter how weak it was.

There was another point that they couldn’t accept.
The top three teams were all from battle class one.

When Head Tong announced the third and second position, they still wondered if the others could get first place.
However, when the top position was revealed, it was still from battle class one.
The instructors from other classes felt embarrassed.

A dangerous glint appeared in their eyes as they glanced at their students.
It looked like they weren’t training them hard enough!

On the other hand, the instructors from battle class one were full of smiles.
Before the other instructors could say anything, they smiled and cupped their hands together.
“Thank you, thank you!”

The expressions on the other instructors’ faces turned worse.

Besides battle class one, the other students felt a chill down their spines.

Was it already winter? Did the temperature drop?

The heads left after the results were announced.
The instructors talked to the students for some time and left too.

It was the weekend.
The students were able to rest for two days before starting their lessons.

In the stadium, the students were talking about the missions.
They left in small groups.
Chen Yang hid among the crowd, wanting to leave secretly.

“Chen Yang, remember our battle tomorrow,” Wang Teng shouted at his back.

Chen Yang stumbled.
He turned his head awkwardly and said in embarrassment, “Wang Teng, I think that I haven’t completely healed from the injury last time.
I feel uncomfortable again.
Why don’t we fight another time?”

“You look radiant.
You don’t seem to have any problem,” Wang Teng said indifferently.

“Ah, my chest, it hurts!” Chen Yang clutched his chest violently.
His face turned pale, and he… vomited blood.

Wang Teng: …

The people around them were stunned.

What was going on?

“Wang Teng, look, my injury relapsed again.
Let’s fight another time,” Chen Yang said pitifully.

Wang Teng’s expression was strange.
He was caught between laughter and tears as he waved and said, “Go ahead.
Think carefully before you challenge me again.”

Chen Yang scurried off.
He was extremely embarrassed, and his face was scorching.

He didn’t mind fighting, but he didn’t want to get tortured.
When he heard Wang Teng’s team’s school credits, he woke up from his stupor.
His arrogance burst immediately.

Wang Teng loved to hit people’s heads.
He wasn’t stupid.
He wouldn’t fight with him when he knew that he couldn’t win.

As for his pride, he would feel even more humiliated if he got turned into a pig’s head.

Once Chen Yang left, everyone burst out laughing.

Some confused students started laughing too when they heard what happened.

Chen Yang was hilarious.
He challenged Wang Teng twice and ran away twice.
He kept humiliating himself.

Some restless students who wanted to challenge Wang Teng threw this thought away after they saw Chen Yang’s plight.

Their difference was still too wide!

After an internal agreement, the team decided to let Wang Teng take 30% of the accumulated school credits.
The remaining 70% would be evenly split among the other students.

No one felt that Wang Teng took too much.
Instead, they thought that he took too little.
He was crucial during the missions.
Without Wang Teng, they wouldn’t even get 300 school credits.
Besides, their actual combat skills had also improved vastly.
This wasn’t something that could be gauged using the school credits.

However, Wang Teng didn’t ask for more.
This percentage was good enough.
His teammates were the ones completing most of the missions in the second half of the month.
He was only in charge of picking up attributes.
Hao Zhengxing and the rest didn’t know that they provided free labor for him.
It was a win-win situation!

After getting the school credits, Hao Zhengxing and the others returned the credits they borrowed back to Wang Teng.

The team mission ended successfully.
Hence, the temporary team dispersed!

The school resumed normal lessons in the next few days.
However, everyone quickly realized that there were lesser theory lessons.
More free time was given to the students to allow them to arrange their own cultivation.

Wang Teng was busy picking up attributes.
At the same time, he continued challenging the top 100 students in the school as his master, Dan Taixuan, instructed.

However, the seniors at the top were often not in school, especially the top ten students.
None of them were in school, so Wang Teng couldn’t find them.
He had no choice but to stop his challenges.

Today, Wang Teng was picking up attributes in the actual combat training building when his water Force suddenly reached 4-star soldier level!

Water Force: 3/2000 (4-star)

This is it.
All my five elements have reached 4-star soldier level! Wang Teng smiled.
Then, he frowned immediately. The upgrading speed is getting slow if I continue picking up attributes in school.

Wang Teng started contemplating.

The stronger students in the school were mostly outside doing missions or cultivating while traveling.
You wouldn’t be able to see them in public areas.
The students normally seen in school weren’t very strong, so the attributes they dropped weren’t a lot.
To Wang Teng, it was extremely inadequate.

I am as strong as the top ten students in school now.
I can’t waste my time in school.
It’s time to walk out of the ivory tower! Wang Teng thought to himself.

He came to look for his instructor and told him his plan.

“You want to take a long break?” Liu Feng looked at Wang Teng in surprise.

“Yes,” Wang Teng answered decisively.
He had thought about this carefully.

“Why?” Liu Feng asked.

“My ability…” Wang Teng didn’t complete his sentence.

But Liu Feng understood.
It was true that Wang Teng’s ability wasn’t on the same level as the other freshmen.
It was disadvantageous for Wang Teng’s cultivation if they forcefully placed him together with them.

“What about your theoretical knowledge?” Liu Feng hesitated and asked.

“I will take the exam at the end of the semester.
At that time, I will get a satisfactory score,” Wang Teng promised.

“This…” Liu Feng was still in a dilemma.
He smiled bitterly and said, “I can’t decide this.
Follow me to see the head, and let’s see what he has to say.”

Wang Teng and Liu Feng came to Tong Hu’s office.
They stared at each other for a moment before Tong Hu brought Wang Teng to President Peng Yuanshan’s office.

“Alright, I understand.
Wang Teng can stay.
Head Tong and Instructor Liu, you can go back first,” Peng Yuanshan said calmly.


After the two of them left, Peng Yuanshan looked at Wang Teng and smiled.
“I knew that you will make this request one day.
All the outstanding students like to act alone.
You are no exception.”

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