Chapter 258: The Cute And Mesmerizing Little Oriole…

“Hu Bing!”

Yang Zhenchao hesitated when he saw the policeman who stood up.

“Captain, I’ve been following this case since the start.
No one knows it better than me,” Hu Bing said.

Yang Zhenchao stopped pondering.
He nodded and said, “Alright, you will go with Little Lu.”

He gave some orders to Hu Bing and Xia Lu.

Before they left, Yang Zhenchao said to Wang Teng and his team, “When you’re executing the mission, don’t implicate ordinary people and try not to have fights in public areas.
It will have adverse effects and will damage the order of the city.
If something goes wrong, you will have to bear legal responsibility.

“You should already know this, but I just want to remind you.”

Wang Teng and his classmates had indeed learned it in school.

This might be the martial arts era, but there was still a higher percentage of ordinary people.
The martial warriors’ world and the ordinary world were separated.

If the martial warriors caused trouble all the time, based on their powerful abilities, it would cause social panic easily.

Wang Teng and his team walked out of the police station and boarded their vehicle.
They were heading to the first location where traces of the foreign martial warriors were found.

Hu Bing and Xia Lu drove a normal sedan and followed behind them.

“Martial warriors are seriously special.
Even the captain has to be polite with them.” Hu Bing drove the car and glanced at Xia Lu from the corner of his eyes.
He continued talking, “However, I heard that this is their first time handling a mission, so they might be inexperienced.
In the past, there were failures too.

“The martial warriors from the White Eagle Nation aren’t easy to deal with.
We couldn’t find them even after searching for so long.
The students that were supposed to protect the CEO of Longhai Corporation couldn’t handle them either.
I heard that there were even casualties.
Do you think these students from Huanghai can do it?”

Xia Lu just ignored him, staring at Wang Teng’s car in front without blinking.

When he saw her lack of response, anger flashed past Hu Bing’s eyes.

On the bus, Wang Teng said, “You have heard what Captain Yang said just now.
There are three possible locations.
We will investigate them one by one.”

“Leader, these martial warriors from White Eagle Nation are all crafty and sly.
They are good at hiding.
Even if we know what area they are in, we can’t search every single building and every single unit, right?” Li Wendong said.

“Don’t worry, I have my way.
You just have to adjust your condition to prepare for any sudden battles,” Wang Teng replied.

The students felt bewildered.
They didn’t know what Wang Teng’s plan was.

Even Liu Feng, who was resting with closed eyes at the side, opened his eyes and looked at Wang Teng in surprise.

When Wang Teng and his team were on the move, the other teams were executing their missions too.
All of them gave their best and went all out, whether it was for their school credits or their pride.

Time passed slowly.

Very soon, two days had gone by.
Some teams had already completed the simpler missions and earned school credits.

The instructors kept in contact with one another and knew everyone’s situation.

At this moment, Wang Teng was eating dinner.

Liu Feng felt confused when he looked at the calm Wang Teng.
He couldn’t help but ask, “Six teams have completed their missions successfully and earned their school credits.
Chen Yang from our class earned 30 school credits.
They are at the top of the rank now.

“Although it’s not much compared to your 200 school credits, they have already earned it.
On the other hand, you are just wasting your time here.
Are you sure you don’t want to give up this mission?”

Wang Teng and his team had eliminated two potential hiding spots in these two days.
However, they didn’t find the real hiding spot of the foreign martial warriors yet.
Hao Zhengxing and the others were a little agitated.
They looked at Wang Teng unconsciously after hearing Liu Feng’s words.


“Why worry? We haven’t investigated the third location, right? If we can’t find them there, it means that the clues provided by the police were wrong,” Wang Teng said.

Hu Bing and Xia Lu from the police were present too.
Xia Lu frowned and said, “You might have missed some areas.”

“You are just loitering aimlessly every day.
You didn’t look for them carefully.
It’s no wonder you can’t find them,” Hu Bing said with disdain.

“You have no right to comment on how I do things.” Wang Teng raised his head and stared at Hu Bing.

“You failed at your job.
Why can’t I comment?” Hu Bing’s heart shuddered when he saw Wang Teng’s gaze.
However, he remembered that Xia Lu was just beside him, so he glared back at Wang Teng.

Xia Lu was sitting between the two of them and blocked them.
“This is a mission, not a game.
Please be more serious.”

“You don’t understand.” Wang Teng shook his head helplessly.

Liu Feng watched them from the side without speaking.
He was curious where Wang Teng’s confidence came from, but he didn’t mind giving him some stimulation.

A genius could only grow after suffering some setbacks.

Xia Lu and Hu Bing stopped talking.
They were waiting to see how Wang Teng would end the mission after today.

Night dawned.
Wang Teng suddenly heard the unique roars of sports cars in the distance.
There were more than just a few of them.

As a local and a second rich generation, he was familiar with this area.

At night, there weren’t many cars on a street some distance away from here.
Hence, it became the playground for wealthy young people who had nothing to do.


He was part of this race in his past life.

