The second Zhou Baiyun finished speaking, people started heading over to the hunting ground after informing their friends.

Wang Teng was interested too.
Before joining them, he called out his attributes panel.

Enlightenment: 82

Physique: 167

Strength: 2888


Speed: 1033

Battle Techniques: Basic Fist Skill (mastery), Basic Footwork (mastery), Basic Sword Skill (mastery), Basic Blade Skill (mastery), Gun Skill (small achievement)


Over the past few days, his attribute points had been steadily increasing, and he had also added ‘gun skill’ to his arsenal.

It was already at the small achievement stage too.

There were a lot of things related to gun knowledge in Wang Teng’s mind.
He felt that his aim had gotten accurate, and his gaze had become slightly sharp.

He had picked up the gun skill two days ago when he killed the five robbers.


These robbers were all martial disciples, and they only had the very basic fist skill and footwork, so the attributes they could provide were limited.
However, they had guns to make up for their lack of skills.
They had dropped quite a lot of gun skill attributes.

The attributes from the five robbers pushed Wang Teng’s gun skill to the small achievement stage.

Undoubtedly, killing someone would make them drop the most attributes!

It was frightening just thinking about it!

Besides attributes, Wang Teng also had another gain that day—rune gun!

Each of the five robbers had one rune gun.
However, the leader of the robbers had another one hidden on his body.
After the hostages ran out of the office building, based on the principle of not wasting any chances, Wang Teng… searched the corpses!

This is just a good habit I picked up from playing games.


Fortunately, the surveillance cameras were broken by professional robbers, so it provided the most convenient opportunity for Wang Teng.

This was why Wang Teng had a weapon hidden on his body!


After he picked up the gun skill attributes, he hadn’t had the chance to test it out.
Thus, when he heard that guns could be used in the hunting ground, excitement crept up in his heart.

“Brother Wang Teng, shall we have some fun?” Xu Jie asked with glistening eyes.

Yu Hao and Sun Gaoyan seemed excited too.

Wang Teng smiled in his heart.
It looked like everyone had the same thought.

“Little Wei, are you going?” Wang Teng looked at Bai Wei and asked.

You guys play with the real guns, and I will play with my small water guns.” Bai Wei waved the water gun that had suddenly appeared in her hand.

“Erm… sure.
As long as you are happy.” The corners of Wang Teng’s eyes jumped a little.
He said to Xu Jie and the other two young men, “Let’s go.”

Bai Wei joined the water gun battle team with a few other young ladies.

Wang Teng and his friends came to the entrance of the hunting ground.
After finishing their registration at the staff counter and collecting their guns, they entered the hunting ground.

The guns provided by the staff were also rune guns.
However, their power couldn’t be compared to the guns the robbers used.

Although they were both rune guns, there was a difference in their power.
More powerful rune guns were able to kill martial warriors, while weaker ones could only be used to kill the lowest level mutated wild beasts.

Based on the power of the guns, rune guns could be classified from one-star to nine-star.

The hunting guns they had weren’t even considered one-star guns.

But, when Xu Jie and his friends touched the guns, they felt they were caressing some precious treasure.


Amid mixed feelings, the group walked into the hunting ground.

The entire hunting ground was surrounded by metal barbed wires, which were enhanced by runes.
Hence, its defense ability was better than regular metal wires.

The light in the hunting ground was a little dim.
Trees shot up from the ground, and their dense crowns blocked the sunlight.

The ground was filled with decomposed leaves and branches piled up over the years.
When you stepped on them, they kept cracking.

“Isn’t there any special staff assigned to clean the hunting ground normally?” Xu Jie complained.

“Cleaning is unnecessary.
Many people are attracted by the atmosphere here.
If there are too many signs of human intervention, it won’t have this feeling anymore,” Sun Gaoyan explained.

“Hmm…” Xu Jie thought for a moment and nodded.
“Makes sense.”

