Chapter 250: The Fear Of Being Controlled By Death

“Someone chose the hell stage?”

The staff in the control room reported to Tong Hu and the other instructors.

“Hell stage!”

The instructors were dumbstruck.

“Oh, who is it?” Tong Hu was curious.
He ordered, “Move the live stream to the big screen.”


The staff shifted one live stream to the big screen in the middle.

“It’s that brat!” Tong Hu smiled.

“It’s Wang Teng.
Why did he choose the hell stage? Is he so confident?”

“Even the top few students in our school don’t dare to choose the hell stage.”

“Haha, he’s a genius.
This is normal.
The top few students had chosen the hell stage before, but they didn’t dare to choose it again after experiencing it once.”

The instructors looked at Wang Teng in a daze.
All of them felt that Wang Teng would suffer and were looking forward to seeing him in a plight.

In the virtual landscape, Wang Teng was walking on the grassland.

At this moment, he heard rustling sounds coming from the grass patch beside him.
The sound got louder and louder.

There seemed to be something closing in on him.

Spiritual Sight!

Wang Teng didn’t forget that this was the hell stage.
He didn’t dare to underestimate the danger, so he used his Spiritual Sight subconsciously.

However, he immediately remembered that this was the virtual world.
The virtual world was able to replicate the physical data, but he didn’t know if they were able to replicate his talents too.

Fortunately, his worry was useless.

This is amazing!

Wang Teng exclaimed in his heart.
He looked in the direction where the sound came from, and a ball of Force glow entered his vision.

This is at most a 2-star beast.

He sighed in relief secretly.
He was holding a basic weapon given by the virtual world, a 1-star battle sword.


The next moment, a black figure jumped out of the grass and pounced on Wang Teng.

It was a huge rabbit!

One little bunny with white fur, two little years besides its ear…

Unfortunately, the rabbit wasn’t cute at all.
Its revealed front teeth were like sharp steel thorns.
If anyone got beaten, his body would definitely get penetrated.

A glint flashed past Wang Teng’s eyes.
He didn’t use his battle sword and punched his left fist out instead.


The big white rabbit’s head burst before it could scream in pain.
It got thrown backward.

It was dead!

“Appetizer.” Wang Teng shook his head and ignored the rabbit.
He continued walking forward.

Tong Hu’s eyes lit up when he saw this scene from the control room.

“Wang Teng killed a 2-star star beast with a single punch.
Why do I feel that his ability rose again?” the instructor from class two said.

“Wang Teng’s talent is too amazing!” The instructor of class three let out an exclamation.

The other instructors looked at Deng Bo with envy in their eyes.
If they had a student like Wang Teng once in their life, it was something worth being proud of.

Time passed slowly.
Wang Teng took care of a few 2-star star beasts and one 3-star star beast.
He didn’t find it difficult at all.

Hell stage seemed a bit unworthy of its name.

When he entered the grassland world, it was noon.
Now, the sun was setting, and the sky gradually got darker.

“Half a day has passed,” Wang Teng muttered to himself.

He didn’t know that only half an hour had passed in the outside world.

At this moment, many students had already exited their virtual chamber.
After walking out of their rooms, they started shouting and causing a commotion.

“Oh my god, it feels so real!”

“Damn it, I can even feel the pain.
I got knocked in the head in the end.
It was so painful; my head is still hurting now!”

“The feeling of death is terrifying.
This is the first time I feel the fear of being controlled by death.”

“Oh right, what level did you choose? I chose the advanced stage and met a wind element star beast in the end.
It was only 1-star, but it’s hard to deal with.
I can’t beat it at all.”

“You chose the advanced stage? I am not so courageous and chose the intermediate stage in the end…”

The students didn’t see the instructors, so they stood in the corridor and started chatting with one another.
The atmosphere was very lively.
This virtual combat felt like a game.
They might die and could feel pain but seriously… It was fun!

Wang Teng noticed this too as he continued fighting in the virtual world.

Even the pain is synchronized.
This is unbelievable.

He got scratched by a star beast accidentally just now and felt an ounce of pain.
He was left dumbfounded.

It’s nighttime, and I’m feeling a little hungry.
Is this the difficulty of the hell stage? I will have to continue killing star beasts until the exam ends? Wang Teng muttered to himself.
Everywhere was black, and a profound silence prevailed over the area.
Wang Teng had no idea how to progress in the exam.

Wait, this isn’t right!

This is too quiet.
It is strangely quiet!

Wang Teng was shocked.
He stopped in his tracks and activated his Spiritual Sight.
He glanced around him.


Wang Teng sucked in a breath of cold air.

Patches of Force glows entered his vision, almost enveloping the entire area around him.

He was surrounded without knowing a thing.

Suddenly, little red dots started lighting up in the grass.
They were so dense, as if there was a swarm of strange things.
His hair stood up on ends, and his head turned numb.

Hell stage, activated!

“F**k!” Wang Teng couldn’t help but curse. When you come, you have to come all together.
I’m going to die!

He clutched the battle sword in his hand.
Force raged in his body, and his battle instinct was switched on.
He was ready.

“Come on!”

Wang Teng decided to strike first to gain the upper hand.
He charged towards the nearest red dot at once.


He reached the flesh with a single move.

Angry and shrill sounds rang out from his surroundings.
Then, more and more red dots started charging towards him.

These were large-sized red-eyed rats.
They were extremely agile, and their claws were sharp.
Their tails were like short whips that possessed unexpected attacking power.
It was impossible to guard against them.
Most importantly, there was a whole lot of them.

This was a life-or-death situation!

So this was the real hell stage.

In the control room, Tong Hu smiled and said, “How long do you think he can last?”

“Three minutes is long enough!”

“Two minutes.
Two fists are no match for four hands.
What’s more, there are so many of them.”

“Five minutes!” the instructor of class one, Deng Bo, said.

“Instructor Deng, are you so confident?”

“Of course.
He’s my student…”

Before Deng Bo could finish speaking, another instructor cried out in alarm.


Everyone turned to look at the screen Wang Teng was on.
Their eyes widened.

On the screen, Wang Teng had turned into a slaughter machine.
He shuttled back and forth through the rats and killed a rat with each hit.
Wang Teng was as fast as lightning, as every single strike was lethal.
He was fast, accurate, and vicious.
His attacking method wasn’t flashy.
Instead, it was extremely simple.

“This battle style seems a little familiar,” Tong Hu touched his chin and muttered in bewilderment.

The clock was ticking.

One minute, two minutes, three minutes… five minutes, six minutes…

The time had already exceeded the instructors’ prediction.
However, no one said anything at this moment.
They were all staring at the screen in concentration.

“I remember now.
This is the fighting style of our principal, right?” Tong Hu was shocked.
His eyes opened wide.

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