Chapter 253: Force Chef Masters Achievement Unlocked

Tong Hu flared up in anger as he glared at the other heads.
His bald head was shining brightly like an infuriated bald tiger.

The other heads felt awkward.

They more or less had some selfish thoughts, so they felt a little guilty when Tong Hu glared at them like that.

“Tong Hu, sit down!” Fortunately, Peng Yuanshan opened his mouth at this moment.

“Wait, president, they want to pull Wang Teng to their faculty.
You should have a clearer idea of how talented Wang Teng is in his combat skills.
This isn’t child’s play!” Tong Hu said agitatedly.

“I understand.
Sit down first,” Peng Yuanshan consoled him.

Tong Hu could only sit down.
But, he still snorted at Situ Jun and the others loudly to express his unhappiness.

“President, we do have our own selfish intentions, but that’s because we appreciate talents.
It would be a pity if we waste his gifts,” Situ Jun said.

“That’s right.
Wang Teng’s talent exceeds your imagination.
He only observed the lesson at the side and probably didn’t spend much time learning the skill.
However, he was able to reach this state.
If he is able to spend more time and effort, his achievements will be immeasurable,” Cui Heng said.

Ou Changsong’s words were mind-blowing.
“In less than ten years, he will definitely reach the grandmaster stage.
He might even… become a grandmaster in alchemy, rune, and smithery!”

“How dare you think of a triple grandmaster?” Tong Hu scoffed.
He obviously felt that Ou Changsong was boasting to increase his bets.

Do you think that I can’t see through it? Do you think I’m stupid?

Situ Jun and Cui Heng found it unbelievable too.
However, they wouldn’t expose him at a moment like this.

“Old Ou, this is a little too much,” Peng Yuanshan looked at him and said.

“Not at all.
President, if you’re willing to hand Wang Teng over to us for grooming, I will guarantee that you will have a triple grandmaster in alchemy, rune, and smithery within ten years,” Ou Changsong sniggered and said.

“Amazing, so you did have this intention.
President, don’t listen to him.
He’s just boasting,” Tong Hu yelled.

“Tong Hu, do you dare to bet with me? You will know if I’m boasting…”

Before Ou Changsong could finish speaking, Tong Hu scoffed.
“I won’t bet with you.
Only an idiot will bet with you.”

“Hahaha.” Su Jing, who wasn’t a part of this, burst out laughing.

“Old Ou, don’t think about tricking Tong Hu.
He’s a sly fellow.”

Situ Jun and Cui Heng shook their heads.

“Alright, alright.” Peng Yuanshan laughed out loud.
He waved his hands and said, “Stop arguing.
Let’s maintain the current state.
You can observe him secretly and give him more attention when needed.
Now, it’s better for him to focus on battle cultivation.”

The three heads found this unfortunate.
They opened their mouths but didn’t say anything in the end.
However, no one knew what they were thinking in their hearts.

Tong Hu heaved a sigh of relief.
He looked at the three of them proudly.

“How many people haven’t become martial warriors?” Peng Yuanshan asked.

“8 from the battle faculty.”

“6 from the command faculty.”

“5 from the rune faculty.”

“5 from the dan faculty.”

“2 from the smithery faculty.”

The heads reported the current situation.

Peng Yuanshan nodded.
“Let the instructors follow-up with these students.
Ensure that all the students become martial warriors as soon as possible.
After that, we can organize the students to go on missions.
You won’t be able to groom fierce beasts in a greenhouse.”


“That’s all for today.

After the president left, the heads gathered their instructors and had a small meeting.

The heads secretly reminded their instructors to pay more attention to Wang Teng.
If he had any questions in his studies, they should solve them for him as much as they could.

In the battle faculty meeting, Tong Hu said to his instructors, “You must keep a close watch on Wang Teng.
Don’t let others take him away.”

He was really afraid that the other faculties would snatch him away.

However, the instructors agreed with him and nodded their heads fervently.

Command faculty.

Su Jing felt a little frustrated.
He asked the instructor beside him.
“Did Wang Teng come to our command faculty to observe any lesson?”

“He did,” one of the instructors replied.

“Why didn’t he take our command faculty’s test?” Su Jing frowned.

“He came, but he left after seeing that we were having a test.
I didn’t take notice of it at that time since he isn’t our student.
I…” The instructor found it hard to put everything in a nutshell.
He didn’t know that Wang Teng would cause a huge commotion in the other faculties.

“Nevermind, I didn’t expect that fellow to be so talented.” Su Jing shook his head helplessly.
“However, you will need to take more notice of him.
His command talent might not lose to the other students.”

“Seriously!” The instructors hesitated.

