Chapter 247: I Score 100 Because The Script Only Has 100 Points

Sha Zhuxiu didn’t ask the students from dan class one to copy their textbooks a hundred times.
After all, it was a textbook that was as thick as the dictionary.
Asking them to copy a hundred times was a little inhumane.

The students from dan class one heaved a sigh of relief.
But, when they looked at Wang Teng, their eyes were filled with hidden bitterness.

Even Zuo Qiutong, who admired Wang Teng a while ago, started grumbling in her heart.

Oh my god, a hundred times was too scary.

If you cut Wang Teng’s heart, it must be black.

Wang Teng ignored everyone’s gazes and gave an ‘I’m doing this for your sake’ expression.
Then, he left the class triumphantly.

“Wang Teng!”

Xiang Cheng’s voice sounded behind him the moment he walked out of the classroom.

Why was Xiang Cheng looking for Wang Teng?

The other students were about to leave too, but they stopped in their tracks to watch the show.

“What’s the matter?” asked Wang Teng.

“We didn’t revise properly, so we didn’t score well.
Next time, we won’t lose to you,” Xiang Cheng said.

Wang Teng glanced around him and asked everyone, “Do you feel the same way?”

“That’s right.
We didn’t revise properly.
Next time, we will score better.”

This was their course.
Wang Teng was an outsider.
No matter what, they couldn’t embarrass themselves in front of an outsider.

Everyone agreed.
They didn’t care if they could score higher than Wang Teng.
They mustn’t lose in terms of aura.

Wang Teng glanced at his attributes panel.
After picking so many attributes, his spiritual herb differentiation had reached the specialized level.

Spiritual Herb Differentiation: 350/1000 (specialized)

Spiritual herb differentiation had an unwritten level segregation in the alchemy world.
From the lowest to the highest, they were: foundation, well-versed, specialized, master, grandmaster…

The specialized state was the stage of the instructors in school.

That meant that his spiritual herb differentiation knowledge had reached the level of the school’s instructors.

He looked at everyone and smiled.
“It looks like you still don’t know the difference between you and me.
You are still working hard to get 100 marks, but I get 100 because… the test is only worth 100 points!”

Everyone: …

Wang Teng turned around and left without caring about their feelings.

After he walked away, the students from dan class one finally regained their senses.
They exploded in anger.

“He’s too arrogant!”

“But, he seems to be telling the truth.
Don’t forget that he only took half an hour to complete the paper.”

“F**k, why are you boosting other people’s morale and reducing your own courage? So what if he completed it in half an hour? Maybe he was more familiar with the questions?”

“That’s right.
We must score better than him the next time.
I don’t believe that he can score full marks all the time!”

Xiang Cheng’s expression was ugly.
He treated Wang Teng as his opponent, but Wang Teng didn’t bother about him at all.
This feeling was infuriating!

Wang Teng didn’t really care, though.
He was constantly improving.
They were already so far behind him, so in the future, they would only be further behind.

Thus, they shouldn’t use him as a comparison.
They would only feel more despair.

I’m doing this for your sake.
Why don’t you understand? Wang Teng sighed in his heart.
He gave a distressed expression like an old father.

It was Thursday the next day.
He had one rune lesson.

The moment the instructor, Chen Yisheng, entered the class, he placed a pile of papers on the table and said with a smile, “Students, let’s do a small test today.”

His announcement was followed by cries of agony.

The same cry in the same world.

Wang Teng noticed that the instructors loved to have surprise tests.
Catching the students off guard was a poor form of humor too.

Besides some theories, the rune test consisted of the drawing of runes.

Wang Teng shook his head helplessly.
This exam was meaningless for him.
He would rather pick up attributes.

However, since he was here, he should do the test.

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh!

He completed the exam in half an hour and handed in the answers.

The students from the rune class raised their heads in bewilderment.

The instructor, Chen Yisheng, knew that he had a good grasp of basic rune knowledge, but he didn’t expect him to finish so quickly.

He glanced at Wang Teng in wonder and started marking the paper.

A few minutes later, when he finished, Chen Yisheng was left in awe.
This paper was perfect.
Even the difficult rune drawings were completed without a mistake.
It looked the same as the model answer, as if they were carved out of the same mold.

Of course, this wasn’t astonishing enough.
After all, he had seen many students who were able to do this.

Copying wasn’t hard.

The hard part was to have your own style.

Wang Teng already instilled his own style into his runes.
This was extremely rare.

Rune studies weren’t rigid, and its foundational structure wasn’t hard either.
The hardest part was its myriad of changes.

Some talented students who didn’t have their own style could become rune masters, but they weren’t able to progress far.
Their future was limited.

However, people with their own style were different.
Their future was immeasurable.

Such people were rare.

Style was something hard to explain.
The runes all looked the same, so how could you tell if one was drawn with style or wasn’t?

A runemaster who could be an instructor would be able to tell with one look.

It was like calligraphy.
If the same words were copied, some seemed dead, while others had their own style and uniqueness.
Many calligraphers who were immersed in this art were able to tell the difference at first glance.

After marking the papers, Chen Yisheng’s eyes were glittering.
He glanced at Wang Teng without knowing what to say.

The next afternoon, during the smithery lesson.

The instructor of the smithery lesson was an extremely muscular man.
He was more than two meters tall, and his arms were as thick as other people’s thighs.

When he saw the instructor for the first time, Wang Teng got reminded of Lu Zisheng.

Both of them were muscular hunks, and the lumps on their muscles were very frightening.

The fitness trainers in his past life would feel too ashamed to show their faces when they saw his body.

Wang Teng couldn’t help but wonder if all the blacksmiths looked like this.
If he was going to be like this in the future, he would hide and cry in the toilet.

Fortunately, he relied on picking up attributes, so he didn’t have such bulging muscles.

The instructor of the smithery lesson was called Xiong Ba.
Yes, his name was tough and domineering too.

However, all the students felt that he was given the wrong name.

“Students, we will have a test today.
Did you see the metal on your smithing table? You will need to finish smelting and forging the metal before class ends.
I will assign points based on your completion rate.” When Xiong Ba opened his mouth, his voice wasn’t domineering at all.
Instead, he sounded like the instructors teaching liberal arts.
Just listening to his voice, you wouldn’t think that he was a two meters tall muscular hunk.

It’s not a theory test but a practical one. Wang Teng looked at the metal on the smithing table and was startled.

This is the more commonly seen black iron.

When the exam started, information about the black iron appeared in Wang Teng’s mind.
At the same time, he opened the furnace beside him.

When the temperature reached a certain point, he formed a gentle force and sent the black iron into the furnace.

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