Chapter 267: What A Pity! How Unfortunate! Sigh!

Wang Teng and the others went back to school after handing over the mission to Chief Xin.

Wang Teng didn’t interfere in the battle with Lei Hui until he was out of options.
Even when Hao Zhengxing and the others got injured, he didn’t move.

There would always be injuries during a battle.
Wang Teng could ensure their survival, but he wouldn’t protect them like a nanny.

Thus, after completing the mission, they went back to school to recuperate.

Chief Xin’s reply came quickly.
He added another 200 school credits in the afternoon.
Wang Teng accepted it readily.
200 school credits were enough.

As for Lei Hui’s heart issue, he received a reply too.

Lei Hui’s heart position was different from a normal person’s.
It was slightly to the right, not a special ability because he turned into a dark apparition.

Wang Teng heaved a sigh of relief when he heard this.
It would be heaven-defying if dark apparitions couldn’t die after stabbing their hearts.

They only suffered some minor injuries, so Wang Teng’s team started another mission quickly.

Time flew.
In a blink of an eye, half a month had passed.

Mind you, the students who were able to enter Huanghai Military Academy were all outstanding.

Hao Zhengxing and the others matured quickly.
They had started as newbies, but now, they were able to complete some 1-star soldier-level missions with greater difficulties alone.

Their mentality also underwent a transformation, becoming calmer and more decisive.
Slowly but surely, they were turning into real martial warriors.

This day, Wang Teng and the others went back to school to rest.
Suddenly, they heard some bad news.

Something happened to a team!

It was a team from battle class two.
Two students died, and four were seriously injured.

The result was tragic.

The instructors had already told them that there would be people getting injured and dying during missions.

The students understood this too, but honestly, some of them weren’t convinced until they experienced it personally.

Hence, the team from battle class two got arrogant after doing a few simple missions and chose a 2-star soldier-level mission with a higher difficulty.

In the end, the consequences were miserable because of some mistakes.

Yes, an instructor was protecting them, but instructors weren’t almighty.
The students had been informed that the death rate would only be higher if they had the mentality that they were protected from the start.

One’s mentality was fundamental.
They had to rely on themselves.

However, the students were amazed that the instructor didn’t manage to save the students.
In the past, a few teams were saved by their instructors when they encountered dangers.

You could only say that they were unlucky.

The students from a top university with a bright future ahead died in their prime age… What a pity! How unfortunate! Sigh!

Everyone was talking about this in the logistics building.

Some teams were prepared to choose missions with higher difficulty levels, but they were frightened when they heard the news.
They decided to play safe.

When Li Wendong came back after getting information from other people, his mood was a little low.
He said, “A lady and a guy died from the class next door.
We have seen them before and are quite familiar with them.
I didn’t expect them to die like this.”

“Do you know the reason?” Wang Teng asked.

“They went hunting for a 2-star star beast.
The mission description claimed that there was only one, but there were two.
They accidentally got ambushed by the other star beast,” Li Wendong replied.

“Star beast! Some star beasts are harder to deal with than martial warriors.
Also, they are smart and sly.
These people are so careless.
Where did they get the guts to choose this mission after only half a month of training?” Hao Zhengxing said.

“But, this also proves that the description of the mission might not be accurate.
Accidents could always happen,” Yuan Jing analyzed.

“That’s right.
Accidents also happened during the two missions we chose.
We might have become the mourning party for our classmates if it wasn’t for our leader,” Hao Zhengxing said with lingering fears.

“Let’s not talk about this anymore.
Let’s be more careful when choosing missions in the future and not end up like them,” Li Wendong said.

Two days later.

In a mountain near the edge of Donghai.

Hao Zhengxing smashed the backbone of a wolf star beast with his rod.
He ended its life as it howled in agony.

“Star beasts are really hard to deal with!”

The students were panting heavily, and there were injuries all over their bodies.
Blood was oozing out of a few wounds, drenching their outfits.
They bared their teeth from the pain.

They looked at Wang Teng with anger and bitterness in their eyes.

The moment he heard that someone died in the hands of star beasts, Wang Teng accepted a 1-star star beast hunting mission from the City Protection Bureau.

Did he have to torture them like this!

Although Wang Teng was doing this for their sake, it was still vicious.
He didn’t even give them any reaction time.

Wang Teng ignored them.
He picked up the two attribute bubbles dropped by the star beast in front.

Wood Force*20

Blank Attribute*14

As the wood Force merged into his Force nucleus, Wang Teng suddenly shuddered.

Wood element 4-star soldier level—accomplished!

Wood Force: 12/2000 (4-star)

Wang Teng smiled brightly.
He said to his teammates, “Let’s go.
We need to hurry back and attend to your wounds.
You have almost lost all your blood.”

Hao Zhengxing and the others lowered their heads and looked down.
There was indeed a pool of blood on the ground.
They felt dizzy and started crying, “Ah… I’m going to die.
Quick, we need to go back…”

Wang Teng shook his head speechlessly.

After Wang Teng left, Liu Feng appeared on the scene.
He frowned as he muttered to himself, “More and more star beasts have been appearing everywhere on Earth.
Even traces of dark apparitions got more frequent.
Everyone is starting to do small actions.
Troubled times…”

Another week passed.
Wang Teng’s team had completed three more missions.
They were all quite difficult, and their completion degree was high.
As the missions progressed, most of the work was done by Hao Zhengxing and the other six team members.
Wang Teng only appeared at the end and didn’t do anything most of the time.
This made Liu Feng very surprised.

At first, he didn’t have high hopes for Hao Zhengxing and the other students.
After all, this team was the weakest in the class.
Putting Wang Teng inside was to standardize their ability.

Wang Teng was strong, but the instructors didn’t believe that he could lead this team to great heights.
It would be good enough if their school credits were the mean of the other freshmen teams.

Unfortunately, the instructors were wrong.
Wang Teng managed to lead this newbie team to the top!

Liu Feng even felt that Wang Teng’s team could be top three in terms of ability now.
Of course, Wang Teng was an exception.
If he included him, their team would undoubtedly be number one.

At night, in a dark alley, a figure was escaping at the front with three people hot on his tail.

“Don’t run!” Someone shouted.

Of course, the more he shouted, the faster the person in front ran.

But, as he was passing a crossroad, a black figure dashed out from the alley at the side abruptly.


With a low thud, the escaping figure fell to the ground.
He fainted on the spot.

“Hmph, who asked you to run!” The others gathered around.
The moonlight shone on them, revealing their faces.
It was Hao Zhengxing and his friends.

“Leader’s method is really useful.
Did we manage to ambush a 1-star soldier-level peak martial warrior?” Hao Zhengxing said in disbelief.

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