“Who knows? Have you heard of a person who possesses battle, dan, rune, and smithery talents before this?” Su Jing asked.

“Erm…” The instructor was at a loss for words.

They thought of Wang Teng’s performance carefully and felt that this might be possible.

Wang Teng didn’t know that he was being specially taken care of by the five heads, as well as all the instructors in the entire school.

At the moment, he was sneaking into the cafeteria of the school.

Since it was almost lunchtime, the kitchen was buzzing with activity.

Pots and pans flew everywhere.
The sound of chopping vegetables, frying dishes, and pounding meat merged together into a pleasant noise.

All the Force chef masters were swinging their spatulas like a swordsman waving his sword.
Their methods of cooking seemed exquisite.

The dishes tossed and turned above the flames.
It seemed as though special effects were added through CGI.
It looked exceptionally cool.

However, these Force chef masters were all fat.
At a glance, none of them was less than 100 kg.
The kitchen of the school’s cafeteria was a fatty’s world.

Could this be the price he had to pay to become a Force chef master?

Wang Teng shuddered in fear.

This was too scary!

Wang Teng was in a dilemma as he stared at the Force chef masters.
They looked like small mountain buns.
The fats on their bodies wobbled with every action.
It was full of rhythm.

Their agility didn’t tally with their figures.
This caused Wang Teng to remember a certain fatty from the Jixin Martial House.
He kind of missed him.

There were many attribute bubbles dropped on the kitchen floor.

At the same time, as these fatties displayed their culinary skills, various attribute bubbles dropped from their bodies.


Or not?

Wang Teng gritted his teeth.

Force Chef*3

Force Chef*2

Force Chef*5

Wang Teng made a huge decision.
He used his spiritual power to pull the attribute bubbles far away and picked them up.

Mind you, picking up attributes was a form of happiness.

Happiness that others couldn’t understand.

Wang Teng might have been hesitant a moment ago, but once he picked them up, he couldn’t stop.
He was like an addict.

Force Chef: 25/500 (well-versed)

Within a short moment, Wang Teng’s force chef master attribute advanced to the well-versed stage.

Many culinary skills appeared in his mind out of nowhere, and different images flashed past.
The unfamiliar skill gradually integrated into his mind.

Wang Teng was finally not a newbie chef who only knew how to cook instant noodles and tomato-fried eggs.

“Master Du is coming! He’s going to show his skills again!”

A fatty suddenly shouted.
His accent was quite special.

“Go, go.
Let’s go and take a look.”

The others were used to it, though.
A few chefs who had finished their work on hand immediately gathered in one direction.

Those that were still working couldn’t leave the kitchen, so they felt annoyed.

Master Du? Someone who can be called a master must be a Force chef master.
Wang Teng thought to himself.
He evaded everyone’s vision and sprinted from one corner to another corner as he followed them secretly.

This was an exclusive kitchen.
A fatty, indeed right, there was a fatty here.
However, Wang Teng recognized this fatty.
It was the one who sent Dan Taixuan her meals.

He was preparing his tools and ingredients in his exclusive kitchen.
From the looks of it, he was about to start cooking.

The bunch of fatties squeezed at the entrance on top of another.
They opened their eyes wide to stare inside the room.
This image was quite a wonder to behold…

Master Du didn’t chase them away.
He allowed them to watch from the door.

It was obvious that this wasn’t the first time this had happened.

When Wang Teng noticed that Master Du was someone familiar, he didn’t plan to hide anymore.
He walked behind the pile of fatties, unable to differentiate who was who.
He patted a random fatty’s shoulder and asked in a low voice, “Mister, do you know what Master Du is making today?”

The fatty turned his head and saw a skinny person standing behind him.
He instantly glared at him.
“Who are you? Don’t you know that this is a restricted area? Based on your age, you should be a damn student, right? Cooking has nothing to do with you.
Hurry up and leave.”

Wang Teng: …

The muscles on Wang Teng’s face twitched.
He didn’t expect that the fatty he chose randomly would have such a special accent.

Was this fate?

No, this must be a fatal attraction!

“I’m Master Du’s friend.
I came to look for him.” Wang Teng’s pupils moved.

“Master Du’s friend? Don’t try to trick me.
I will ask him later,” the fatty said.

“Don’t worry.
Master Du is starting to cook.
Aren’t you going to look?” Wang Teng changed the topic hurriedly.
It was tiring to speak to a fatty with an accent.

“Oh right, I almost got distracted by you.” The fatty slapped his head and hurriedly turned his face to look in the kitchen.

Wang Teng: …

Is it my fault!