Suddenly, Wang Teng had an idea.
He turned and spoke to Xia Lu, “Check if the daughter of the CEO comes here often to race.”

“Hey, what’s with your tone? We are not your subordinates,” Hu Bing said unhappily.

“Hurry!” Wang Teng glanced at him expressionlessly before shouting at Xia Lu sternly.

Xia Lu thought of something too.
She disregarded Wang Teng’s tone and called the police station immediately.
Within three minutes, the police station replied.

She nodded gravely and said, “You’re right.
She comes often, and she’s here today!”

“Everyone, it’s time to stretch our muscles.” Wang Teng stood up and smiled at his teammates.

They were all shocked.

Were they finally going to act after waiting for so long?

This was the critical moment.
Although they felt a little excited, they were mostly anxious.

“You found them?” Liu Feng looked at Wang Teng in amazement.
“It’s just a possibility.
They might not come.”

“No, they are already on their way,” Wang Teng said.

“How do you know?” Everyone looked at Wang Teng curiously.

Wang Teng didn’t reply to them.
Instead, he said, “Let’s go.
There aren’t many people on the main road at night.
We can catch the foreign martial warriors there.”

This was a cluster of abandoned warehouses.

Past midnight, a few hundred people were gathered outside the warehouse.
The place was brightly lit up, and music was blasting loudly.
The atmosphere was vivacious.
All kinds of cheers and screams shot up to the night sky.

Many sports cars were parked outside the warehouse.
Beautiful maidens in short mini-skirts and singlets weaved through the crowd.
Their hairs were dyed in all kinds of colors, and all of them had ear holes.
They looked like a bunch of bad youngsters clustering and screaming…

A few black shadows were sitting or standing on the top of a warehouse.
They were carrying their weapons on their backs.
Ordinary people wouldn’t be able to detect them with their eyesight.
They looked at the party below and sighed.
“Their lives are crazy.”

“They have nothing better to do,” one of them shook his head and said.

The moonlight shone on them and revealed their faces.
It was Wang Teng and his group.

Wang Teng was carrying the weapon carrier casket, his back facing his teammates.
His expression was a little awkward.
After all, he used to be like this.

“I didn’t know that the daughter of the CEO loved to race.
Doesn’t she know that this is dangerous?” Hao Zhengxing asked.

“People like her love to break the rules and look for excitement in their lives,” Li Wendong replied.

“It’s hard to understand their thoughts.” Yuan Jing and the other ladies shook their heads.

Wang Teng felt ashamed when he remembered that he used to live this life.
When he looked at the frivolous and cool-looking people below now, he felt a strong ‘rich second generation’ aura from them.

Out of sight, out of mind.
Wang Teng closed his eyes and changed his vision.
He looked up at the sky.

A crow was flying through the night sky.
Its blood-red eyes were focused on a few figures who were moving quickly through the streets.

This crow was Wang Teng’s spiritual pet.

Wang Teng had been raising his crow carefully during this period.
He wasn’t stingy with star beast meat, so the little crow grew quickly.
Little White could fly, and it had reached the 1-star level now.

Wang Teng seemed to be loitering around aimlessly for the past few days, but he was changing his vision with Little White to investigate this area.
Just now.
He finally found the foreign martial warriors.

Coincidentally, they were planning to kill the eldest daughter of the CEO of Longhai Corporation tonight, just as he had expected.

Fortunately, he discovered it in time.
If not, the difficulty of the mission would have increased tremendously.

The mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind!

Tonight, Wang Teng and his team were cute and mesmerizing little orioles…

Boom, boom, boom!

Wang Teng opened his eyes.
Fierce roars came from down below.
The race was about to start.

From afar, he saw a sexy maiden walking to the starting line.
She took off her undergarment and threw it into the air.

The atmosphere at the scene reached its peak.

The cheers sounded continuous.

The sports cars roared past the maiden.
You could only see black lines flashing past her.
The strong wind blew her mini-skirt up.

Hao Zhengxing and the other young men had never seen anything like this before.
Their eyes turned wide open.


The glaring light was like a mosaic.
They couldn’t see anything.

Huh! Wang Teng couldn’t help but exclaim softly.
When the sports cars started their engines, multiple attribute bubbles had dropped.

Wang Teng activated his spiritual power and pulled the bubbles over.
It was a long distance away.

He picked them up.

Driving Skill*10

Driving Skill*8

Driving Skill*15

This is unexpected. Wang Teng smiled as he looked at his attributes panel.

Driving Skill: 178/500 (specialized)

I’m already at the specialized stage? He was slightly startled.
Then, he understood. That’s true.
I’m good at driving anyway.

This wasn’t the time to think about this, though.
He changed his view to the crow’s vision and predicted where the foreign martial warriors were hiding.
Then, he said to his teammates, “Let’s go to the mountain and stop them.”

After he finished speaking, he shrunk into the darkness and charged towards the mountain in the distance.

His teammates followed behind hurriedly.

Their instructor tailed them closely.
Honestly, he was very worried about this mission.

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