Chapter 257: Protectiveness

“So they are the students from Huanghai Military Academy.
I heard that all of them are martial warriors!”

“Our team leader is only an advanced stage martial disciple.
As expected of students from a top university.”

“That’s right, that’s right!”

Discussions rang out in the office.
The policemen couldn’t help but feel envious when they saw Wang Teng and his team.

Ordinary people wouldn’t see martial warriors often in their lives.
Moreover, every single martial warrior represented a form of privilege.
Thus, many people were willing to risk everything to become martial warriors.

At this moment, a figure stood up for the corner and looked at the students.

The person was stunned for a moment.

“…It’s you!” Yang Zhenchao was surprised.
He looked at Wang Teng as if he couldn’t recognize him.

“Captain Yang, long time no see!” Wang Teng smiled brightly.

“Good riddance, you have already become a martial warrior and entered Huanghai Military Academy.” Yang Zhenchao was flabbergasted.
He walked over and sized up Wang Teng uncontrollably as though he wanted to see something from him.

The other policemen in the office were also shocked.

“Our captain seems to know the leader of the students.”

“Our captain is amazing.
He actually knows a martial warrior from Huanghai Military Academy.”

“Idiot, did you listen to them properly? Captain knew him in the past…”

“Alright, alright, continue with your work.
Why are you gossiping?” Yang Zhenchao waved his hand and said.

“Captain Yang, we want to understand the Longhai Corporation case.
The more detailed it is, the better,” Wang Teng said directly.

“Wait for a moment.
Let me check.” Yang Zhenchao went to his computer and fiddled with it for a while.
He said, “The other party is from White Eagle Nation.
Currently, we only know that there is one 2-star soldier-level martial warrior and two 1-star soldier-level martial warriors.
They might have other companions hiding…”

As Yang Zhenchao introduced the case, the students gradually understood the conditions of the foreign martial warriors.
This included their appearance, figure, weapons, battle techniques, and many other things.

All the methods they used were recorded in detail in the police database.
They were compiled into a case, so everything could be seen at one glance.

There were videos of their fights too.
These were all recorded by the internal surveillance cameras of the Longhai Corporation.
They were kept in the police station as evidence.

After looking at the videos, Yuan Jing commented, “These foreign martial warriors are bold.
How dare they create trouble in our country so blatantly?”

“This is nothing.
As long as they are given enough money, they will do anything,” Yang Zhenchao shook his head and said.

“Do you have any leads on their hiding place?” Wang Teng asked.

“These foreign martial warriors are elite assassins.
They have powerful counter reconnaissance ability and know how to disguise themselves.
We barely managed to locate the three most possible areas for their hiding spot after transferring and screening through all the surveillance images in the entire Donghai City.
Take a look.” Yang Zhenchao opened the videos and showed them to Wang Teng and his teammates.

“These people look very similar to the three foreign martial warriors, whether it’s their figures or other traits.”

It had to be said that the modern surveillance system was very powerful, especially in a big city.
It almost covered all the corners of the city.
Normal culprits wouldn’t be able to escape from these watchful eyes.

However, these foreign martial warriors weren’t normal people.

“Did they leave any items behind?” Wang Teng asked.

“Yes.” Yang Zhenchao nodded.
He didn’t know what Wang Teng wanted to do, but he always cooperated well when there was a case.
He called a policewoman over.
“Little Lu, bring the items the martial warriors left behind.”

The policewoman called Little Lu was a pretty lady.
She was like a blooming flower among the bunch of men in the police station.
However, there were no expressions on her face.
She was an ice flower.

Are pretty ladies all so cold?

Wang Teng couldn’t help but wonder.

Xia Lu glanced at Wang Teng before turning around to get the items.

“Why did she look at me with that strange gaze?” Wang Teng felt speechless.

“Hahaha, you are so handsome, and you’re a martial warrior to boot.
Who won’t take a second look at you?” Yang Zhenchao teased him.
“What do you think? Our Little Lu is the police belle in our west area police station.
Do you fancy her?”

He had his plans all laid out.

Wang Teng was an extremely young martial warrior and a student of the Huanghai Military Academy.
He had a bright future ahead.

If they got married, Wang Teng would be part of their west side police station.
In the future, they would get many benefits.

However, before Wang Teng could open his mouth, the young ladies on his team couldn’t hold back their emotions.

This was outrageous!

Wang Teng is an outstanding resource.
We haven’t even laid our hands on him.
Why should we give him to you?

The ladies turned into protective hens and said, “Captain Yang, you don’t have to worry about our leader’s marriage.
He’s very popular in school.
Many ladies are already chasing him.”

“That’s right.
They are all martial warriors, and some of them are as beautiful as the lady just now.”

“If they learn that you’re trying to snatch their prey, they might come and destroy your office one day.”

Yang Zhenchao immediately felt awkward.
He laughed to clear his embarrassment and said, “Haha, I’m kidding, kidding.”

Wang Teng sighed emotionally.
As expected, someone as outstanding as him was like a gem in sand.
He would attract people wherever he went.
He couldn’t keep a low profile even if he wanted to.

Were there really so many females who liked him? Why didn’t he know anything?

Wang Teng wanted to ask Yuan Jing and the ladies about the female students who were as beautiful as the lady police.

A few?

It felt exciting just thinking about it!

Cough, keep calm, keep calm!

When Xia Lu came back, she realized that the atmosphere was a little awkward.
The ladies were staring at her with vigilance and hostility in their eyes.
She felt puzzled.

She just went out for a while.
Why were the ladies treating her like an enemy?

What happened?

“Take a look.
They left these rune bullets.
This broken sword is one of their weapons too.
They threw it away because it was damaged,” Yang Zhenchao said.

Wang Teng nodded.
He activated his Spiritual Sight secretly and scanned the items.

He could see residual Force on them.

Everyone’s Force was different.
When Force entered one’s body, it would get stained by the martial warrior’s aura.

These auras were the most obvious clues.

Wang Teng was able to see the difference with his Spiritual Sight talent.

“Alright.” Wang Teng took one look before nodding.

“That’s it?” Yang Zhenchao asked curiously.

You couldn’t blame him for feeling shocked.
Wang Teng only took one glance at the weapons.
He didn’t even pick them up.
What could he notice just by seeing them?

“Oh, I have my own methods.” Wang Teng didn’t explain further.

“Kicking up a cloud of dust.” Xia Lu muttered.

Wang Teng pretended that he didn’t hear her.
He said, “Captain Yang, if there’s nothing else, we will leave first.”

“Let me send a couple of my guys to help you.
It will make things easier.” Yang Zhenchao said, “Little Lu, Little Yang.”

“Captain, let me go with Xia Lu.”

A tall and muscular policeman stood up.

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