Wang Teng shook his head.
He didn’t ask the fatty anymore and patiently waited for Master Du to cook his dish.
He would know what he was making at that time.

Huh? He’s making barbecued meat! Wang Teng saw Master Du’s actions and had an inspiration.

He picked up some Force chef attributes just now, so he wasn’t a newbie anymore.
He could understand what Master Du was doing.

Honestly, compared to ordinary Force chefs, the Force chef master’s knife skills and cooking skills were more unique, detailed, and qualified.

At the same time, larger attribute bubbles kept dropping from his body.

Force Chef*15

Force Chef*18

Wang Teng’s Force chef attribute kept increasing.
At the same time, his understanding of Force chef got deeper.

Force chef attribute consisted of many different things.
Knife skills, ingredients, side dishes, degree of heating, as well as the components that were different from normal chefs like the combination of spiritual herbs and usage of Force… It wasn’t easy to become a Force chef.

After Master Du finished the barbecued meat, Wang Teng had collected 62 points of Force chef attributes.

Master Du didn’t look like he was going to make other dishes, so Wang Teng left immediately.

He also picked up the attributes dropped by the Force chefs outside before leaving.
That was another 58 points of Force chef attributes.

Force Chef: 145/500 (well-versed)

“Master Du, someone was looking…” The fatty wanted to tell on Wang Teng, but when he turned around, Wang Teng was already gone.

The next few days, Wang Teng would sneak into the kitchen to pick up attributes during meal times.

The improvement was great.

Force Chef: 5/2000 (master)

Who would have thought that Wang Teng transformed from a newbie into a Force chef master within a few days?

He even stole the recipes of many masters.
With knowledge, he wasn’t timid anymore.
When he met Dan Taixuan next time, he would make sure she wouldn’t look down on his culinary skills.

At this moment, Wang Teng was walking into his classroom with Hou Pingliang and his friends.
They had one actual combat lesson in the afternoon.
Wang Teng hadn’t come for lessons for a long time.
He would either go to other faculties or the actual combat training building to pick up attributes.

If he continued disappearing, the instructors would turn crazy from agitation.

Hou Pingliang and his friends told him that the instructors thought he had betrayed them and went to other faculties.

When they saw Wang Teng, someone shouted.

“Chen Yang, one month has passed.
Didn’t you say that you want to challenge Wang Teng?”

Chen Yang’s face turned green again.

One month ago, he thought that he would be able to become a 2-star soldier-level martial warrior with the help of the school and his family’s resources.
Then, he would practice one Force battle technique until the big achievement stage.
After all that, he would have the confidence to defeat Wang Teng.

One month had passed, yet he was still stuck at 1-star soldier level.
His Force battle technique was only at the foundation stage.
He didn’t even reach the small achievement stage, much less big achievement.

Damn it.
With this ability, how could he fight with Wang Teng? That was the same as asking for a beating.

Hence, he felt lucky when he didn’t see Wang Teng for the past few days.
He thought that he had escaped this ordeal.
As more time went by, everyone would forget about it.

Yet, Wang Teng came today.

Also, some bastard didn’t care about the trouble he might cause and exposed this matter the moment Wang Teng came.

It made him awkward!

He felt a little guilty and was in a tricky position.
He turned his head stiffly and met Wang Teng’s gaze coincidentally.

“Chen Yang, when are we going to the arena? I’m prepared.” Wang Teng smiled brightly at him.

“Cough, cough.” Chen Yang pretended to cough.
His mind worked furiously, and he had a sudden idea.
He immediately acted weak and smiled.
“Actually, I want to fight with you, but I had some problems with my cultivation recently and suffered some internal injury.
I know that you don’t like to take advantage of other people.
We can wait until I’ve recovered before having our duel.”

“Actually, I don’t mind,” Wang Teng said calmly.

“…F**k”.” Chen Yang’s lips started twitching uncontrollably.
He said embarrassingly, “You like to joke.”

“Hahaha, of course…” Wang Teng suddenly laughed.
Then, he purposely paused for a moment and looked at Chen Yang meaningfully.
“I’m joking with you.”

“Haha.” Chen Yang laughed awkwardly.
His tense heart finally relaxed.

“Tsk~” The students in class looked at Chen Yang with disdain.

Chen Yang was feeling extremely awkward.
Fortunately, the bell signaling the start of the lesson rang, saving him from his plight.

The actual combat instructor entered the classroom on the dot.
He glanced around and saw Wang Teng.
His gaze paused on Wang Teng for some time before he opened his mouth and said, “Follow me to the stadium.
We have something to announce today.”

The students were puzzled.
They followed their instructor to the stadium and noticed that the other classes were there too.
The heads of the five faculties were standing in front…

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