Chapter 251: Death

“Pain, pain, pain!”

Wang Teng exited the virtual landscape with furrowed brows.
He cried out instinctively.

This was too f**king painful.
Anyone who got bitten to death by a bunch of rats wouldn’t be able to remain calm.

“Hell stage is terrifying!

“I wonder how many points I scored.”

Wang Teng relaxed for a long time before the feeling of pain subsided.
Then, he looked at the screen.

93 points!

Not bad.
It’s not too low. Wang Teng stood up and got down from the virtual chamber.
He opened the door and walked out.

Deng Bo and the other instructors exchanged glances with one another in the head control room.
Even Tong Hu was flabbergasted.
He found this incredible.

“He lasted for… two hours!”

“He actually lasted for so long in that frightening rat tide!”

This young fellow is full of surprises. Tong Hu shook his head as he wondered to himself.

“Let’s go, everyone.
If we stay here any longer, the students are going to kick up a fuss.”

They stood up and walked out.

The students were gathered in small groups along the corridor.
It was noisy, and they were extremely excited.

Hou Pingliang and his friends gathered around Wang Teng.
He asked curiously, “Brother Teng, what difficulty level did you choose?”

“Was it the hell stage?” Song Shuhang asked.

“Erm… I chose the hell stage directly.” Wang Teng was speechless.
He felt that no one dared to even choose the nightmare stage.
So, was he the only one who chose the hell stage?

Was he too fierce?

“You chose the hell stage!”

Their jaws dropped when they heard this.
They stared at Wang Teng as though he was some strange animal.

“I knew it,” Baili Qingfeng said.

“You are stupid, but I commend your courage,” Lu Shu said.

“Don’t tease me.
You don’t know how tragic my death was,” Wang Teng said pitifully.

“How did you die?” The others instantly became curious.

“I got surrounded by rats and got bitten to death by numerous large-sized rats.” Wang Teng described his death in detail.

“F**k, that is so scary!”

Hou Pingliang and the others glanced at Wang Teng in sympathy.
This was the first time he had experienced death.
On top of that, he died so tragically.

This was the real fear of being controlled by death.

Their experiences paled in comparison with Wang Teng’s.

At this moment, Tong Hu and the other instructors walked over.
The students gradually turned silent.

“Everyone, how does it feel?” Tong Hu smiled and asked.




“Head, can we play a few more times?”

Tong Hu felt speechless when he heard someone asking this question.

Did they think that this was a game?

“Alright, stop talking and look at the result of your exam.
How can you still think of playing?” Tong Hu barked furiously.

The students shut their mouths awkwardly.

They knew that they didn’t perform well in the virtual world, especially since this was the first time many of them were facing a star beast.
Their actual combat was too horrible to look at.
Some started fleeing in all directions before the fight began and got chased by the star beasts.
The star beasts killed them mercilessly when they caught the students.

Others would laugh their heads off when they heard of this battle result.

“I took a look just now.
36 of you chose the advanced stage.
Only seven people chose the nightmare stage, and one person chose the hell stage,” Tong Hu said slowly.

“What? Someone chose the hell stage!”

Everyone gasped in astonishment.

The nightmare stage and the advanced stage were frightening enough for them.
How scary would the hell stage be?

They didn’t dare to think about it!

“Wang Teng was the one who chose the hell stage!” Tong Hu said with a smile.

Everyone looked at Wang Teng when they heard this.
While they felt stunned, they also found it reasonable.

As expected.
This was what most people were thinking.

Chen Yang, who wanted to challenge Wang Teng, stood among the crowd with a gloomy expression.
Why was Wang Teng pushing him down all the time?

He chose the nightmare stage, but Wang Teng picked a higher setting than him.

“Instructor, how much did Wang Teng score?” he couldn’t help but ask.

The other students got curious after hearing Chen Yang’s question.

Many people wanted to test their luck.
They felt that even if he chose the hell stage, he wouldn’t get a high score.
Maybe 60 or 70?

Or… fail?

Wang Teng glanced at Chen Yang and shook his head secretly.
This fellow was everywhere.
He was pretty irritating!

It wasn’t hard to see what Chen Yang had up his sleeve.

He probably felt that he would get a low score with his performance.
Well, Chen Yang wasn’t going to get what he wanted.

“93!” Tong Hu replied.

Everyone: …

Chen Yang was thunderstruck!

No one knew what to say.

A blow!

This was a huge blow!

He was able to achieve such a high score in the hell stage.
How on earth did Wang Teng do it?

“Head, what about us? How’s our result?” someone asked.

“You?” Tong Hu shook his head.
“Don’t even think of getting 90.
There are only a few who got 80 and above.
Most of you all scored below 80, and some even failed.
I will not announce the results one by one.
Your instructors will go through your results later during your lesson.”

After he finished speaking, he left directly.

After Tong Hu left, the instructors brought the students down and dismissed them.

On their way back, everyone was still discussing this topic.

Wang Teng parted with Hou Pingliang and his friends.
He went straight to Dan Taixuan’s house.

“Why are you so early?” Dan Taixuan asked curiously.

Dan Taixuan had been staying in school to guide Wang Teng.
Normally, they met after 8 pm.

Wang Teng had to challenge the top 100 students in the evening.

He had already reached the top 48 students.
He didn’t suffer any defeat yet.

Of course, when he came back after the holiday, he changed his method.
He didn’t publicly challenge the other party.
Instead, he had a duel with them in private with the thought of learning from each other through a fight.

That way, he had to stop his collaboration with Zhuge Xiaoliang.
They didn’t dare to get too wild.
It would be a pity if they attracted the attention of the school and came up empty-handed.

They discussed with each other and decided to start again when Wang Teng challenged the top three students.

Wang Teng walked into Dan Taixuan’s house and asked, “Principal, you know the virtual chambers we have, right?”

“Oh, you know about it already?” Dan Taixuan asked in shock.

“We used the virtual combat chambers for our assessment,” Wang Teng replied.

“How is it? What difficulty did you choose? Nightmare stage?” Dan Taixuan asked.

“Hell stage!” Wang Teng said in frustration.
Did Dan Taixuan think that he should have chosen the nightmare stage too?

“Hahaha, looking at your expression, you must have died a terrible death.” Dan Taixuan laughed at his plight.

“Is it hilarious to see your disciple suffering a setback?” Wang Teng was speechless.

“Your expression is too funny.
You’re really bold to choose the hell stage at your first try.” Dan Taixuan asked, “What’s your score?”


“Not bad.
It looks like the recent training was useful.” Dan Taixuan was slightly startled.

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