Yu Hao rolled his eyes.
He had to admit that Xu Jie was a little idiotic and stupid sometimes.


As they were chatting casually, a gunshot exploded beside their ears without any warning.
They almost jumped on the spot in fright.

“F**k, Brother Wang Teng, why did you fire?” Xu Jie patted his chest and asked.

Wang Teng raised his chin.
Xu Jie and the other three people looked in the direction he was pointing at.

There was a huge grey rabbit!

It was lying in the bushes, dead.

“We’re off to a flying start!” Xu Jie laughed loudly.

Yu Hao and Sun Gaoyan looked at Wang Teng in shock.
They hadn’t noticed when this rabbit appeared at all.

Also, his firing was really accurate.
One shot, one kill!

After Xu Jie picked up the rabbit, the group of young people continued walking into the depth of the hunting ground.
The deeper parts were the real playground for wild animals.

An hour passed in a blink of an eye.

Xu Jie and his friends were all carrying wild animals in their hands.
The harvest seemed good.

“There’s movement in front.”

The second Wang Teng spoke, the other three people stopped in their tracks and raised their guns.

They listened carefully and noticed a faint sound coming from the distance.
They were already used to Wang Teng’s keen senses, so they appeared nonchalant now.

Each of them found a tree and hid behind it.

“Hurry up and chase it! Don’t let it run away!” someone shouted in front.

Xu Jie exchanged glances with his companions.
It looked like they had encountered another group of hunters.

Just as they were preparing to give up, the bushes in front of them started shaking.
Wang Teng and others stopped midway and saw an agile black shadow dashing out of the bushes.

The person who shouted earlier had run over too.

“It’s them!”

Xu Jie and his friends took a glance and exclaimed.
It was Zhou Baiyun, Li Rongcheng, and their friends.

Li Rongcheng was eager to perform in front of Zhou Baiyun, so he raised his gun and fired at his prey while sprinting.

Bang, bang, bang!

All three shots hit nothing.
The black shadow dodged right and left.
It was unimaginably agile.

“Li Rongcheng, if you can’t hit it, stop firing.
You are wasting the bullets.
More importantly, what if you hit us?” Xu Jie shouted in a mocking tone.

“F**k, why are you here?” Li Rongcheng cursed, as if meeting them was unlucky.

“Haha, this hunting ground doesn’t belong to your family.
If you can come, why can’t we?” Xu Jie rebutted.


“Hurry up and stop it.
It’s going to escape!”

Before Li Rongcheng could say anything, Zhou Baiyun shouted from behind.

“F**k, Brother Wang Teng, it’s a white wolf.
It’s running towards you,” Xu Jie glanced at the animal and yelled in a strange tone.

Wang Teng didn’t want to fire.
This wolf was Zhou Baiyun’s prey.
If he interfered with their tram hunting, grudges would naturally take root in their hearts.

However, Li Rongcheng fired a few more shots and still couldn’t hit it.

“If anyone hits that wolf, I will fulfill one wish for him!” Zhou Baiyun shouted when she saw that the white wolf was about to escape.

Wang Teng looked at the white wolf dashing towards him and felt helpless.

Why do you have to run towards me? 

You are forcing me to act.


One shot!

Wang Teng predicted the wolf’s movement for dodging the bullet.
He aimed his shot in its path and hit its abdomen with a single shot.

The white wolf howled in agony and fell from the branches, landing on the ground with a thud.

“Haha, you hit it!”

Xu Jie was happier than Wang Teng.
He walked out from behind the tree and laughed at Li Rongcheng until Li Rongcheng’s face turned green.

“What good luck!” Li Rongcheng scolded.

Yu Hao and Sun Gaoyan also walked over.
They gathered around the wolf and examined it, clicking their tongues in amazement at the same time.

“This wolf’s fur is so beautiful!”

Zhou Baiyun walked over and bent down to stroke the wolf’s fur.
She said delightfully, “Very good.
This fur is perfect for making a scarf.”


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