Chapter 259: Arasseo?

Three black figures wearing nightclothes were hiding beside the main road.
They stared at the pitch-black turn in front of them.

“Tonight is our last chance.
If we fail, we might not be able to leave China.
If we are lucky enough to escape, we will still have to face death because we failed our mission.”

A tall foreign lady with golden hair and blue eyes opened her mouth and said to the other two men.


Her companions looked grave.
They fully understood the severe consequences, so they nodded in reply.

“There are three cars.
Kill everyone besides the daughter of Longhai,” the golden-haired lady, Hill, said, “I will catch Long Yao personally!”

None of them noticed a pitch-black crow cleaning its feathers on the crown of a tree in the forest behind them.
It was staring at them with its blood-red eyes.

Suddenly, the roars of engines were heard on the quiet road.

It came closer and closer!

“They’re here!”

The golden-haired lady fixed her gaze on the road.

Not long after, a couple of lights appeared at the turn.
The sound of tires scratching the ground and the burnt smell of friction assaulted their senses.
A Porsche was drifting over.

Two other racing cars followed closely behind it.

There was one Audi and one Ferrari, both high-class sports cars.
Their sleek bodies and enchanting engine roars were proof that they cost a fortune.

What a pity!


A cold shout resounded.

Three figures shot out simultaneously.
The two male martial warriors flew towards the Porsche and the Audi at the back.

Accompanied with Force glows, a powerful attack slammed into the two sports cars.


The expensive sports cars were crushed under the powerful attack as if they were made of paper.
The strong impact caused them to fly out of the road.

The cars flipped in the air.

The guardrails on the side of the road were destroyed, and the two racing cars fell down with their owners.
They disappeared into the darkness in a blink of an eye.

At the same time, the golden-haired lady leaped up and landed heavily on the top of the red Ferrari.
Her body was engulfed in a Force glow.

The top of the red Ferrari deformed, as though there was a huge weight on it.
The body of the car sank abruptly.

All four tires exploded!

The car frame rubbed against the ground, and sparks flew everywhere.
They were especially bright in the pitch-black night.
The entire car shot out of the racing track.

There were two people sitting in the car, and a young man was in the driving seat.
When he saw the surprise attack, his expression changed.

However, he reacted quickly.
He unbuckled his seat belt and did a series of actions…

Unfortunately, the young lady on the passenger’s seat wasn’t as calm.
She shrieked in fear at the top of her lungs.
The high-pitch scream almost ruptured the young man’s eardrums.

Just as this red Ferrari was about to suffer the same fate as the other two cars, the golden-haired lady on top jumped down and kicked the car forcefully.

The red Ferrari skidded and slammed into the forest at the side.

The racing car was already useless after the huge blow.
It stopped after the collision, and black smoke started coming out of the car.

The golden-haired lady and the two foreign male martial warriors ran towards the racing car.

Suddenly, the door closer to the forest’s side was kicked open with a bang.
It flew out for a distance as a black figure darted out of the car.

The young man didn’t hesitate; there was no room for hesitation here.
He carried the young lady on his back and escaped into the forest.

“Escaping?” The golden-haired lady sneered.
To her, the youngster’s actions were futile.
She tapped her feet on the ground, scattered dust everywhere.
She turned into lingering shadows.

Her speed was astonishing.
She caught up with the two people in front within a few breaths.
The battle blade in her hand formed a blade glow in the air as she slashed at the young man.

“Run!” The young man’s expression changed slightly.
While shouting, he had already thrown the lady on his back out.

Then, he turned around and faced the sharp blade glow head-on.

A cold light flashed past.

A dagger had blocked the battle blade.

“Huh? 2-star soldier level!” The golden-haired lady squinted slightly.
She said to her companions, “Leave this person to me.
Barnard, Margery, retreat immediately after you catch Long Yao.
I will find you soon.”

The two male foreign martial warriors didn’t waste any time.
They nodded and chased after Long Yao.

The young man wanted to stop them, but he was held back by the golden-haired lady.

“Your opponent is me.”

The young man was anxious.
He knew that he wouldn’t be able to escape until he killed this lady.

He made his decision swiftly and attacked on his own, dashing towards the golden-haired lady.
His attacks were ferocious and vicious.
He wanted to end this battle quickly.

The golden-haired lady had the same thought.
There was more than one martial warrior beside Long Yao.
The others would definitely rush over after hearing what happened.
The longer she dragged this fight, the more disadvantageous it would be.

Their blades collided in the air, and their attacks were as fast as lightning.
When their Force smashed into each other, they set off small explosions continuously.
The powerful impact caused huge damages.
A huge patch of the forest was destroyed by them in a blink of an eye.

On the other side, the two foreign martial warriors caught up with Long Yao easily with their speed.

Although she practiced martial arts and was an advanced-stage martial disciple, she was spoiled and lazy.
There was no way she could outrun the two martial warriors.

“Miss Long, please come with us.” Barnard and Margery blocked Long Yao from the front and back.
They closed in on her step by step.

“Don’t come over.
Who sent you? How much did they give you? I will double it!” Long Yao shouted fiercely.
However, deep down, she was afraid.

“Surrender yourself so that you won’t have to suffer!” The two martial warriors weren’t moved by her words.
Her attitude was cold and indifferent.

“Everything in this world can be solved using money.
Is it not enough? I can give you triple, quadruple… give me a number.
Everything can be discussed as long as you let me go,” Long Yao said hurriedly when she saw the two of them getting closer.

She had money, so she felt that she could do everything.

The two foreign martial warriors felt their breathing getting heavier.
Triple, quadruple… this money was enough for their entire life.
But they weren’t stupid.
They knew that they wouldn’t have the life to spend the money.

“Let’s not bullshit with her anymore.
Take her and retreat.”

The two of them charged towards Long Yao almost at the same instant.
They were exceptionally careful because they had to catch her alive.

At this distance, they were confident that they could catch her alive.


Even in this situation, our young miss Long Yao didn’t think of escaping.
Instead, she squatted down and screamed.

After screaming for a long time, she noticed that nothing happened.
She heard sounds of fighting beside her.

She slowly raised her head and saw an unfamiliar young man wearing a black gown with a weird wooden casket behind him.
He was looking at her mockingly.

A few figures wearing the same black cloak were fighting with the two foreign martial warriors.
It was a heated fight between seven and two people.

What is this?

What just happened?

Who am I? Where am I?

Long Yao was dumbfounded.
Suddenly, she heard the young man in front tease her.

“What a pity.
You should have been a soprano.”

“Go and die!” Long Yao turned angry from embarrassment.
She noticed that the danger was gone, so she resumed her young miss manners.
She stood up and questioned him, “Who are you?”

“A student from Huanghai Military Academy.
I accepted the police mission to catch three foreign martial warriors.

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